Hong Kong 2021 – Day 12 and 13 (Second Weekend)

Day 12 – Saturday, 11th September 2021

Hmmm. Need sleep, which is exactly what I did after eating this breakfast. The ham and cheese sandwich wasns’t the greatest one I’ve had… Had to add the hash brown into it.

Extra sleep was what I needed. And I’m glad I took the opportunity because now I feel alive. 😀

I didn’t want the quarantine food for lunch, so I ordered some cart noodles but only had the opportunity to choose two toppings. So I chose beef brisket and wonton… Oh it was good. Even with the spicy chilli oil it gave some depth to the soup. Yummy!!

I did eat some of the quarantine food, but left out the rice and threw that in the bin. I did eat the cherry tomatoes this time around.

Continued to watch Penthouse 3, and I’m almost towards the end… what am I going to watch next weekend?! Hmmmm.

During that time, I really wanted to find a way to get my ipad mini to become a second screen. I tried SplashTop again. It didn’t work. Then I found a YouTube video that explained that I may need to update the iPad driver, which I did. And finally iTunes recognised my iPad! Wooo. But SplashTop still didn’t work even after a few restarts…. so finally in the end I chose iDisplay. And it finally worked out! I might be able to do some proper work…. just maybe.

After such a cahoot, it was time to do some much needed exercise. I’m very into Leslie Sansone’s walking video exercises, and recommend them to anyone who has limited indoor space and can’t go outside to exercise. This is my favourite one… a full 45 minute workout… It will make you sweat a bit. ^_^ I did 4699 steps!

Dinner came during this workout, but I held out until the very end of the workout before eating dinner. I ate the whole thing. Tofu with the pork mince sauce was great! I enjoyed it, maybe because I did some exercise. Heheheh.

It was back to watching Penthouse 3, sit back and relax… And lastly I talked to MummyGeek for a long 40 minutes via WhatsApp. She told me to eat all the fruit I saved from lunch time… Which I did, but had to throw the very sour green apple. I really don’t like them, but enjoyed the Washington Red apple…

Time for bed!

Day 13 – Sunday, 12th September 2021

Woke up, ate the breakfast, then back to sleep again. I’m sure it’s not healthy, but I was tired… it’s hard to sleep. The menu restarted from Day 2’s menu… It’s ok I guess, but I wish I had a bit more choice.

After 2 extra hours of sleep, time to wake up and watch Penthouse 3. The subtitles for the final episode wasn’t finished yet, and so thankfully I hadn’t watched episode 13 yet.

During that time I ordered again on FoodPanda. It was something I wanted to order on Saturday, but the restaurant wasn’t opened to ordering at the time. And finally, during my quarantine time I had crispy noodles. The noodles were very fine and very crispy, but there wasn’t enough sauce to soften the noodles. They were ok, but not the best I’ve had.

After lunch, I did some Korean revision, and started watching another Korean drama Police University… When the lunch came, I decided to wait out for a little while before having some of it. I skipped half the rice and the onions but had the rest of everything.

Korean drama syndrome didn’t last long, so I started catching up with Downton Abbey. Why didn’t I watch it many years ago? I even had it on Amazon Prime, but so couldn’t be bothered until it went onto Netflix. I think I’m quite picky at which site I watch shows from I guess.

Before dinner came, there was a knock at the door, they gave me a paper bag of goodies – 2 cokes and 1 bottle of popcorn. This was like an invitation to go and write a review about them… Will do it later when I get out of quarantine. :p

Dinner came before 6pm, and I gladly ate the half amount of rice and chicken leg. Good stuff.

After dinner, it was more studying and watching Downton Abbey… Just finished Season 3!

The hotel gave us a pack a couple of days ago to design our own Mid-Autmumn festival lantern… I gladly made mine, but won’t post on their Facebook page. I sent a picture to MummyGeek instead and posted on Instagram. LOL.

It may have been a slightly boring weekend, and the idea of quarantine has waned, but I have welcomed the peace and quiet and at least I don’t have to hear the constant nagging from my parents (and some other people in my life) ¬_¬””

End of Weekend 2 – Days 12 and 13!!

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