Pot and Rice – London, Elephant and Castle / Walworth Road

Have you tried Chinese claypot rice? It’s a very popular dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Hong Kong and China.

I’ve been watching lots of Chinese YouTube videos of food vloggers in Guangdong, China. There’s ones on claypot rice… and my parents said there aren’t any places in London that make this… and I said there is, it’s near Elephant and Castle, I just haven’t tried it yet!

So on Deliveroo, I ordered to claypot rice to pick up from the restaurant. (These days since the covid restrictions have been lifted, I try to go out and walk more to the places rather than sit and wait at home… A lot of people are doing the same thing (I hope) and going out to make up for the lost years of not exercising 😆).

So, Pot and Rice not only makes claypot rice, but also sell udon noodles, cheung fun and other Chinese (Cantonese) favourites. They’re expensive, so I would rather buy the frozen stuff from the Chinese / Asian supermarkets, and steam or make my own version of whatever.

My order was already waiting for me when I got there, and I was five minutes early too!

When I got home, the food was still hot, and they were impressively wrapped at the top like a flower. The sauces were neatly packed, wrapped with clingfilm and cellotaped to one of the claypot dishes.

This is the chicken and mushroom claypot… All I could say was woooow when I opened it. The smell of the sauce already in this was aromatic, you could see a lot of the ingredients on top which is typical of a claypot rice dish.

You wouldn’t think there was not a lot of rice in this, but when you scoop it out, you can see how deep or the depth at where the rice is.

This was a very flavourful dish even without the sweet soy sauce, but I still recommend adding the soy sauce after the first bite!

The beef and mushroom was also a delight to see at first opening the cover. It looks very plentiful at the top. It didn’t smell much of anything compared to the chicken and mushroom.

And again the rice was very deep. So if you’re a hungry person, just eat one claypot. If there are two of you, one is also enough… but order another one just in case!

The beef and mushroom one is quite bland, so I do recommend adding that sweet soy sauce on top just to make it more flavourful.

Unfortunately for both takeaway dishes, the rice was slightly on the raw side, not totally raw… I think they were trying to get the bottom to be a bit crispy and burnt, which is what a claypot rice is supposed to be, however there was probably not enough water to cook the rice properly… Oh well. Maybe eating in would have been a better option?

Anyway, later on the evening, MummyGeek steamed the leftovers, and the rice was edible! 😅

Total came to £32.80 without any delivery charge as I walked to collect it.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 – I really liked the flavours, but it was unfortunate about the rice (the takeaway version).

Website: https://www.potandrice.co.uk/

Address: 3 Sayer St, London SE17 1FY

Telephone: 020 8063 5173

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