An Empty China Town (during Coronavirus Lockdown) ~~~

Are you all at home? You better be! Keep washing those hands too!

It was my birthday a few days ago and since I’ve been working my butt off (in a stressful sector), I haven’t been able to go out as much. Thankfully I booked some leave a long time ago. So I needed to go to a Chinese bank and buy some essentials from the Chinese supermarkets… So this happened in less than two hours. Essential Travel!!!

Traveled to China Town by bus. It was completely empty with very few people walking about in Leicester Square.


I bet those pigeons felt lonely…

Shaftesbury Avenue was deeply quiet.

Just walking up and down China Town felt lonely…..

At least one restaurant was opened for takeaways…

Poor Trafalgar Square was completely empty…

Well, let’s keep Central London empty and quiet for a tiny bit longer.

My neighbourhood has never been so quiet for so many years! No planes flying across. No motorcyclists zooming through. And simply no arguments can be heard from anywhere – apart from inside the dreaded supermarkets!

How many more weeks of emptiness we’re going to have in the UK is unknown…

Make sure to keep your distance, wash your hands and stay at home (unless you’re going to work or in desperate needs to go to the supermarket).

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