Hong Kong 2021 – Day 5 and 6 (First Weekend)

Day 5 – Saturday, 4th September 2021

Another 6 hour sleep. It’s still too hard to sleep for the moment.

Breakfast as always was served early, so I quickly ate that and then tried to fall asleep. I almost did, but I thought I was supposed to have my Day 5 PCR test between 10 and 11am… That didn’t happen…

I wasn’t going to do anything, but ended up watching a Korean variety show called “I Live Alone” without the English subs. I got what they were talking about without having to know the specifics. (I actually don’t care about the constant criticism they face all the time – I think those celebs deserved to buy or rent whatever flat that they can afford. They’ve worked hard for it!

Lunch came on time… I’m thankful there was kimchi! It was definitely sweetened, and I did like it. ^_^

I was bored after lunch, so I ended showering and cleaning the bathroom, and wiping around the room… then I knitted for a bit of time… plus called one of my aunts who lives with my grandmother who’s almost 100 years old!!

I started eating crisps and drinking alcohol when the medical staff came to do the PCR swab. Humph. It didn’t matter to them that I ate and drank. Oh well… that’s not my fault!

I continued to knit and watch Korean variety shows – this time Delicious Rendezvous. I skipped a few parts as it becomes boring.

It was almost 5pm, and I really wanted something else other than the quarantine food, so I ended up ordering dim sum through FoodPanda… But the hotel dinner came first… I had to eat the chips and fried fish first… Too many carbs this week. I left the spaghetti for a bit later. And I’ve just noticed there was no fruit this time… Thankfully I have one more Chinese pear left.

The dim sum came around half-an-hour later… It’s so much better than the frozen stuff in the UK. If only I could eat this every week. I would be ultra happy!

The intriguing dim sum was this quail egg covered in pork…

I tried to avoid eating for another hour or so, and this point I checked how much data I used… I ended up using 40GB from morning to evening! Woah. That’s a lot. The Korean shows use up a lot of data… so I was now trying to figure out how to increase the amount of data on my ThreeHK eSIM… All I had to do was buy another 365 day Local data plan (~ £25), and it updated my total data, minutes and texts, and didn’t give me another HK number. Phew – that was what I was afraid of…

Before I topped up, I bought another eSIM for iPad Mini using Airalo – I bought the ASIA regional eSIM that gives unlimited data at LTE speed for USD$18.00 (~£13) for 12 days. I’m going to use as much data as I can by watching and downloading whatever on Netflix, and use ExpressVPN to watch Viki videos. Finally going to watch Penthouse Season 3. So far so good! Unfortunately you can’t use this eSIM as a mobile hotspot on the iPad Mini. I’m not sure if it can, if it was on a mobile phone.

After all that palava, I did finish off the spaghetti and beef tripe. Light exercise starts tomorrow? Maybe… ^_^ Just hoping all this food will make me sleep tonight, and if I miss breakfast, then so be it!

Somehow there was another delivery at the door, it wasn’t mine but for a room 2 doors down. It’s the first time I’ve had to call reception… I spoke in mixed English and Cantonese – my brain went automatically to English first. ¬_¬””

An exciting Saturday!!

Day 6 – Sunday, 5th September 2021

Sunday wasn’t too bad. I got to sleep around 8 hours, more or less. The best sleep I have had in these past few days. I had a brief moment where I woke up before 7am, but somehow fell asleep again, and I didn’t hear the knocking on the door for breakfast… I woke up again around 8am, and sure enough the breakfast was sitting out on the chair. Cold breakfast.

Oh well, I had to make do, so I combined the croissant, hash brown, and bacon into a croissant-sarnie, and added the ketchup on top. ^_^ I was satisfied with my own creation.

Since it was a Sunday, and obviously there’s not much to do, I started watching TV. I ended up watching Lego Monkie Kid. Hahahahah. I love Cantonese subbed animation. No doubt I had to watch the 11 minute episode plus the ads.

Afterwards, I flicked through the channels but got bored, so I started on my Korean revision… and watched Penthouse 3 at the same time – so intense! I’m glad I saved to watch this during quarantine.

Lunch came… The meat side was supposed to be beef bourguinon in Western wine… Hmmm. Really? I’m more used the big chunks of meat. My work canteen can do better than this (apart from the rice).

Then the eSIM I purchased from Airalo slowed down … ah man, I couldn’t watch anymore streaming using the eSIM, so had to use one of the mobile hotspots.

Dinner came early – it’s been arriving early than late these days. Sometimes, I feel like I’m not hungry, but I still eat for the sake of eating. The chicken chop was marinated well and tasted sweet. The curry sauce is a Chinese version – the one you get in the chippy in the UK. Onions were fresh this time! I’m sure someone has complained about them…

I watched more of Penthouse 3 – the last episode is on the 10th September, so I’ll be watching episodes 10 to 15 next Saturday. So I’m hoping by Sunday, the English subs will have finished by then. ^_^

End of Day 5 and 6.

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