Morocco – Day 9: Odd Security

Sunday 4th August 2019

It was time to return back to London after a week of running up and down in Morocco. It was a very nice and scary experience I will never forget.

I don’t think Morocco is a very strict Muslim country, but I’ve tried to respect the country as much as I could with the clothes and customs. Some areas are touristy but some areas are not.

My flight was early, so I had to get up early, check out and I had already booked a cab to the airport from the hotel… I had little money left, so I gave a tip to the cab driver.

Breakfast is definitely boring in Morocco. Take me back to Japan anytime! :p

Before boarding the flight, we had to go through extra security! Woah. Did they not trust their own security equipment? Why go through everything again? The security guy ended up seeing some cleaned and slightly wet underwear in my backpack – whoops! The guy behind me was laughing… This is what happens when men check my bags (it happened in France once – Hah!). Anyway, all was clear, and it was time to board another Ryanair flight.

I really wanted to sleep during this flight, but a couple of people just kept on talking… shush yourselves during flight time! I kept looking behind me to see who was talking and the people at the back saw my frustration. LOL!!!

I can’t function with irritating voices in the morning.

After arriving at Stansted I speedily checked out and took a coach back to Victoria – bought lunch at Wasabi and then headed home – to sleep. (^_^)v

End of Day 9.

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