Constancia – London Tanner Street

Stepping into an Argentine steakhouse… Luckily I was craving steak that week…

Surprisingly one of my uncles, from MummyGeek’s side, and his family moved into London recently. They had lived in Plymouth for more than two decades and then decided to pack it all in and come to with live us for a fun life I guess. Heheheh. Probably Plymouth was too boring for them…

On this day I just started learning to drive, and I was practically scared to death. I may have a nice instructor but I think I’m going to be awful… After the lesson I went to Miss Pinky’s to drown my sorrows…

And not far from where Miss Pinky and co. live is an Argentine steakhouse. It was my aunt’s birthday that week – that’s how we ended up there… Apparently my cousins work around where Miss Pinky lives – for nearly a year, and we didn’t know… Woah. Close to home… We haven’t seen my uncle and family for around 10 years. I think we were all too busy to talk and have a get together… And now I think we’ll be seeing them more often… 😅

My youngest cousin of the two (who apparently dines at this place quite often) ordered for us all… Looks like he knows more about food than I do. Heheheh. Quite the meat eater. Five of us had the Parrillada but without the black pudding. And I took pictures as usual – thankfully my cousins didn’t think I was a strange person! Phew! 

Mr Stingy seemed to have gone all vegetarian. He’s a diabetic now. So low calories, low fat, no sugar diet for him. I must do the same… 😪

Here’s some grilled Italian cheese.

And here’s my dinner plate… 😍

I had a rare steak! It was really rare… Sometimes restaurants cook rare and make it medium rare. Not in this case. I’ve grown accustomed to eating raw meat, but it was almost tough to cut through where the muscle and fat join together. Sausage was grilled nicely. Potatoes cooked nicely… Hmmm, this makes me want to find another steakhouse… There’s actually one in East Street Market, maybe I should go and try it out. I was stuffed after this! 

Time for dessert… I had this lemon sorbet with sparkling white wine… Oooooh. I could feel the alcohol seeping through my blood. The elder-younger cousin also had one of these without the alcohol… Weren’t sure if I should’ve just drunk the white wine out of the cup instead of spooning it. Heheh. 😅

Here’s the other desserts… MummyGeek and Mr Stingy didn’t have any… Nothing to offer for diabetics unfortunately…

Well, I think the total cost was over £200. My uncle and aunt paid. Hmmm, maybe we should meet once a year for this type of dining… we should pay our individual meals next time!

It’s a nice place to go to, but we got quite a dark corner… I bet It’ll be busy during Valentine’s Day!

My geeky rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟(4.5/5) – I can’t find a half star 😅

Good points:
– Polite service
– Steaks were cooked on point
– Desserts were great… but no diabetic choices – apart from the cheese board.

Bad points: 
– A bit expensive
– I can’t understand why it has to be dark inside…

Address: Constancia Argentine Grill, 52 Tanner Street, London SE1 3PH
Tel: 020 7234 0676


Dinky’s Hot Dogs – London Walworth Road (CLOSED – NOT SURE WHY!!)

Unfortunately they’ve closed down… so quick!

A new year, a new restaurant.

This year a hot dog joint has opened on the Walworth Road, well it opened last year during Christmas week and that’s probably not a good time to start a restaurant, now is it?! 
After what was considered a long day at work (it’s awful working alone covering for others… you actually get no rest and you’re just thinking what to do next all the time 😦 kept dreaming of a long awaited sleep)…
Dinky’s Hot Dogs have replaced a store. I forgot what the previous store was. Already had passed this on a bus and already started looking to see if there was a menu online, and WOW, they’ve already started their website!! Cool!! They are already set up on the Internet world, whereas a lot of other places wouldn’t have dreamed of doing things so quickly! 

So I went in, and I think the owner and staff member were quite surprised to see a customer enter the door. After looking and re-looking at the menu that day, I decided to go for my original plan… ^_^

I sat there for quite a while and saw people coming and going, so took a few pics whilst waiting that evening, and also started chatting to the staff member. Hmmm, I think they need some music!!

My food came out… it was kind of a slow service as there was only one till and one cook! But nevertheless it will pick up and hopefully more staff will be employed. 
Since it was Christmas, it was difficult for them to get trays to serve the food for those eating in, so we were wasting bags. Nevermind. First time restaurants will often pick up later. I hope!
So I ordered the expensive hot dogs. The beef brisket hot dog and curly fries came out first. To me it looked like there wasn’t enough beef brisket, But actually it is a lot-ish. The frankfurter sausages they use are quite big – so no weeny frankfurters are used here! Sauce in the beef brisket was not bad either. Curly fries came out hot and tasty, which I was happy with.

I looked at the drinks and saw the berry milkshake… wooo… never tried a berry milkshake before. It consists of berries (blackcurrant I think) and vanilla ice cream. Interesting! Didn’t taste bad, but it was quite thick.

Apologies for my messy ketchup :p … the one thing I wanted was the corndog! Remember I wanted to try this out in New York but couldn’t find it because they only make this stuff in the Mid-West like Texas or somewhere. ¬_¬” So I’m really happy Dinky’s have it. I took a picture of a bad side sorry. The sausage they use looks like it’s split into half, coated into their sweet batter and fried. I got two pieces so that’s fine with me. And for £1.99, that isn’t bad stuff!!! I actually liked it, although quite big.

Ok, so be surprised, I did have gastric pain still but was wearing off… and I decided to buy the pulled pork hot dog as takeaway. Heheheheheh…. Greedy Geek is still here. This wasn’t too bad. I think it was warm when I got home. I can’t remember how it tasted to be honest, but think the corndog was the winner out of all three hot dogs I have ate so far.

Total cost came to around £19. For starters I felt like I tried everything, so it was worth every penny… most of my change ended up at this place!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Friendly service
– Good prices
– Good size hot dogs
– Definitely try the corndogs and the berry milkshake!!
– Aa alternative to McDonald’s and other restaurants around the area

Bad points:
– Just need some music and probably another cook

Address: 227 Walworth Road, London SE17 1RL
Tel: 07805 071988


Shake Shack @ London Covent Garden

Moving on from saucy breakfast adverts we will now move onto burgers and fries. (・∀・)
After a long day of searching Shaun the Sheep statues I needed a massive long break. Wow, I can’t believe my breakfast lasted that long. A full 6 hours.
I’ve been wanting to try out Shake Shack for a long while but wanted to wait for things to die down a little bit. I think I went at a great time because when I got there only a few people were waiting but the queue became longer afterwards.
Shack Stack at Covent Garden

I ordered my food and I asked where the seating areas… There’s 3 seating areas: side part on the outside piazza, a part in the centre and one indoor bit (which is where I sat).

I had the Shack Stack burger with fries and a regular diet coke. 

The Shake Stack burger consists of a mushroom fried in batter, a cheeseburger topped with slice of tomato and lettuce. Looks massive but it isn’t really. Small for a burger that cost £8.50! Expensive. I think the burger itself was quite boring compared to the Five Guys burger I had the other day. I had to separate the mushroom from the burger because it was hard to bite from top to bottom. (Does that make any sense to you?).
Shack Stack burger

The fries were great and I love the way it’s shaped but there just wasn’t enough of them! 

Total cost came to £14.20. I was quite disappointed with the food really – size and all. I actually went back to Five Guys the next day just to make sure I was making the right decision in that I like Fives Guys more than Shake Shack.

My geeky rating: 3.5/5

Good points:
– Love the fries (but not enough for what I paid for!)
– Number of seating areas around the Piazza
– Polite staff

Bad points:
– Expensive
– Portion size compared to other burger joints isn’t fantastic
– Toppings are quite boring

Address: Covent Garden, 24 Market Building, The Piazza, London WC2E 8RD
Tel: 01923 555129


Five Guys @ Argyll Street

It was my birthday on March 25th! Yay!!

Every year I try to do something different and I ended up spending the morning with DaddyChef at the dentist. ¬,¬” Not my idea of a great birthday… But thankfully I made a lucky escape to go and watch Cats The Musical. 

I was so hungry by the time I got to the theatre and luckily I had enough time to go and eat something before the show started. Eating in the high end the day before and then making my way to the low end the next day… 😛

I’ve been dying to try out Five Guys (for a very long time) which was right next door to the theatre and I’ve been waiting to go with Miss Pinky and Mr Picky at some point, but at every opportunity we ended up doing something different… so I made the executive decision: to try it out alone (as usual)!

Five Guys – Argyll Street

At Five Guys you have a choice of 8 burgers and 4 types of hot dogs… I think if you’re lucky you get to try out the breakfast menu, but I don’t think I’ll be getting up too early to go and eat breakfast in the West End… A guy behind me thought he could jump the queue and order before me… what a cheek… But at least he realised his mistake and made his way back to the queue…! 😛 I chose the Cheeseburger, asked for a lot of toppings and mayo. I also chose to have a soft drink and salted fries. I think the person serving me was not impressed at how many toppings I wanted… I was hungry… Not apologising for my appetite.

As I waited I noticed that the kitchen is in open view which makes you realise how much team work is needed in this place… I would be feeling very conscientious of people staring if it were me on the other side…

Back to the food… I was a little surprised with the self serving drinks machines which I had already witnessed in New York the week before. Pretty amazing… (forgot to take a picture).
My cheeseburger is actually a whopping double cheeseburger, it doesn’t look pretty but it tasted amazing. It definitely doesn’t taste like a McDonald’s burger and you can taste the juiciness of the beef straight away. I think I was happy with all my toppings as I feel like I didn’t have enough, I enjoyed eating those grilled mushrooms too – very tasty. 

I had a lot of fries in the bag so this is not the full amount I got. There was a lot to feed at least two people. ^_^

Couldn’t finish it all because I had to get to my seat but I’m likely to go and try it out again!! ^_^ 
Rushing to see Cats!!!

Total cost came to around £13.25…burger cost £8, fries £2.75 and soda was £2.50 (found the receipt in my pocket of receipts!). It would’ve been cheaper in the USA.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points:
– Tasty, tasty burger – appearances does not matter in this case
– Loved the amount of fries 
– Grilled mushrooms is the best topping
– Drinks machine is fun to use… makes you feel like you’re in the US.
Bad points:
– Expensive for a burger meal – it’s cheaper in the US!! 
Address:  5-6 Argyll Street, London W1F 7TE
Telephone: 020 7434 3407

Bodean’s – London Poland Street

Ah it’s been a while since I’ve been out to eat and plus have a catch up with Miss Money and Mr Games. Sometimes I miss these two because they can’t stop bickering like an old couple (fun bickering of course), but all three of us are good friends.
I made the choice of wanting to go to Bodean’s because I know it’s American dining style, the food is in big portions and it’s in Poland Street (in between Soho and Oxford Street) PLUS I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant for a long time. But first we had a small look at TGI Fridays before making our final decision to go here… Mr Games almost took us in the wrong direction but I definitely remembered it wasn’t towards the Regent Street area. 
There are two sections in the dining area. I’m afraid I forgot to take a picture of the outside and inside, but you can’t miss it when you pass the Yo! Sushi (the original one). The top dining area you can order certain foods but in the bottom half you can order everything! You need to book a table if you want to sit downstairs, if you don’t book you will have to wait. 😦
First we ordered our food and drinks. We all ordered mocktails…
Mine’s the big tall one… Miss Money had the smaller one

Mr Games’ drink

And this is our food…

Mr Games had this big massive plate of macaroni cheese and chicken. He didn’t finish it, but it did taste good. 

Miss Money wanted ribs so she ordered the full rack of ribs which came with chips and coleslaw. Ribs were ok.

And I ordered the burnt ends with pulled pork. Ummm. The burnt ends are beef brisket which was dry and not like the very tender beef brisket I usually eat. This was dressed with BBQ sauce. The pulled pork on the other hand was probably the best thing on the plate. Even the other two agreed that they liked the pulled pork! ^_^ I made a good choice of food as the other two didn’t finish their food…

Total came to £55.52 which included service charge.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Spacious booth seating
– Good portion sizes of food – very big for the British stomach
– Very American
– Got there early so we didn’t have to wait too long (actually zero wait)

Bad points:
– Service charge

Address: 10 Poland St, London W1F 8PZ
Telephone: 020 7287 7575


In the end we all ended up in Starbucks in Regent Street. I wanted to try out their Filter White coffee… Way too strong. I’ve had a better version in Dulwich. 

Cafe Florence – London Camberwell & Gourmet Burger Kitchen – London East Dulwich

One Saturday morning (in the middle of December) I decided to do a food crawl, well lunch and a dessert, or the other way around actually, a dessert then a lunch. I had seen this little cafe called Cafe Florence that just opened before I went on holiday, and I said to myself I must try it out when I come back! And I did.
It was after 11.30-ish when I got there, and it was raining too. I had seen the cakes outside before, and I really wanted to try out the cakes!!
Outside Cafe Florence
I had a seat whilst I waiting for my food and noticed that the place was owned by an Italian couple with another helper… hence the name Florence!! ^_^
Inside Cafe Florence
I ordered a strawberry tarte, a chai latte and a piece of chocolate cake! I looked so greedy, heheh. It’s food. I didn’t eat breakfast!! The chai latte was very good, it didn’t need sugar in it. The crust on the strawberry tarte was hard to get through as it was stuck to the foil, but I did like it. And the chocolate cake was the surprise. It tasted like a jaffa cake with marmalade / orange jam layered in between the icing and the cake… Oh it was delicious!! I want more!!
Strawberry Tarte
Chai Latte
Chocolate Cake
All three together
A proper close up of the cake!!
Cafe Florence does serve paninis and hot food, so I definitely need to go back there to try out the hot food!!
Total price was around £6 (I forgot the total!!). But awfully cheap for all three items. I thought I was going to be charged at least for £7.50… Very good!
My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points:
– Friendly service
– Good cakes and my chai latte was good
Bad points:
– Unfortunately the seating is a bit squishy, so I guess go early when no one is around!
I had the spaghetti bolognese 2 weeks later… it was so-so… Needed seasoning, but the cakes were still very good!!
Address: 116 Denmark Hill, Camberwell SE5
(I think it opens around 7 or 8 am and closes around 5pm)

Next off was to walk back into the rain, cross the road and go to East Dulwich. I had been dying for an American style burger for weeks or days. One or the other.  So I went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen. It has been a while since I have been to this place… quite a few years… Forgot to take a pic of the outside!!

I ordered for myself a Speedy Joe burger. This was ok. Not the best burger in the world. But I enjoyed it.
Speedy Joe Burger
I had skinny fries thinking I would be less full by looking at it… I was wrong.
Skinny Fries
I needed a salad to help me digest.
And I asked for truffle mayonnaise sauce… yummy!!
Truffle Mayonnaise
Well, service was a bit too Americanized for me, but it was ok, Food on the other hand was too much after a big dessert!! Heheheh.
I forgot the total price, but it came up to around £16 or £17
My geeky rating: 4/5
Good points:
– Ok food
– Ok service
– Spacious seating layout
Bad points:
– Expensive for a burger, fries, drink and a salad. I think I can find cheaper! Maybe… ¬,¬”

Address: 121 Lordship Lane, London, East Dulwich, London SE22 8HU ‎
Telephone: 020 8693 9307

West Coast Grill and Bar – London Surrey Quays

Miss Pinky just moved into the Rotherhithe area in South East London and if you have followed me on Twitter we went to see Rock of Ages the film at the Surrey Quays Odeon. But before that both of us were very hungry!!! We had three choices of restaurants – Pizza Hut, Frank and Benny’s or West Coast Grill and Bar. At first we decided Frank and Benny’s because Miss Pinky thought West Coast was closed down… She thought wrong! It was open and  we decided to go in their instead. 

West Coast Grill and Bar – Surrey Quays Branch

It was quiet for a Saturday afternoon (well it was about 4pm) but we seated ourselves near one of the windows. Since it’s an American style restaurant I was craving for steak! And I wanted starters too ^_^…

Inside and outside the Grill and Bar
The menu

First I ordered the garlic bread and mushrooms… They were so tasty and buttery. I can still taste them in my mouth (mouth watering!).

Extremely tasty mushrooms and garlic bread ^_^ 

Miss Pinky ordered the bourbon chicken wings, but after she tasted mine she wanted swap… uh no way! 

Yummy chicken wings… they tasted good!

We both ordered a steak. I ordered the 10oz rib eye which already comes with chips, onions rings, fried onions and tomatoes and some salad.

My 10oz steak… So big!

Miss Pinky ordered the 7oz bavette (she has a smaller appetite) and came with all the sides as me. She ordered the steak rare, but it came out medium!

A still sizzling 7oz steak

Both of us were astonished at the size of our meal. It was MASSIVE! I’m afraid we were both defeated and didn’t finish all of it 😦 … If I was given another half an hour, I think I could’ve but we had to catch a film!

What a waste… But I did almost finish my chips (my plate is the one on the left) 

I wish I could’ve had a dessert, but I was too full and the film was about to start! All together it cost around £53 for 2 people plus 4 drinks… So it was all worth it!!

My geeking rating:
 5/5 (friendly service and big portioned sized meals… plus it was quiet at the time we went)

Good points: 

  • Friendly service
  • Food served was very hot and tasty!
  • Big portions
  • Next to the cinema ^_^
Bad points:
None that I can think of!

Geeky information:

Address: Mast Leisure Park, Surrey, Southwark SE16 1LL
Telephone: 0207 231 4888