3D Origami Vampire… Happy Halloweeeeeeen…

Happpppy Halloweeeeeen! 😈💀😰
Why are we so inclined to celebrate this Americanised custom is beyond me…😌
It’s been a while since I’ve made a 3D origami piece, so this is what I made in advance for Halloween. A vampire. The green face, big eyed version… LOL! I’m not sure how it came to this but still need to use up a lot pieces.
If you have no problem with colours, you can easily spot that I had (accidentally) used two different green shades… whoops! I was making this in the middle of the night. 😅 Oh well, it’s unique.

Five more days until Guy Fawkes night! ^_^

3D Origami – George from Peppa Pig

Speedy post today.

Not sure why toddlers LOVE Peppa Pig. I’ve watched many episodes with Baby B and I think I’m bored of it. Babies are just brainwashed with the things they say, but weren’t we all when we were kids?

Anyway, one of my colleague’s daughters loves Peppa Pig, and so I made her and George. 

No more Peppa Pig or George please…!!

Baby B is obsessed (and possessed) with this cartoon. :p Bought this from eBay for 99p. >_<""

3D Origami: "Mrs Minion"

Yes I know female Minions do not exist! But how do they produce… Ewwww… Mysteriioooous. LOL!

So I made this for one of my favourite colleagues who has left us for the year and hopefully will come back to work with us at the end of the year (but he might change his mind). This was his going away present for him and his wife, so I hope the pieces make it to their new home abroad on the beach somewhere or in his new office. ^_^

Miss Vegan suggested I make a pink Minion for the Mrs, and thankfully I had some hot pink paper pieces. Heheheh.

Come back my colleague!! T_T All seems to be going downhill at the moment… SOB.

Going to try and make more 3D origami pieces this year. Need to use up my paper!!

3D Origami – Futurama, Vault Boy, Kakashi Hatake and Peppa Pig

I have loads of paper. Too much paper which I need to use up otherwise my money will be wasted… Business is now zero. I guess my friends have gone off 3D origami, but I haven’t – just haven’t thought of many projects to make.
I’ve had this idea of the Futurama characters for a while now – well since I started knitting again. Bender crept into my my mind a lot and so I had to make him first…
Finally had the time during the summer bank holiday… all was quiet and I made this. Pretty cute. I think lots of people like Bender. 

Then I made Fry just before I started making that granny square blanket for my Goddaughter. Fat Fry as Mr Games put it.

On Christmas Eve, I made Leela. She didn’t take long to make.

The Futurama models were originally for Mr Picky as a Christmas gift, but Miss Pinky thought it was practical to knit him something, so now I have to knit him something. 😦 My poor fingers, hands and arms are tired of knitting).
Before my colleague Miss Vegan took time out from work, I made Peppa Pig who was also sitting on my mind for her son. Hope he likes it!

Mr Games requested Vault Boy for Christmas (still not given to him yet :p). He is a big fan of Fallout the game, and Fallout Four came out this year – he actually took a week off to play the game (and that’s the honest truth)… ¬_¬” That’s why I call him Mr Games!! ^_^

And just yesterday I made Kakashi Hakate from Naruto at Mr Sensible’s request – also for Christmas. He likes Naruto the anime and he dressed up as Hakate for Mr Games’ birthday party. To be honest, I never heard of this character until Mr Sensible talked about him… thought he was going to be difficult to make, but actually he was very easy to make! The dark blue paper was hard to find on eBay, so I had to go onto a different website to find this shade of blue and green. Olive green paper is also hard to find! 

Thinking of other models now. What to make? What to make?!!!
p.s. Sorry for the wine bottles in the background… I had some stomach pain (probably inflamed) over Christmas – too much eating and drinking I’m guessing which resulted in no drinking during my 4 day holiday. So sad.

3D Origami – Batman Minion and Final Fantasy

Yay! I’m off for one week! That means sleep, sleep and more sleep! – That’s if I can get away with it since I have so many things to do, like, clean up and throw away things. >_<""
Well, before I start doing that I’m going to blog. A few weeks ago I went to see Minions with Mr Games and Mr Sensible and others. Miss Sensible couldn’t go but got me a discounted ticket and in return rather than paying her back I made her some 3D origami models (as repayment).
Batman Minion and normal minion

Batman Minion. He’s so cool!

Miss Money wanted more hair at the front. So picky! Had to change his eyes too!

一刀兩斷 = breakup (with a sword)

Mr Games saw that I was going to make Cloud and so he wanted a model of Squall (I actually made this before Cloud). ¬,¬” 

Well. I never thought I would make Final Fantasy models…
Business has snowed under, but will still make more models just for the fun of it!

3D Origami Avengers (The rest of them)

Uh oh. I was asked to make the rest of The Avengers (already made Captain America) and so it seems I like I had loads of time to make more models, well in between holidays, working and studying. 😀

Here’s the Hulk. He’s my favourite of the lot I made. So green, so mean. ^_^

The Flash was easy to make, just needed some gold paper which I managed to get for cheap on eBay. 

Was struggling to design Thor as there’s too many versions of him so I kind of improvised with old and new versions of him.

I was asked to make one more… Nicky Fury – the Samuel L Jackson version.  Easy to make but also added in his coat which now makes him look like a vampire! Yeek!

Need to design more stuff!

3D Origami – Some Requests

It’s been a while since my last 3D origami post, so here’s a round up of what I’ve made…

Uh, a friend at work requested a bunny for next Easter. Yes that’s right next Easter. So I made this fairly simple white rabbit and placed it’s tail in the correct position! =^.^=

Since I don’t have a cat of my own I made a cute black cat for myself.

Mrs Hen wanted a puppy. I thought she hated dogs but she says she likes cute puppies. ¬,¬” I have to make another one of these but in brown…

This was rather a strange request from a colleague of mine… Akhenaten… a pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt… Hmmmm. This didn’t take me long to make but it was weird to make this. Hahahah.

I’m hoping someone will ask me to make more because I’ve got too much paper to get rid of.

Happy Chinese New Year 2015

This year it’s the year of the ram/sheep/goat (whatever you want to call the animal) this year. In Chinese it’s only one word/character – 羊 (canto: yeung; mando: yang). It’s rather late this year!!
It’s the ram year! There is money in that red envelope by the way. ^_^
Lots of people still ask me what do we do during Chinese New Year. I always reply back that we go out and eat with friends, be at home with family and eat, dress up in new clothes or in red, get red envelopes from the elders (if you’re lucky), play with firecrackers (if you’re allowed in the UK) and just do things like you would do during Christmas… but we celebrate the coming of Spring instead of the birth of Jesus.
We use the Lunar calendar which is basically based on the moon cycle. Not sure how it was all calculated in ancient times but it seems very fascinating!
Well instead of me blabbing on as usual, here’s a video on some of the traditions of Chinese New Year.

And here’s a tiny emotional video on how the Chinese care during the celebrations. ^_^

Make sure to go out and celebrate in China Town on Sunday 22nd!! ^_____^

An update from today 21/02/2015…

The lion dance was taking place where they bless each Chinese business around China Town… I think I either forgot or didn’t know, but anyway, I took a few pics from today. I only wanted to buy cake today!!

3D Origami Heart – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Greetings from wherever I am when this post gets posted (I bet I’ll be in Marseille flying back to London) and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hope everyone has a lovely day being in love (or breaking up ¬,¬””) or just being single and not bothering with the whole shibang… Anyway, here’s a 3D origami heart which I made 2 weeks before today (thought someone would buy it off from me, but no, no one wants it, so it’s sitting in a cabinet). It’s so easy to make but be prepared to fold a lot of pieces beforehand. ^_^

Here’s the video I used to make the heart above.  It’s in Mandarin Chinese but it’s easy to follow even if you don’t understand the language…

Have fun!

3D Origami – An Owl, The Millennium Falcon and More Southpark!

From tomorrow morning I’m away for one week… Not a Valentine’s getaway but a visit to see Mr and Mrs Travels and their children! Off to Marseille I go. 😀

So before I go here’s some more 3D origami from last month.

This is an owl a friend from work wanted. So I made it as simple as I could. 😀 I will definitely add a post on how to make this too (after my holiday!).

Mrs Jewelry wanted to surprise her husband with this Millennium Falcon from Star Wars… and so I made a really simple model.

Mr Picky still loves Southpark! Here’s Randy Marsh

And Ike Kyle!

Hope you’ve all been inspired to make some 3D origami models.

See you back in a week!