Hong Kong 2021 – Day 19 and 20 (Third and Final Weekend of Quarantine)

Day 19 – Saturday, 19th September 2021

It was a pretty boring Saturday… My PCR test was done quite early this time. I’m guessing the medical staff were quite keen to finish up early so that they can finish early too.

All I did was watch Korean dramas, variety shows and read webtoons… I tidied up in between, and didn’t bother to do any knitting. I sat and stared into space just thinking about what will happen next after quarantine.

Towards the end of the day, I was again feeling peckish around 10pm… Couldn’t order anything, so I had one of those trusty cup noodles, a pear I kept just in case, and my last can of chu-hi…

Very, very boring day!

Day 20 – Sunday, 20th September 2021

I slept, woke up, slept again… I think I was slightly hungover (after 1 drink?).

I didn’t bother picking up the breakfast. If I didn’t like the glutinous rice parcels and rubby siu mai like last time, then I don’t think I was going to bother. Sorry quarantine hotel! Instead I slept up until 11am, and made a coffee… I sat staring into space for about an hour…

When lunch came around, I was surprised to see my breakfast was still sitting on the stool. Hm? I thought the hotel took away the food if it was left outside for more than an hour or so? Maybe the hotel staff noticed that I took mine in everyday, and I hadn’t ordered anything online that morning, so they left it for me – probably thinking I might starve myself… Oh well. I ate the glutinous rice parcels in the end. Skipped the cold, rubbery siu mai, and left out most of the sweetcorn.

I kept the lunch and left it to one corner for the moment. Didn’t want to make my stomach feel any worse. I did try to eat everything, but skipped out the onions again…

Was kind of bored, so I went on to do some more Korean revision… Until dinner came. Ate everything…

Tried to stave off my hunger, but gave in to one of the remaining Curry Cheese noodle pots I had.

Almost finished packing, got rid of more rubbish and watched loads of Downton Abbey. Just finished watching Season 4. ^_^

End of Day 19 and 20!

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