Hong Kong 2021 – Day 4 Post Quarantine

Friday, 24th September 2021

Friday was a working day, so I didn’t do much. I went shopping in the nearby supermarket and bought breakfast in a nearby congee shop. I’ve blogged about the congee shop before, and wow in the past couple of years it’s changed a lot! MummyGeek said it must have changed recently as when she went there two years ago it was still the same look.

I bought preserved egg and chicken congee, with “jia leung” and a separate fried dough… It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve had this! Yes, I have missed HK style congee. MummyGeek’s version is far too thick!

I sat in the hotel room for quite a long time, but I read work emails along the way, and did as much as I could before everyone else started work…

Skipped lunch, and carried on working for a bit… Then worked and had meetings over Teams. I kept getting kicked off the Internet af few times that day – I tried all Internet accesses but nothing seemed to have worked. It was a difficult time of the day!

Finally dinner came, MummyGeek insisted I try out the fried beef with flat noodles. Well… It’s pretty much normal but it’s a small portion compared to the fried noodles I had the day before… The soup was a bit salty on that day too. 😕 I also had a lot off BBQ pork… why not? I was on holiday mode.

Continued to work throughout the evening (with some procastination), then decided to call it for the day. I had to get up early the next day! (I did regret not working a lot that day, but I have caught up with lots of work on my return to the UK … still need to finish some audits and attend a lot of meetings though 😖).

End of Day 4 P-Q.

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