Dorsett Tseun Wan 帝盛酒店 – My Quarantine Hotel

The HK posts are not over just yet!

I haven’t posted about the quarantine hotel I was staying in until now. 😅 I stayed at the Dorsett Tseun Wan 帝盛酒店, most people have vlogged about this place on YouTube, but here’s the blogger’s view.

I was pretty lucky, as I originally booked for the Ramada Grand, but it looked there were several cancellations, and so I quickly booked this one, and cancelled the other… The reason why I did that was because I really needed a large desk to work from.

I have no idea where the entrance is because I entered through in a van from one end, and made an exit through another. So weird right? But the hotels need to find ways for people to enter in and out.

When I first arrived, the reception seemed to have rushed a little bit … obviously they would think most arrivals going through quarantine may or may not have covid… But actually, it’s because they have to give you a lot of information, paperwork, ID checks, and you even have to pay HK$1000 deposit, even though you have paid for the hotel fee with meals etc. I’ve not had to pay a deposit before, however, if you’re staying in a hotel room for 3 weeks, they probably are thinking you might cause some damage. I dunno.

I forgot to check how many floors they have, but I was on the 7th Floor. The hallways are slightly narrow, and all the occupied rooms had a little stall outside. I was lucky to be at the very end of the hallway, so I only had noise coming from one end of my room.

The room was generally clean, although I did find a pair of socks probably from the previous hotel guest. I threw it in the bin – sorry for whoever owned those socks!! Make sure to check underneath the beds for anything…

The bathroom was ok, although there was lots of dust at the back of the toilet (pipe area). I did do some cleaning, but left the dust behind the toilet…

The WiFi sucked during my first two weeks… there was signal, but it didn’t connect. I gave up and just used my mobile hotspots. I could see from when I was connecting to the WiFi that other people had the same idea, and brought their own devices to use for internet access… Great minds think alike!

Unfortunately my view wasn’t the greatest, as you can see, I had the grand view of the inside part of the hotel. I just saw another block of hotel rooms and the garden view. 😦 I was lucky to get some sort of sunlight during the day, so I did open up the curtains for a few hours just to kill any bugs lurking about in the room.

You can’t open the windows (but I did see one of these rooms had a window open… I just don’t how that person did it!). Even if you were able to open it, you would need to shut it before opening your door. So many rules!!

Before you enter the room, the reception staff do give you some freebies. I got a set of free cutlery and a bottle of washing up liquid (I left the bottle in the hotel as I was leaving… didn’t want to see it ever again!).

If you’re doing your laundry (buy your own laundry liquid or use a bar of soap), use the hangers that they provide you, and leave your clothes to dry in the bathroom. My clothes dried quite quickly after a day or two.

Leave your rubbish outside on the floor before 8.30pm, and it will be collected.

And most importantly if you hate freezing cold temperatures, you can turn up the heat using the thermostat in the room. I didn’t look at it during the first few days, but I realised that I can turn the heat up. Phew! If you switch it off during the night, you will hear a lot from the other rooms and you might get hot as well.

The hotel staff generally don’t bother you, but they will call you up after week one to see how things are, and will ask you a lot of questions in regards to the room and the quality of their quarantine food.

If you need anything extra i.e. bin bags, toilet roll, extra things, then you need to call house-keeping – they speak English if you need to. But I spoke in Cantonese. ^_^

If you have read my previous posts, they do have a set meal plan, so unfortunately you can’t really choose what items you get… just watch out for all those cherry tomatoes they give you!!! (Since coming back to the UK, I have not had a single cherry tomato). The meals go through an 11-day rota, and the food arrives around 7am, 12pm and 5pm – times will vary!! (They came too early for me)… Here’s the link to their monthly meal plan:

Fortunately, they DO accept deliveries from FoodPanda and they DO allow people from the outside to bring food to the people in quarantine!

Generally not a bad hotel. I got my peace and quiet and sleep once in a while throughout my stay. The room is good for one person, even though it had two single beds… there just wouldn’t have been enough working space for two people.

On the HK covid website, there is a webpage where you can find out the availabilities of all the quarantine hotels… To me it looks slightly hidden, unless you’ve been on the site a million times like I’ve had.

Address: 28 Kin Chuen St, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3996 6666

Website for hotel:


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