Baby B’s Summer Break

Baby B wanted a holiday before she went back to pre-school. She wasn’t feeling the love from her parents much – Why? Miss Pinky had another baby this year. It’s a boy – Baby Bro, and I’m not the godmother! Yay! But I’ve just become Mummy Number 2. 😱😱😱

Baby B wanted alone time with Miss Pinky with no Baby Bro in the picture. But that wasn’t going to happen. Uh oh. She was three at the time and almost four… growing up too quick and thinking too much! It’s time for her to learn to share. Heheheheheh.

Not going to spend too much time on this post, but here’s a few pictures on our trip to St Leonard-on-Sea and Hastings.


We met Deadpool at Hastings Pier… We also spoke to its owner. Wow!!

Baby B is awesome in the arcades! We all won lots of tickets and exchanged a few things here and there. Miss Pinky was a bit obsessed but it was so much fun!!!

During our weekend, we had some expensive African food. They didn’t really give us a menu, and so we didn’t know the prices until our bill came. Scandalous!

It was a nice weekend with a few tantrums here and there, but that was expected. Guess we need to spend more time with Baby B to make her less jealous of Baby Bro. LOL!! 😰😰😰