Japanese Kit Kat Varieties

😁✌️ It’s taken me a while to reach to this post. Sorry for the melted Kit Kat pictures. I started eating them on a very hot day during the summer. LOL!

I won’t describe each of them, I will leave that to your imagination…

The Mint Yogurt Kit Kat was bought in a Don Quixote store in Kyoto, and the rest were bought last minute in Osaka Airport…


Mint Yogurt flavour – not the best. But I gave the rest to the Travels Family to try out.

Kyoto Grape flavour… Hmmmm…

Hokkaido Melon and Mascarpone Cheese – this one I liked.

Peach flavour was so-so.

And one more flavour I forgot to add to the main picture – Uji Match flavour. A soft matcha flavoured Kit Kat!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much I enjoyed eating most of them. 😉

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