Manga Exhibition @ The British Museum

On June 2nd 2019, I decided to go and view the Manga Exhibition at The British Museum.

I was having a Japan moment. Missed the country and the food! The exhibition ends today, and I didn’t want to spoil it too much for those who wanted to go and have a look.

Here’s some pictures from the exhibition…










Manga version of snakes and ladders – I think Japanese people love this gameDSC_3058

I really loved the basic introduction to manga and features for fans. I really liked the reading section which was in the middle of the exhibition. I really want there to be a real manga library somewhere (so that I don’t have to keep buying the books) – I know lots of public libraries lend out manga, but it’s not enough (for me)!

Hopefully we’ll see an English Manga library available to let us borrow books… maybe an Online-Delivery service… It might be expensive but considering costs of manga these days… Hmmmm… 🤓


a LEGO comic

I have been inspired!

Inspired by The Guardian’s LEGO animations of the Olympics… If you have not watched them, watch them here. They are pretty cool… 

And so, what did I end up doing after when I went to LEGOLAND? I made a comic out of LEGO figurines that I purchased on the day :D… Heheheheh… My friends probably think I’m a bit too geeky as they haven’t commented about it so far 😦 (so heartbroken)… T_T

Here’s my comic which is in 8 frames in 8 pictures. I tried to combine it all together, but unfortunately the font size in the speech bubbles is too small to read, and I figured it would be too hard to read as an all-in-one comic. I used a free photo editing software called PhotoScape (… I have a feeling it’s Korean ^_^


Forbidden Planet – London Shaftesbury Avenue

My 100th post! 

Coz I’m a geek I must know some geeky shops around London right? Yes that’s right!! (^_^)v … For me Forbidden Planet, which is located in Shaftesbury Avenue (on the other side of China Town) is one of the most geekiest shops in London!! Comic fans may disagree and call it a comic shop, but nah, it’s a geek shop… Forbidden Planet used to be located in New Oxford Street (that’s how long I’ve been a fan of theirs :P) but I think due to the increasing amount of customers and the little space they were in, they moved to a bigger venue – which was just around the corner. That was many years ago…

Forbidden Planet in Shaftesbury Avenue

Window display – Dr Who figurines

Another window display of … ?

I really love this place… They have a big lower ground floor which is full of comics and manga, and the ground floor has all the toys and figurines (sorry I didn’t take any pictures of the inside). One main reason I tend to go in there is to buy manga or birthday gifts for my geeky sci-fi fanatic friends (hope he doesn’t read this blog!). So here’s my birthday gift to one of my friends (Mr Games)…
A talking Dalek and a Playstation with sweets inside

Dr Who T-Shirt

I know I was there for gift shopping, but I couldn’t help myself in getting a Hello Kitty item ¬_¬”

Hello Kitty earphone clip 

So if you’re in London, and you really need to find a comic / manga store and you’re in the area, go and experience Forbidden Planet… There’s also one in South Croydon and some around the UK!