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Born and bred in London through Hong Kong immigrated parents, so that makes me a BBC (British-Born Chinese). Started this blog in Blogger back in 2012 because I have friends who are/were living overseas, and I wanted to share with them my views and what I was doing, plus making sure that they read enough English to not forget. After some time, I have slowed down with the blog posts (and moved to WordPress because the blogging experience is/was way better than Blogger) but will try and keep being unprofessionally active as much as I can to bring more exciting events (some might be work events), East Asian culture, unexpected holidays and some utterly British stuff to this site. 

This is a not-for-profit blog. I don’t make any money out of any posts I blog about… but I like freebies (hint hint)… ^_^

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Goodreads: … sharing what I’m reading (mostly detective and mystery stories)

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