Hong Kong 2021 – Day 2 (Jet Lagged)

Day 2 – Wednesday, September 1st 2021

It’s already Day 2! And I’m already jet lagged. 6 hours of sleep is my usual sleeping time during work days, but the sound of the whirring aircon didn’t help. If you can’t sleep because of the noise, I recommend getting earplugs – I do have some, so I’ll definitely try using them for the next few nights. I can’t hear anything from my fellow quarantine peeps, my room is not completely soundproof, but it’s good to know I can’t hear much from the outside world.

As I couldn’t sleep, all I kept thinking about was food. I looked at the hotel’s menu, and had a feeling it was going to be small… It was indeed, and I was still hungry. 😦

So I ordered food on FoodPanda, the equivalent to Just Eat and Uber Eats. I ordered some noodles and toast. The soup came separately. I forgot to add the separate sauge and extra egg into the noodle mix. Oh well… I ate it all. Even drank the HK Style milk tea. Yeek.

Obviously I had too much for breakfast, but I did try to eat the lunch. I probably left about two bites of rise and the onions. The raw onions aren’t good. I had the apple at dinner time… I don’t like shiny green sour apples. Luckily I have some M&S light honey with me (brought from the UK too). I’m hoping my luggage becomes light when I leave this quarantine hotel. Heheheh.

After eating lunch, I took a two hour nap. Trying to get over jet lag is so hard.

Then 6 hours later, during my WhatsApp call to my family in the UK… dinner came.

Stomach satisfied!

End of Day 2.

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