Kit Kat Chunky – New York Cheesecake Flavour

Back to the normal Kit Kat Chunky in the UK! 
I think the New York Cheesecake flavour has been out for a while, I just haven’t had the time to find it, sit down, take pictures and eat it… ^_^

Ah I love Kit Kat Chunkies!! I think this was probably the best move Nestlé had ever made for us chococlate and biscuit lovers.
I could really taste that New York Cheesecake flavour, which in a normal New York Cheesecake it would be filled with heavily creamed cheese and has a slightly saltier taste. This Kit Kat takes on that challenge, and adding the normal chocolate and wafer biscuit to support the flavour… I think it blends quite well together… 

Think I will need to buy a few of these! Wish Nestlé could sell these in packets of 4!! 😋

Japanese Kit Kat – Mainichi no Zeitaku (Luxury Days), Cranberry and Almond flavour

Another interesting Japanese Kit Kat flavour, also bought from Japan directly via eBay for a better price without shipping fees… I was quite curious why this was called a Luxury Days sort of Kit Kat…

There are only six in this packet. Such a shame to only have very, very small pieces for this packet! Quite disappointed.

This is a very different compared to all the Japanese Kit Kat and the normal ones in the UK. It’s like a nougat from Belgium, France and Germany. Lots of almonds and cranberry pieces fill the top instead of having their traditional logo name stamped on top of the piece of chocolate. Here they have used dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It doesn’t have too much bitterness, so I would say less than <50% dark chocolate. It's not too sweet and probably good for my teeth!

The main disappointment is that it was only a single piece… and very expensive!

I can see why this was called a Luxury Days Kit Kat… Very extravagant!

Japanese Kit Kat – Momiji Manju Flavour

Putting a hold on Christmas adverts for the moment – they’ll be back in the next week or two!

I’m now almost up-to-date with all my blog posts! THANK YOU for bearing with me this year. Exams and life events controlled me, therefore a lazy blogging geek exists. 😇

The next few posts will be on snack foods, and this post will be part 1 of two posts on some newish Japanese Kit Kats I’ve bought on eBay.
Saw these flavours in Japan Centre, but I find them awfully expensive – because of damned shipping fees I bet! Well it was actually a little cheaper on eBay (almost half the price with no shipping fee), so I did some eBay shopping from Japan. 😛 The best way to spend and save some money!

Box of 5 Japanese Kit Kats. Quite a big box for the small amounts of chocolate inside.

This was surprisingly in a slightly different Kit Kat compared normal Kit Kats. It has a cute Japanese maple leaf on one side. They’ve covered part of the gap where the Kit Kat pieces are normally split for it to easily to break apart. 😙 Really couldn’t wait to taste this!

I have no idea what the flavour of Momiji Manju is, but looking it up, it’s supposed to be a steamed bun made with buckwheat or wheat, eggs, sugar and honey, then filled with jam… Interesting… But very, very sweet. Even my back teeth were kind of noticing the extra sugar!

An interesting buy, wouldn’t really get it again as this was far too sweet with the milk chocolate and all the other ingredients…

Japanese Kit Kat – Hokkaido Melon Flavour

Ah, I love my classmates from my Japanese language class… whenever they go to Japan they always bring back something tasty!!
This time I’m trying out the Hokkaido Melon flavoured Kit Kat. ^_^ Something different! Yippee!!

Yep, it tastes like melon in that white chocolate. Sweet like all the other Kit Kats!! ^_^  I’m sure you don’t need me to describe it… because I’ve actually forgotten the exact taste of it. >.<""

A colleague of mine went to Japan recently, and she brought back these massive melon flavoured Pocky sticks which I’ve never seen before! I thought she had forgotten to buy me some snacks… (had to return a favour!)… But I didn’t have the guts to tell her I’ve already tried out the Sakura Matcha Kit Kat flavour. :p

Twix Creamy Peanut Butter Flavour

Time for a chocolate post! Christmas advert posts are coming soon!!
I found this Twix chocolate bar in Morrisons a few weeks ago for 80-something pence. It’s an import from the USA, so I was quite surprise to see it.
It’s made with creamy peanut butter so was very intrigued on how this was going turn out.

It had the normal two pieces of Twix bars we see in the UK.

Instead of caramel, the Americans have replaced it with peanut butter, the very sweet version. For me peanut butter has to be the slightly salty kind. This has that but I think it’s the chocolate that ruins the taste… Doesn’t taste right. Americans really have a chocolate sweet tooth! 
Apart from the chocolate, this biscuit and peanut butter were fine…

Would I buy this again?
Absolutely not! Give me a normal Twix bar anytime!

Kit Kat Chunky – Cookie Dough Flavour

Huuuuh? Kit Kat is on the verge of a price hike because of Brexit?!!!! This is so uncool. Bloody Nestlé! Bloody Tories! :p
But before the price hike happens, let’s review this Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough flavour together. Saw some poster adverts in Ireland and knew when I came back to London I had to go and find this flavour. ^_^

There’s two pieces. So one for later or does it have to be shared? ¬_¬” No sharing at this moment!

The cookie dough flavouring is on top of the wafers. The white stuff.

Tasting moment: Can taste a strong taste of cookie dough as I took a bite into it, but then it was overpowered by the sweetness of the chocolate which ruined the sensation of the cookie dough. Maybe they could have added some of the cookie dough into the chocolate itself like they do with the Japanese Kit Kat bars. Or maybe they could have toned down the chocolate’s sweetness…
It’s very very sweet but think I will just stick to the normal Kit Kat Chunky bars for the time being.
At the moment it’s less than a pound I think…


Snowy Mini Four Mooncakes 美心冰皮 – Angel and Devil 天使魔鬼 (Part 1)

Poop. The summer bank holiday started off with a big stomach upset… I ate too much at Mr and Mrs Hen’s BBQ on Saturday. My stomach can’t handle too much food at one time anymore… 😦
But to lighten my stomach the next day I went out to China Town to buy noodles and also a few snacks. ¬_¬”” I’m actually looking for the Doll brand cheese flavoured noodles, so if anyone sees them, bell me! I also went out Pokémon Go hunting from China Town to Covent Garden, all the way up to St Paul’s Cathedral… and from there to Tower Bridge! What a walk it was lugging around a lot of noodles and these mini mooncakes. >.<" 
It’s coming up to the Mid-Autumn Festival! 
I’m surprised these Snowy Mini Four mooncakes 美心冰皮 (Canto: mei sam bing pei; Mando: mei xin bing pi) lasted during my long walk, well I did stop off at Starbucks just to coll down. 美心 mei sam is the name of the company. 冰皮 bing pei literally means “ice skin”. In general these mooncakes are called “snow skin mooncakes”. I had introduced them in an earlier post many years ago.
This year I bought two different boxes, the latter I will blog in another post. First box is called Angel and Devil 天使魔鬼 (Canto: tin si mo gwai; Mando: tian shi mo gui).
I tried out the “Devil” first. In English it’s called “Devil Dark Chocolate Crunch”
I understand why it’s called that. It has an indulgence of dark chocolate moulded into a mochi like sweet. Once opened you can smell the dark chocolate.
The crunch part is a tiny biscuit… The chocolate “paste” part just lingers into the mouth, whereas the skin mochi part sticks to your teeth.
It all tastes like an Oreo melting into my mouth. Yummy!
The “Angel” is called Angel Chocolate Crunch. I assume it’s to resemble white chocolate. The smell of it is not as intense as the Devil but has a soft almond like biscuit smell.
The paste and skin gives off a sweet vanilla sort of taste with a touch of almond. This makes you want to eat the mooncake a little more slowly so that you can try and indulge the flavours bit by bit.
The Devil tastes the best out of the two… if I have any money leftover in the next two weeks, I think I might by a couple more of the Devil ones.
Price: £6.80 at Oriental Delights (they sold in boxes of 2 as well as 4)

Lindt Creation – Irish Coffee and Passion Frappée Chocolate

In a chocolate mood this month, but being a lazy blogger (it’s just too hot to blog and eat chocolate!). Maybe it’s because I’ve sent some packages to friends last month with loads of chocolates and sweets. Just happy that they’re happy. ^_^

¬_¬” Ok, so don’t kill me. Since coming back from Marseille in March, the only thing I haven’t tried out are these two chocolate bars. I really limited my chocolate shopping this year. Really resisted the temptation to eat them all in one go too. Worth the wait!

It’s a good time to try out this Irish Coffee flavoured chocolate because I’m going on a very short trip to the Republic of Ireland next month. Yay! A holiday!

Unfortunately, taste-wise, this didn’t blow my mind. I was expecting full on whiskey and coffee flavours. All I could taste was chocolate. I’ll have another piece later just to double check I was right about the flavouring. Too bad I can’t get drunk from this. Lol! >_<""

Next up Passion Frappée.

I could taste a tangy fruitiness from this chocolate bar. Passion fruit flavour was definitely there. The chocolate didn’t overpower the fruity, slighty tangy taste. Lindt did well with this one. 
Overall disappointed with the Irish Coffee flavour. 😦 Passion Frappée was ok.

Japanese Kit Kat – Sake and Sakura Matcha flavours

Oooo. I bought these Kit Kat directly from Japan on eBay many moons ago – and haven’t expired yet.
Finally I have taken the time to eat some chockies (plus it’s my week off for the summer). Time out with the diet which is not going so well this week – but at least I’m eating healthily and my weight is stable ^_^ ! Mr Games is on my back to walk more, especially since I’m playing Pokémon Go!! Yes Boss! … But taking the bus to play the game is so much easier… :p (I actually walked around this week to St James’s Park, Westminster and all of Southbank up to Tower Bridge until my battery went down to 1% – LOL).
So the flavours I bought were Japanese Sake and Sakura Matcha. 

Tried out the Sakura Matcha 桜抹茶first. I originally ordered this with the Sake flavour but the sender failed to send me that and was sold out! 😦 Got a refund! Always get your money back for things you don’t get… :p

There’s 3 in this box.

The white chocolate is turned to a matcha green colour.

It has a very sweet matcha green tea flavour with a hint of floweriness. Can I say that? I don’t know how to describe it really.

This cost me £3.99 on eBay. I chose the cheapest one.
Was so disappointed not receiving the Sake flavour 日本酒 (Nihon Sake – which is the alcoholic one by 0.8%), so a couple of months later I received this in the post.

Still 3 in the box.

It’s all white chocolate here.

It seems they soaked the white chocolate in the sake before moulding this into the chocolate bar. There’s a slight hint of sake smell and it tastes like sweet, very sweet sake. You won’t get drunk on this, but you may feel a slight affect of alcoholism… :p

This cost me £6.17 including postage and packaging. Expensive!

If you get a chance to try these out, let me know what you think. ^_^

Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley

I’m on a diet, I know, but I couldn’t resist eating a chocolate bar (and eating other naughty snacks) which I did confess to my colleague Miss Vegan a day or two later. ¬_¬”” … Anyhow I have lost 4kg in about 5-6 week just by eating fewer carbs, and little exercise – apart from the Box Hill hike ^_^ … but been told to tone my arms a bit ¬_¬#. Not funny!
This Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley bar looked intriguing. Looked as if there were going to be lots of filling with biscuits and fudge.

So the top looked smooth and the bottom of the bar had all the biscuit and fudge showing… not a great looking bar!

I ate the whole bar in one sitting as it was already melting away… I would say there was nothing too special with the biscuit and the fudge. Could taste more chocolate than anything else… 

Chocolate bar is so-so. :p