The Geek makes some bento lunches:
2022/11/05 Work Lunch Ideas – Autumn 2022
2015/09/20 Geeky Bento Lunches – Onigirazu おにぎらず
2013/04/02 Geeky Bento Lunches Again…
2012/07/12 Bento with a Hong Kong style sandwich
2012/05/06 Geeky Bento Box Lunches

The Geek cooks some very simple stuff:
2020/04/18 Simple Pizza Toast
2017/06/03 Homemade Chinese Egg Tarts
2016/10/21 Homemade Spicy Korean Style Ramen  
2016/10/20 Homemade Flapjacks with Chocolate topping
2016/05/30 Prunes and Peanut Butter
2015/09/22 Simple Roast Pork Belly
2015/08/03 Simple Cantonese Roast Duck – DaddyChef’s recipe 
2015/07/19 Simple Okonomiyaki (made with Miss Money)
2015/05/22 Char Siu Cheat (BBQ Pork 叉燒)
2015/01/10 Cheesy Scotch Eggs
2015/01/06 Geeky Egg Fried Rice
2013/12/31 Laksa Curry Fishballs (Really Really Spicy!) 咖哩叻沙辣魚蛋 (真係好辣!)
2013/08/22 Strawberry Jam and Ginger Nut Cheesecake
2013/08/19 Crispy Fried Noodles… It’s so easy!!
2013/05/26 Simple Spring Rolls
2013/04/01 Bear Scotch Pancakes
2012/12/04 Home Steamed Dim Sum Part Deux
2012/09/25 Failed Omurice Attempt
2012/08/24 Chicken Katsu Curry Cheat
2012/07/19 Simple Stir Fried Noodles With Veg
2012/06/28 Spicy Curry Fish Balls 咖喱辣魚蛋
2012/06/17 Making and Trying Ddubokki
2012/03/26 Home Steamed Dim Sum – check out part 2

The Geek makes drinks too!
2017/01/08 Homemade Soya Milk
2013/08/06 DIY Bubble Tea