Christmas TV Adverts 2021 – Part 1

Ok… It’s been a very, very loooooooooong time since I’ve written about a TV advert. Last year was depressing, so there was absolutely way I was going to blog about boring adverts. Let’s hope this Christmas will be saved by sensible people. (I can sense a lot of moaning at the moment. Uh-hm!).

Let’s start off with the ones that people whinge about often.

John Lewis – Unexpected Guest

Well, I’m not sure about this one. Maybe it’s the song that makes it a so-so for me. Or maybe the fact that John Lewis thinks aliens will look like us humans (homosapiens! Really?). The storyline was fine with Boy meets Alien, which sounds familarly like the movie E.T., but maybe work out on the music!! The advert needed more of an uplifting than a sad one. p.s. How on Earth did this advert cost £5million to make?

Bought two Apple items recently from John Lewis as they were only the place that was stocking what I wanted. Well, what a disappointment when I opened the box at the bus stop! They weren’t even the items I ordered… Straight back to John Lewis via a Waitrose branch who told me that the box was not even a John Lewis box…! 😖 A little angry, a little shocked and a little disappointed at whoever wasted my time listening to the music on John Lewis’s Customer Service phone line. Were my items stolen or was it just a mix up? Who knows, but I bet they were stolen. 🤔 SHAMBLES!! Waiting for a refund and Customer Service to call me back…

Sainsbury’s – A Christmas to Savour

I have to agree with this one. It’s been a long time coming for the Christmas celebrations. In this ad, they’ve re-used some old concepts of slowing down and speeding up processes in the video – like the Matrix style. A Pretty simple advert with all the Christmas foodie things, water sound effects, jazzy music, and ending it with normal people just celebrating Christmas. AND all in ONE MINUTE, compared to their other long adverts! Impressive!

Boots – #BagsofJoy

Hm. 🤭 If only I had a Bag of Joy. Here’s a Mary Poppins themed Boots ad with their classic Boots music tingle for Christmas.

Well, I kind of enjoyed this advert. Although it was a 3 minute advert, it told a story of wishes and expectations from the Bag of Joy. Lots of make-up, gift ideas and even a massive pram! Is that even possible?!

If I had one of those bags, I’ll be whizzing out a lot of baby wipes and nappies for one of my godchildren. 🤣

Aldi Christmas Advert – A Christmas Carrot

Heheheh… And we have Kevin The Carrot back with another episode of Christmas.

Aldi have used the theme from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. We have a Banana as Ebanana Scrooge, and Kevin as The Christmas Spirit. (This book is actually on my list to read at some point… otherwise, I’ll just watch the Disney version. Hah!). They whizz around town where the Spirit shows Scrooge what Christmas should be like through the Carrot’s eyes. LOL! I really love Aldi’s efforts in making the Narrator’s sentence rhyme throughout the ad. Clever advert!

Tesco – This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us

This is the very first time I’ve watched the advert in full. Not sure how many complaints it’s received, but I had a grin on my face throughout the ad! 😬

I found the advert funny. It’s a funnier version of what Sainsbury’s tried to do. No one’s going to be stopped from having a fun Christmas this year (whether Omicron destroys our hopes or not). And you know what? Tesco showing Santa has been vaccinated meant he’s able to travel around the world to deliver his presents… so I don’t see anything wrong with that! Everyone who’s travelled so far has had to do the same.

Right, let’s stop here for the moment… I still think lots of companies just bounce their ideas to each other, and make similar Christmas adverts! Hm, I wonder if they go to a brainstorming session, and feed each other with what they got, then divide between themselves on what they’re going to do… Funny idea!

Part 2 to come soon.

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