Monga 艋舺雞排 – Taiwanese Fried Chicken – London, China Town

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about a new restaurant in China Town. I feel as if I’m making a new comeback after starting my new new job. ✌️

Monga 艋舺雞排 is a chain brand, not sure where the original store came from, but from searching online there’s a store in Canada and another in Malaysia. 艋舺雞排 (Canto: maang gap gai pai; Mando: měng iá jī pái) literally means “small boat chicken breast/ribs”. Monga, according the website is also a place in Taiwan. Interesting. Honestly, not sure how they came up with the name.


As you enter, it actually feels like a takeaway store. I think they have an upstairs seating (I hadn’t asked) because you can eat in.DSC_4088DSC_4089DSC_4090

Anyway, it took a little long for my order and the queue already started building up as I was waiting. Wow!

I ordered the Chee-Z Signature, which is a chicken breast, (not flattened) topped with mozzarella cheese and ketchup or a spicy sauce. I chose the spicy sauce, but it didn’t taste spicy enough to me. Basically it wasn’t mega, spicy hot. As I started eating it, I realised how big this piece of chicken breast is! It felt like it was never-ending. The crispiness of the chicken was still there, and the cheese was overwhelming. Wow. Until I got to the end where I was met with a piece of bone. Just eating one of these will fill you up for the rest of the evening. DSC_4091DSC_4094DSC_4095

On top of the above I also ordered the Taiwanese Style Popcorn Chicken. Gosh. I think they were marinate in some sweet soy sauce. The coating was incredibly crunchy. I had o save some of these for later… Too full!

And finally the last item were the Sweet Potato Chips… Woooow! I could eat these forever. The batter just made it hold all the flavourings of the sweet potato.





Fully stuffed. I think I need to go again and try something else. I think any fried chicken lovers need to try this place out.

My geeky rating (haven’t done this for a while!): 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Good points:

  • The chicken keeps warm and the crunchiness is still there even when you buy take out
  • Polite service

Bad points:

  • A bit of a long wait
  • A tiny bit on the expensive side (but well worth it)

Address: 12 Macclesfield St, London W1D 5BP

Tel: 0208 617 1870


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