Hong Kong 2021 – Day 7 Post-Quarantine

Monday, 27th September 2021

Not sure why or how I woke up so early. I’m sure I went to bed late.

It was a slow day… It’s always the day before you go, that things seem to slow down, you don’t really want to meet people or go anywhere… Well I did go out to Shatin Plaza in the end. It was kind of boring. Just brand name shops, the local shops were boring too. Couldn’t find the fun stationery shops and cute stores were missing ☹️ … But KFC wasn’t! Whilst I was ordering food, an old man was just shouting about not wearing his mask… Well, I guess the whole world is thinking the same thing. I don’t want to wear my mask, but there are rules that you have to stick to in HK. None of us want to wear them in any country.

Anyway, I made my order – a set menu. The order came so fast, faster than any UK fast food place!! It was ok, but I really don’t understand why KFC chicken always has to be so salty… They should learn how to make Korean fried chicken, less salty but in fact it’s really oily. I wonder if KFC can change their recipe to a non-salty version? I ate part of the mushroom rice, I really wasn’t up for it in this heat.

I walked around the plaza a bit more, then went across to the Phase 3 part. Mr Stingy told me about it 2 years ago. I’ve never been there before… It was a lot of walking! Finally found a cute store!!! There were lots of toys and stationery… but did I buy anything? Nope. I resisted the whole time. I’ve bought ZERO stationery on this trip to HK. ☹️ It’s been my saddest trip ever. ZERO excitement. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

I’ve been looking for a bookstore, and I found one – a lady (I guessed employed) was hovering around the escalator trying to help people who probably get lost in the Phase 3 area… Well I had Google Maps opened, so I was bound to find the bookstore eventually 🤭.

Was trying to look for a book in Chinese-Korean. My Chinese ain’t great, but I thought it might help me out a bit in understanding the Korean language/grammar and vocabulary a bit more. Some books don’t help you to explain certain grammar points, but I think I found one book that will help. I did’t buy it from the store, as my suitcase was already full. So instead I ordered from the Taiwanese bookstore later in the evening (世界最強韓文文法). It cost a bit more, but it saves me from carrying it in my luggage! LOL! (Basically I couldn’t be bothered to go back out again, heheheh…). Registering on the Taiwanese online site was time-consuming, I had no idea that there were so many verifications etc.

I headed back to the hotel… I felt tired and bored… I hope business in HK will go back to normal soon. I miss the busy side of HK.

Later on I did my last minute laundry. It saves me having to get most of my clothes washed when I get back to the UK. During laundry time I filled in my UK Locator form and repurchased another Day 2 PCR Test from Boots that cost another £68. I think the one I previously ordered in May couldn’t be used (actually I’ve just noticed that I used the frigging wrong booking reference number from the email!! But I think I can still use it up until early next year). ☹️

Then I went out and bought cart noodles for dinner… it wasn’t fantastic as the first one I had during quarantine. ☹️ There was so much sadness on this day. The sides just didn’t taste good or fresh enough… business looks sad…

It was pretty much a long evening. I had almost cleared up everything… just a few more bits and pieces to pack away!

Finally I called one of my aunts who I often see when I go back to HK, but she changed her number, so I had no idea. I think MummyGeek really, really wanted me to call her in case I got scolded by her in the future. LOL! Blimey, HK families can be complicated. ^_^

My aunt is probably worried about her son who moved to the UK last year, Grrrr, So I was grilled with questions for over 5 minutes…. “no, I haven’t seen your son (my younger cousin) auntie, he lives hours away from London. No, I didn’t know that his sister (my older cousin) is also planning to come to the UK too… Yes, of course I’ve been double vaccinated, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to travel.” 😱😱😱

One more sleep to go!

End of Day 8 P-Q.

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