Hong Kong 2021 – Day 14 to 18 (Working Week 2)

Day 14 – Monday, 13th September 2021

I had a bad feeling this week was going to be a rough one. Had that feeling where I didn’t really want to work but had to.

I woke up on time, had the breakfast, then back to sleep I go again… It’s become my routine in the past couple of weeks.

Eat lunch, watched some Netflix, then started work.

I had a good couple if hours where my remote access was absolutely fine, until I started getting kicked off… 😦 So many emails coming through… Was watching a Japanese Netflix show called The Road to Red Restaurants, where this Japanese man goes out on the weekends to eat at places that would be soon to close if no one inherits the restaurant…

Dinner came and I ate that quickly.

Back to work I go, and I had so many problems during my first and last Teams meeting. I think I was going to throw a tantrum… I couldn’t sleep that night… too much going on in my mind, and I felt a bit peckish, so I had a cup noodle to settle my stomach… the home there was to sweeten the soup… this prawn flavoured cup noodle was a bit too salty to my liking.

I slept for about 5 hours…

Day 15 – Tuesday, 14th September 2021

I had the ok breakfast, I saved the egg for the next day, then went back to sleep again! Completely tired… I wonder how my other quarantine fellows were coping with their sleeping patterns, are some also working during different time zones or could they work during Hong Kong hours…?

I woke up before lunch, and noticed a lot of noise from next door… I think that person has left, and I’m sure another person will be coming in for their quarantine time. Hoorah for the persons who were here before me!

I didn’t like the lunch… I threw away the granny smith apple because I know it will just be as sour as any granny smith apple.

So I ordered some extra stuff to go with the rest of the rice and cauliflower. Taiwanese dumplings, boiled dumplings, kimchi and some funny tasting sour soup… Hahahaha! My stomach felt like it was in heaven. Even the bubble tea felt refreshing.

At this point it started raining and there were a few rumbling sounds of thunder… I could hear my mother saying, take those earphones off when there’s a thunderstorm. So I did and watched some TV instead.

Time to start work… I didn’t much for the first half of my working hours, but managed to complete 2 reports, answer loads of emails, take a shower, and have a meeting with my Team. Luckily no-one was next door during my meeting, I almost shouted at my colleague!

After the meeting, a new quarantine neighbour came… I had a feeling this person wasn’t going to be as quiet as the previous one. Oh well…. Just 7 more days to go, and the person taking over this room will be ecstatic!

I had my dinner… I ate most of it apart from some of it… I was full in the end thankfully… I’m sure I will sleep well.

Time to finish up with work!

Day 16 – Wednesday, 15th September 2021

I actually slept very well, and woke up in time to catch my breakfast before falling asleep again. For breakfast I didn’t expect to have a piece of turnip cake… last time I think I had two pork buns.

I decided to work closer to the afternoon (HK time), so I did some Korean revision, but medical staff came just before lunch to do my 5th PCR test.

Stopped for lunch… It happened to be pork and kimchi day…

Remote access was quite slow and painful. I was doing a lot of checking, and most of what I was checking was not done. I told my manager, as she was also going to check.

Dinner came…

And then I procastinated for the last 1.5 hours of work. My brain was exhausted and just didn’t want to look at anything.

Day 17 – Thursday, 16th September 2021

Very hard to sleep. Didn’t sleep very well. I think my body is still very much coinciding with the UK time. I can’t sleep straight after being at work. I stayed to almost 3am HK time… thankfully I fell asleep, but woke up in time to collect breakfast and fall asleep again.

Before midday, I could hear some hotel staff outside the corridor… did something happen? Did someone try to break out of quarantine? I have no idea…. Or was it a cleaning inspection?

I started work a little early, just to make up the time from the night before. It was quite refreshing being able to do the work without being disturbed by others… Lunch came on time, so had to eat that first. I think they’ve started to give me more rice again. Bother!

Work, work, work with some really slow remote access. I didn’t stop until after 10pm HK time… When dinner came, I had to eat that a bit later as it was too early… I ate the whole thing including the tomatoes and the onions this time. 😦

It was almost towards the end of the working day until Mrs Hen messaged me and asked for help with a job application form… all it needed was a lot of copying and pasting from an old application form… so I helped her. I tried to be quiet as I was talking to her, as the walls of the room are not sound-proofed… even when the Mister next door sneezes I can hear him (I hope the man next door has figured out the heating).

Click-copy-paste-correct all the mistakes. Mrs Hen’s application done. I hope she gets the job this time (she applied for it before).

Day 18 – Friday, 17th September 2021

It took a long time for me to sleep again. I tried to do some stretches, ate the remainder of some Pringles, and then I had to resort to eating the apple from lunch time. Mrs Travels said I should eat fruit if I’m hungry, so I did… It made me go to sleep around 2am. The Mister next door definitely couldn’t sleep, he switched on the TV and I knew he couldn’t put the volume down quick enough (because I had the same experience, heheheheh).

I woke up to get the breakfast, then fell asleep again… woke up a few hours later… I didn’t eat all the noodles. It was cold. 😦 I want to get out and eat hot food….!

I started watching another Korean drama on Netflix – Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Such a cute drama at the moment.

Lunch came. I had everything apart from the sauce, it was a bit too much… Then continued watching the drama.

Time to work now! A few more vefications, create some pivot tables, and voila… all done before the first meeting of the day.

Meeting done, and dinner came too early but I ate everything… It actually came as a hot dinner. The cherry tomatoes were ultra hot!

I started procastinating… I wonder if my colleagues are procastinating on a Friday (some definitely weren’t)… I wonder if people think I’m not working so they email me to make sure I respond to them ASAP…. Hmmmm. In the last hour of being able to order food to the hotel, I decided I wanted more food… didn’t want to feel hungry in the middle of the night!! So yep, I ordered cart noodles.

These weren’t as nice as the other one I had the previous week. The noodles were overcooked, and the toppings were small pieces… I want the other one again!

I procastinated a bit more, but I was answering most emails as they were coming in… SHRUG it’s Friday… People do become slack by the end of the week. I will work harder when I back to the UK, ok peeps. Was it rough week? It was almost, but it had a nice ending.

End of Day 14 to 18 ~~~ just 3 more days to goooooo and one more PCR test to do! Woooooohooooo!!

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