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Born and bred in London through Hong Kong immigrated parents, so that makes me a BBC (British-Born Chinese). Started this blog in Blogger back in 2012 because I had friends who are living overseas (and still are), and I wanted to share with them my views and what I was doing, plus making sure that they read enough English to not forget. After some time, I have slowed down with the blog posts (and moved to WordPress because the blogging experience was way better than Blogger) but will try and keep being unprofessionally active as much as I can to bring more exciting events (some might be work events), East Asian culture, unexpected holidays and some utterly British stuff to this site. 

This is a not-for-profit blog. I don’t make any money out of any posts I blog about… but I like freebies (hint hint)… ^_^

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Goodreads: … sharing what I’m reading (mostly detective stories)

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