Hong Kong 2021 – Day 1 Post Quarantine

Tuesday 21st September 2021

This is the first time I’ve been in HK for more than two weeks (that’s the longest time I usually take), but quarantine and post quarantine has broken my personal record. LOL.

I woke up early enough to get my last hotel quarantine breakfast. Good riddance to cherry tomatoes! Woohoo!

Afterwards I sat around thinking what I needed to clean before I went out to check out… Cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the toilet, cleaned the floor, took out the pillow cases, bed linen and duvet cover. I learnt to do this when I travelled with Miss Pinky… Always take everything apart on the bed, just in case! I also took out the rubbish and left it aside with the recyclables… I’m basically house trained but lazy at home in general.

It finally reached 11am. I saw someone outside who was cleaning, and he asked if I was checking out… I said yes. I completely forgot the way out and where the lift was, the person outside my door guided me out… The lift took forever, but finally got to the ground floor. Checked out – it took me a while to find my hotel deposit receipt, but found it in the end, and gave it to the counter.

Next I waited for a taxi in which they kindly requested for me. It was a short wait, but I got to see how deliveries were made and delivered. I think the hotel staff are still afraid of the people in quarantine… Not all of us are ill!

My taxi came… Farewell to Quarantine Hotel! And onto another hotel…. Wow, my taxi driver asked a LOT of questions. How long did I stay for? Do I have to quarantine when I go back to America? (I from the UK mate, I said – skipped the mate part), why on Earth would I want to come back to HK because of an ID card? Did I apply for the HK$5,000 (erm, no, not eligible because I didn’t enter HK for the past 2 years… I’m not that greedy either). It went on for a bit… But anyways, I asked a few questions as well, like: Is life more difficult in HK? (Yes, he answered)… Look, everywhere in the world is difficult. Not just in HK.

Managed to check in early, and just started to relax, but realised I was quite hungry, so I went out and got myself a BBQ pork and roast duck n’ rice lunch… And it rained, with lots of thunderstorms. LOL! The Heavens were crying on my release from quarantine!!

Then it was off to see DaddyChef’s side of the family. Boy, it’s been 5 years since I came to see them last, but I remembered the way… Once I got there, I was practically questioned throughout the evening. THE SAME QUESTIONS all night. Look, I’m back because of this 3 year HKID card rule thing. Can I not come back? (I need to change my HKID card soon, but I won’t be in HK at the time… so I’ll be back in the next 1 to 3 years to change it – when quarantine is practically over). I spoke to all my cousins and aunt most of the time. My second cousins are all practically young and shy to talk to me…LOL… Here’s Mou Mou’s son – apparently the main dog gave birth to many puppies, but my family kept one of the sons.

I had some Chinese soup and my aunt took me around her little garden.

Finally dinner time. I was hungry, but I couldn’t eat as much… My stomach had no appetite after a small amount of dinner. Ah, too bad. There was even some fresh abalone, my aunt made me eat two pieces… Think my family members were a bit like “stay away from her just in case she has covid”. T_T”

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s a tradition in Chinese / Hong Kong culture to make their blessings to the Gods and ancestors. I hope they had plenty to eat!!

After more small talk, it was time to go. One cousin left me at a nearby bus stop, but came to check on me and asked why I didn’t get one of those mini-buses… Erm, I hate mini-buses… He should have just drove me back to the city centre, so I can get another bus back to the hotel. ¬_¬. In the end I took a mini-bus…. Grrr. At least they don’t go pass 80mph anymore (I think).

At the hotel, I saw the full moon! Lucky me!

Well… It was hot, so I got some ice cream… The Kokimaya Lipton Yellow Label Tea ice cream is awesome! A strong tea taste, not too sweet, and just nice to eat. The Movenpick Panna Cotta Raspberry wasn’t great, it tasted like a mousse rather than an ice cream. Was very tired afterwards, I showered and tried to sleep… but I just couldn’t.

I managed to sleep after 3am!!

End of Day 1 P-Q.

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