Hong Kong 2021 – Day 5 Post Quarantine

Saturday, 25th September 2021

It happened to be Day 26 of my arrival in HK. Gosh, I’ve been in the country for almost a month! I felt like I haven’t done much.

On Day 26 after my arrival, I needed to do another PCR test (this was my 9TH PCR TEST in 4 WEEKS!!!!). Geez. Is there another country out there that does that many PCR tests for international arrivals? I heard that the Republic of Ireland does something similar. Grrrrr.

Anyway, I went out before 9.30am and headed to Lek Yeun Community Hall. When I reached the first place on the main street, they said it wasn’t that one. There’s another Community Hall across the street and it’s within the building blocks. Blimey… It was a bit confusing, but if anyone aims to go to this Community Centre ask a few people around (if you know your Cantonese).

After my PCR test (I didn’t seem to have to pay… and I didn’t know if I’m supposed to get my report from the centre afterwards – it’s not clear on the HK government website), I headed back to the main street (after getting a bit lost again), and went out to find a mini-bus stop that headed to my grandmother’s place…. It was a long walk in the heat! Make sure to put some sun cream on!

I got onto the mini-bus, and when I got off, my legs were all wobbly… I really don’t like them.

I had lunch at my grandmother’s – my Aunt cooked again. I ate a lot of vegetables LOL! I think it was just too hot for me to eat that day.

And then there was a lot of chatting, lots of computer talk and helping my Aunt with learn a few things about her iPhone and Apple Mac – I don’t usually use Apple Macs, but had to experiment on one. Ugh. Why must a Windows user like me have to endure the cruelty of an Apple Mac. Make commands and controls the same as Windows! iPhones are somewhat easy to use but if it’s all in Chinese… then it’s all guess work for me! (In the meantime I bought a tablet (a cheap one from Amazon) in the UK for some Zoom calls that will hopefully solve some virtual background issues that I keep having with one of my spare laptops. The tablet comes with a bluetooth keyboard, and it’s really similar to an Apple keyboard. Hopefully, I will get used to it! Saves me from having to buy an expensive Apple Mac!!).

It was time to head back, and I spotted a really cute dragonfly just sitting on top of the gate. Don’t know if you can see it here. It blends well with that crane in the background. 🤭

As soon as I headed back to the hotel, I called MummyGeek, then I chatted to Miss Pinky (it was Baby B’s birthday, but she went out to her Uncle’s at Solo Wood! ¬_¬”” Happy Birthday to Baby B!!

Dinner time … and I had the same dinner from 2 nights ago. I love fried noodles!! But the soup wasn’t that great… salty again!

Have you tried this new drink? Is it out in the rest of the world? It’s VitaSoy’s Chrysantheum mixed with Hawthorn berry. It actually gives off a weird taste. I think I threw away part of the drink as it didn’t taste great… Think the mix needs rethinking VitaSoy. 🤓 Go back to the drawing board!! (Haven’t said that for a long time!).

Called Miss Pinky again … this time they answered! But it was a very short call. Baby B lost two front teeth, and the Tooth Fairy gave her £2. LOL!

End of Day 5 P-Q.

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