December Frost and Snow 2022

Last month was rather cold and frosty, and apparently we’re expecting more cold nights but I haven’t felt them yet. I’m feeling rather warm these days. We’re expecting more snow this month, and I actually can’t wait!

London and most of the UK had snow from the start of the second week of December. My colleagues and I were texting each other in the night trying to work out how to get into work the next day. Well, we knew the trains would be cancelled or delayed, and the buses would be running but slowly on the roads. It was cold! And for the first time I saw London’s temperature going down to -6 degrees Celcius. That’s bloody cold for London!

The cold nights and the snowy days meant it was a good time to take pictures! I love photography. 🥰

We saw some frosty cobwebs, and these were amazing!

A fox at night looking for food in the snow… it ran off as there was nothing to eat.

In the morning, the trees were filled with snow! Everyone was taking pictures.

I was on the bus to my work destination, and passed the Salvation Army base in Camberwell. The statue of William Booth was bombed with snow. 🤭🤭🤭

And the road heading to East Dulwich was just beautiful with the snow!

Nearer to home, this was how much snow that piled up on a wall… and no one touched it!

Loved how a bird just left it’s footprints in the snow. 🐾🐾🐾

Waiting for the January snow to come into London…

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