Hong Kong 2021 – Day 3 Post Quarantine

Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Even after quarantine, I’ve found it very hard to sleep. Had a little chat with Mrs Hen the night before, and she said it’s because I’m too relaxed and my body doesn’t need sleep anymore. LOL. I wanted a very long sleep.

As I didn’t sleep much, I got up and had some bread and coffee for breakfast. I think bread is what I had missed the very most whilst in quarantine. Mainly bread. I had bought some cheesesticks from 7Eleven the day before, then placed them in the fridge as they were expired… Didn’t much like the bread.

I managed to fall asleep again for an hour. It was practically raining all morning when I fell asleep. And it was still raining when I woke up … luckily I woke up in time before housekeeping came in… I asked about the laundrette in the hotel – she said it was on the 8th Floor, so I went out to have a look. I found it but I needed to get some tokens, in which I went down to reception to purchase – HK$30 a coin, and each coin can be used for either washing or drying. There’s even no need to buy washing powder, as it automatically comes out of the machine! Wow… all this time I’ve been at this hotel (throughout the many years), and I never even knew!!

So what to do next… Wait for the rain to stop before going out…

I waited for a bit until the rain subsided. Then I made a move to go to Ma On Shan. I took the 86K, but I got off the wrong stop… so I walked and walked… and eventually I got lost! I ended up in Ocean View.

As I was waiting at the bus stop, I asked two Filipinos in English (I’m better at asking in English) which bus was it to get to MOS Town… but a Hong Konger intervened and told me to either get the 286M or 810 minibus… In the end I took the 810 (thanks everyone at the bus stop!).

MOS Town hasn’t changed one bit. Most of the stores are still around. Boriiiiiinggggg!

I decided to head back to Shatin, so I took the train. I had to change at Tai Wai and get the East Rail Line… I had to ask for directions again when I got to Tai Wai. Gosh, this Geek is getting lost for one day. This is what happens when you travel solo and haven’t been around HK for 5 years (not including my last 1 day trip in HK 3 years ago).

Once I got to Shatin, I felt relaxed. I bought some snacks that DaddyChef wanted, but realised that UK and HK prices were almost the same. There was no point buying so much, although it was buy 1 get 1 free for some of the items. There were no dried fish items … oh well, have to eat the ones in the UK then. Aji Ichiban is losing its touch. 😦

Time to head back… I forgot which buses headed back to the hotel, but asked a bus guy who I think was taking timetable minutes of buses. Thank you sir! I had bought a drink and sandwich in Circle K in Ma On Shan, I actually wanted to sit around at the shopping centre to eat and drink, but didn’t find any seating area, so I had to eat this at the hotel.

Was hungry still, so I had the mini mooncakes my cousins gave to me. Decent stuff!

Once I headed back into the hotel – after an hour, it started raining heavily! More thunderstorms!

As it subsided, I was able to escape and get some dinner… Finally some really steaming hot food!! ^_^ Fried noodles with shredded pork, some sweet choi sum and house soup. The flavours are pretty much similar to the ones in the UK, just less oil in the noodles.

I did snack that night – after a long shower. I felt cleansed and super charged!

It felt like a long night, but I chatted away with MummyGeek for over an hour just saying what I did the whole day. LOL.

End of Day 3 P-Q.

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