Hong Kong 2021 – Day 6 Post Quarantine

Sunday, 26th September 2021

I slept well!! These past 2 to 3 nights has been awesome! Waking up in time and going out has been great.

I got my Day 26 PCR Test results in less than 24 hours! And amazingly (well not surprisingly) I tested NEGATIVE for covid-19. ¬_¬” Let’s just hope when I get back to the UK, I will be ok.

I ate bread and drank coffee for breakfast, then headed out.

I forgot the bus 81C outside the hotel goes all the way to Tsim Sha Tsui. I wanted to walk along the Avenue of Stars and see where the statues were originally placed. ^_^ It took me a while to figure out how to cross the road from the Bus Station… all I had to do was take the stairs to the top, and cross over the flyover. I was out of breath when I got to the top. Hahahah.

Walk, walk, walk in the heat. SIGH. As I’m posting these pictures, I wonder how people who have immigrated or those not able to fly right now feel at the moment. Homesick? Nostalgia? Don’t care? Envious? I felt freedom. The freedom to walk with not many people out.

There’s even signs on seats to tell you to where a mask, and only 4 people are allowed to sit on the stone benches.

As I got to the clock tower in Tsim Sha Tsui, I got to see the bunny rabbits that were displayed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Do we spend too much time on our phones and electronic devices? Yes we do. That’s why I like to sleep most of the time, so that I don’t spend too much time on the laptop or my phone.

Got to Star Ferry, and headed to Ladies Market in Fa Yeun Street… It was quite disappointing in the market. I gather that there’s hardly any tourists, so there’s fewer stalls out, and fewer things to buy… So sad! I walked the small length of the market twice and got bored.

I headed back to the hotel but kinda got lost, so I took the Metro from Mong Kok to Kowloon Tong. I got lost in Mong Kok Station… I think I took a wrong turn, and ended up in the mall part. Eventually I found my way to the station…

When I got to Kowloon Tong, I again got lost. The station has changed so much! I’ve realised not all HK people know their way around outside even when you look at the smartest people or even foreigners who have been in HK longer than me – they just don’t even know 😢 … There’s a shopping mall part that I’ve not seen before… I even bought a top from M&S to change into later as one cousin asked me to go and have dinner with her.

Finally asked an older couple at the Metro exit/entrance part but they didn’t even know … gosh … In 5 years, the entrances have changed a bit – it’s the same entrances but redesigned (mainly to confuse me)! But finally found one person who said, “it’s just here”. Yay!! Once I saw the outside, I thought phew, I know where I am. On the main road was where the bus stop was to head back – on Waterloo Road. This, I will never forget in the future. I just need to remember to exit on the RIGHT and don’t head to the mall.

Quick stop at the hotel – with a quick drink and toilet break. My cousin hadn’t left home yet, so I headed to hers instead … All the way in Lohas Park – it’s about an hour away from Shatin. Thankfully there were some super speedy buses heading to that direction (Bus 798 and then change for the Bus 797 at the Bus Interchange). Apparently these are new buses, and my cousin hasn’t taken them before. She was surprised how quick I got there. I refused to get the train because of the amount of changes. No way. So thanks to Google Maps! Awesome!!

Pictures were taken on the return back to Shatin.

We had sushi with her daughter (one of my many second cousins … most of my cousins on DaddyChef’s side are older than me … it doesn’t make me want to get married any time soon … happy with the single free life at the moment 🤭), and we chatted at her flat for a while as there were some hungry customers outside the sushi place… My cousin lives on one of the highest floors. It’s too scary at the top, my legs were feeling wobbly! Don’t envy my cousins that much. Living that high floor apartment life is not for me. Stick me to the ground floor anytime.

It was time to head back, and I bought ice-cream, crisps and Vitasoy drinks on the way back to the room. Can’t get enough of this Lipton Yellow Label Tea ice cream. I wonder if this is available in London… 🤔 I think the English tea lovers would love this flavour!! If they like matcha green tea, then they would like this one. If you even like bubble tea, then yeah, THIS IS THE ICE-CREAM to go for! According to Wikipedia, Lipton is a British brand (to be honest: Scottish) but people don’t like it because it’s weak… But this product is defo not. Bring this ice-cream flavour to the UK please…!!

Have I had these before? I can’t remember, but nothing too special with these Big Ring cheese snacks. They have Monster Munch texture crisps but flavoured with cheese.

Hmmm. I think these are relatively new. I can’t remember if I’ve had the VitaSoy Chocolate Mint, but it tastes awesome! The one that suprised me was the HK Style Milk Tea. I can’t remember if I’ve had this before… maybe I have. If you don’t like the hot HK style milk tea, then go for this carton version. It’s a bit lighter in tea taste (there is a stronger one) and I believe there’s soy milk rather than evaporated milk… Interesting.

TIRED. My watch said I walked 12,000 steps that day, but in fact I walked 14,000 steps! Getting lost in HK is amazing. LOL.

End of Day 6 P-Q.

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