Purin Mix – Daiso

Well, it seems it’s about time I blogged about food. I’m hoping to eat out more next year. I think I had lost my mo-jo this year (and last year). My spending habits have slightly changed. Seem to be buying my lunches from M&S more – when I shouldn’t be!!

Here’s something I bought from Daiso, Japan in April. Purin (pudding) Mix. I tried to follow the instructions…DSC_0377

The instructions are in Japanese…

First, mix the main powder mix with a bit of hot water (I think I added a bit too much). Stir, then add a bit of cold water.

Refrigerate for about an hour or so.

In the mean time, there’s another packet of powdered syrup. Add water and again refrigerate.

Pour the syrup on top. And voila.

Hmmm. It was a little disappointing because I love purin!! Oh well. There must be another way or place to eat purin in London. Right?

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