Moxie’s Fish Bar – London, West Hampstead

Last week I met up with Mr YellowCloak and Ms LüFù and another friend who I haven’t named, but will call him Mr Czech as he’s from the Czech Republic. We were supposed to have a lovely dinner at The Czech Club in West Hampstead, but unfortunately a new owner took over and changed the extensive menu to a new smaller menu and also changed the name to Bohemia House and so that ingredients were fresher. How unfortunate. I was looking forward to having the battered cauliflower. 😣 Ms LüFù who’s dined there for 25 years was the most disappointed… Hopefully the menu will be changed again to our favourites.

So in the end we took a walk up the other end of the high street to find food, but we ended going backwards to Moxie’s Fish Bar which is a few doors away from The Czech Club.

It took us a while to decide and order our food. A pie or fish? What sides? A restaurant I’ve not been to kills me coz I haven’t looked at the menu beforehand. 😆

Ms LüFù ordered a beetroot salad and chips.

Mr Czech had a grilled fish bap (sandwich).

Mr YellowCloak ordered the “Mothership” with the Moo pie.

And I had the Moo and Blue pie with coleslaw and chips, and a ginger beer. My dinner cost £12 something with the drink. Not a disappointing meal. Lots of chips. The pie tasted of mixed stilton cheese and beef. I think I love stilton cheese too much. There was a lot of coleslaw but I mixed that with the remaining chips.

A worthy place to eat if you’re disappointed to see the change in the old Czech Club’s menu. All my friends seemed to enjoy their meals… we even sat and talked a lot about Brexit. Again! The British Government better give us a mighty deal, otherwise I’ll kick their f****** backsides!!

My geeky rating: 4.7/5

Good points: 

  • Cheap and cheerful

Bad points:

  • No toilet

Address: 96 West End Ln, West Hampstead, London NW6 9LU