Moxie’s Fish Bar – London, West Hampstead

Last week I met up with Mr YellowCloak and Ms LüFù and another friend who I haven’t named, but will call him Mr Czech as he’s from the Czech Republic. We were supposed to have a lovely dinner at The Czech Club in West Hampstead, but unfortunately a new owner took over and changed the extensive menu to a new smaller menu and also changed the name to Bohemia House and so that ingredients were fresher. How unfortunate. I was looking forward to having the battered cauliflower. 😣 Ms LüFù who’s dined there for 25 years was the most disappointed… Hopefully the menu will be changed again to our favourites.

So in the end we took a walk up the other end of the high street to find food, but we ended going backwards to Moxie’s Fish Bar which is a few doors away from The Czech Club.

It took us a while to decide and order our food. A pie or fish? What sides? A restaurant I’ve not been to kills me coz I haven’t looked at the menu beforehand. 😆

Ms LüFù ordered a beetroot salad and chips.

Mr Czech had a grilled fish bap (sandwich).

Mr YellowCloak ordered the “Mothership” with the Moo pie.

And I had the Moo and Blue pie with coleslaw and chips, and a ginger beer. My dinner cost £12 something with the drink. Not a disappointing meal. Lots of chips. The pie tasted of mixed stilton cheese and beef. I think I love stilton cheese too much. There was a lot of coleslaw but I mixed that with the remaining chips.

A worthy place to eat if you’re disappointed to see the change in the old Czech Club’s menu. All my friends seemed to enjoy their meals… we even sat and talked a lot about Brexit. Again! The British Government better give us a mighty deal, otherwise I’ll kick their f****** backsides!!

My geeky rating: 4.7/5

Good points: 

  • Cheap and cheerful

Bad points:

  • No toilet

Address: 96 West End Ln, West Hampstead, London NW6 9LU


Doughnut Time – London, Borough High Street

Happy New Year, Happy Lunar New Year too!

I’ve been trying to find a better way of blogging, as in blogging on the go, but I also needed to find a way of bulk watermarking photos on the go too. Thankfully I found an Android app called “Add Watermark”, and so far it looks good!


Have you had a very expensive doughnut (donut for the Americans and Canadians) before? Nope neither have I, until a week ago when I was sent to a workshop/meeting during lunchtime around the Borough/London Bridge area.

After the workshop/meeting, I needed a bit of lunch, so I had chicken katsu curry in Wasabi… Afterwards I started heading back to the offices of where my colleagues sit, but ended entering Doughnut Time. 🤣

The first doughnut 🍩 I chose was the Hans Rolo (named after Hans Solo from Star Wars – haven’t watched the last film yet, so shush). It’s a massive doughnut. It will take you a lot of bites to get through this. The Rolos were a bit hard, so I think these were refrigerated beforehand. I wished there had been a custard filling inside. It would’ve tasted better.Next up is the PB and J-Lo (peanut butter and jello). Typical American style. This doughnut was supposed to be for Mr Bear or myself if he didn’t accept it. Well, unfortunately, Mr Bear is on another diet AND his (and mine) colleagues banned him from eating sugary foods (although he ate a load of cupcakes and chocolate pretzels 🤣). The peanut butter was smooth and the jam was sweet, but it felt like a rough ride between the two flavours that was separate by the bread doughnut. Such a shame.

Total price came to £9.00. That’s right, 9 frigging pounds! It was worth trying out and this place would definitely break my bank balance if I went there daily. So only try the doughnuts one at a time peeps!

My geeky rating: 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Good points:

  • Big massive doughnuts!

Bad points:

  • Expensive

Address: 55 Borough High St, London SE1 1NE