A Eurostar Journey

Did you all have a nice Christmas?! I had a very simple relaxing time, watching films, K-dramas, finishing up things… and the one thing I haven’t done yet is tidying up!

November 14th – 18th 2019

Recently I went on a trip to Marseille, not by plane this time. But by train. Wow. I spent almost 12 hours travelling from London to Port-de-Bouc, Marseille… It was so long, but it was such a relaxing experience.

I had booked an Uber to take me to St Pancras Station, my suitcase was fairly heavy (I’m sure you all know who I was going to be visiting).  As I had arrived a bit too early, I went and sat near the gates and saw this pretty version of the Eiffel Tower. A lot of people were taking pictures at the time.DSC_4024

I was half asleep at the station because I arrived too early and I couldn’t sleep much that night panicking that I would miss all the trains…

There was a little delay (and thankfully I didn’t book the earlier train as they were waiting for a long time!) but it didn’t matter. When I got on the train, I placed my luggage at the bottom. Make sure you yourself get on first before pulling your luggage into the carriage as the steps are really narrow.

I sat in a four-seater area as I kept checking if people were going to sit next to me, so I kept moving my seat on the Eurostar App. 😱 After two hours and a bit, we arrived in Paris!! Woohoo!!

I maneuvered to the next stage. Metro to Train 2, where I had to get from Garé de Nord to Garé de Lyon. Luckily I found a YouTube video that tells you how to get there. Pretty easy to follow the signs… I purchased two Metro single tickets, took the Metro (only two stops), then walked all the way to Hall 3 in Garé de Lyon (here you might get lost trying to find the correct exit).DSC_4026

I arrived at Garé de Lyon in good time, but I forgot to purchase some food for the next long journey! A French gentleman was going to sit next to me, but as I had my luggage there he spoke to me in English as said he would sit elsewhere unless someone came and sat there. Luckily no one came to sit in the seat he was sitting in… Couldn’t trust the luggage system as I read on the Internet that people steal luggage on the train.

It was going to be a 3.5 hour journey, however… I got delayed by a sudden gust of snow that came in through the east of France. Amazing! I never expected an early Christmas.DSC_4029DSC_4032

Apparently it had been raining in Marseille, but when I arrived it was all clouds and sunshine. Lucky me!DSC_4033

Well, my last train was from Marseille to Port-de-Bouc. Again this was delayed by about 15 minutes because of the sudden weather conditions… But it rained heavily when I arrived at my final destinatin!!! 😦

The main reason I went to Port-de-Bouc at this time of the year was to celebrate Mrs Travels’s birthday! It’s been a long time since I’ve celebrated with her. DSC_4035

The next day, I avoided the school run with the Missy I, Missy S and Mr Travels. Heheheh. I was so tired from the train trip. But I did take Missy A to her pre-school with Mrs Travels.

Afterwards we did our shopping. France has one of the cheapest transport systems (and I don’t blame the public services for striking as their pension will be minimal when compared to current living costs – tell the rich to pay more taxes!!!!).DSC_4038

Missy I finished school, so we picked her up, and then looked at this 3D looking street art at a beach. Amazing!DSC_4039

The girls like drawing a lot… I drew this one evening thinking of the rain, sea and animé.


I have to mention, Mrs Travels made a lot of food during my stay! Wow!! Her lasagne, pizza and lamb chops were all so tasty (I liked the pizza the most!)!!



On my last day, I missed out on the school run again, but again took Missy A to the pre-school…

Then it was time to relax for a bit and head off to the station with Mrs Travels.

It felt like a long trip to Marseille from Port-de-Bouc, but I arrived in time before the next train. I even got searched by the station police as I was sitting among people who look like they were not French citizens. The policeman probably didn’t realise I’m British until I took my passport out. Heheheh.

Before boarding the next train, I had my early lunch of McDonald’s, then walked around the train station… I think Missy A started missing me, so she started sending me voice messages and funny pictures. Hahahahah. I think Mrs Travels wasn’t impressed!! Heheheh.

So I went on another 3 hour journey from Marseille to Garé de Lyon. There’s a small rack in between the seats of each carriage, and I was lucky to be sitting opposite it on my way back… There were a lot of Chinese tourists when I got off the train! Wow. Lots of Chinese people.

I think I may have sat in the wrong seat on the train, but the lady sitting next to me didn’t say anything…DSC_4058

There were still remnants of snow…

And then it was quite chilly and foggy in Paris…

When I got to Garé de Lyon, I had to take the same route going back to Garé de Nord – So I was going back on myself, and I’m grateful I purchased my single Metro ticket beforehand. Yay!

The check in system in Paris is quite quick and fast… although I had to look after my luggage a lot.

Arrived in London around 7.30pm, then it was like everyone was walking fast to get out of the station… So tired!!!

In France I bought some chocolate truffles, and they were wrapped with some French quotes… My colleagues seem to love these. Heheheh.

Thanks to the Travels Family! You have all been great hosts – apart from getting my toothbrush (from Japan) being used as part of an art project! 😉 It was a bit black and dusty, so I didn’t use it.

p.s. I have a few trips coming up in the new year. Yay! ✌️🤪 Can’t really say how many trips there will be – because I really don’t know! 🙂

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