2Cellos Concert – London Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Oh dear we have Theresa May as our PM. ¬_¬” Another Margaret Thatcher? Maybe, maybe not. Margaret Thatcher is actually one of my idols on leadership… but not her priorities though.
Did you know that the 2Cellos came to London? They’ve performed in London many times, but this is the first time I’ve been to see them play!!
I booked my ticket quite late as I thought I would on a holiday with Miss Pinky, but that isn’t happening this summer… Think I should stay home and save lots and lots of money before this government decides to kill the economy. There’s this bad feeling atmosphere around London, majority wanting to stay in the EU, ah well, now we just know our politics is just rubbish.
Didn’t realise that this concert was an open door concert!! I was soooo happy because it was very sunny that day. I think the heavens had opened for me that day. ^_^

My only problem was the seating… I think they should have considered a platform for the people at the back because it was hard to see even with the big screens showing us what was happening.

The Tootsie Rollers were the first to sing. They sang some old numbers buuuut I wasn’t interested in their music.

Next up was this jazz singer AJ…. hmmmm… I think jazz music makes me sleepy… the slow sort…

Taking a random pic of the sunset and the guy setting up the cameras…

And finally, the moment the majority of the crowd was waiting for were the 2Cellos!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwww, I love these guys. And you know what, it didn’t matter if I couldn’t see them up close (because I had my camera) was because their music is “so beautiful” as Hauser kept saying!! LOL!! I’ve been their fan for a few years now. Think it might have been their version of Smooth Criminal that might have caught my attention… that’s a good three years of being their fan! ^_^

The 2Cellos are like a couple of rebel cellists set to rule the modern classics. And I love it!

The clock struck twice. Once at 9pm and once at 10pm. We were all giggling away when the music was playing or about to start. 😀

It was a brilliant evening that night. I got my vitamin D top up, although may have had a little sunburnt face the next day… it was all red and patchy. 
The guys played some great tunes and people just loved it, although some looked a bit stiff with their dancing moves. ¬_¬” (not me of course).
Hope to see these guys again… but maybe in a concert hall. ^_^

B.A.P Live On Earth 2016 World Tour London Awake @ The Coronet, Elephant and Castle

It’s been more than a decade and less than 20 years since I’ve been inside the Coronet. It was once a cinema in my childhood and teen days before it closed down but returned for live music shows and nightclubbing. I think that was what it was originally used for in the late 1800’s as the original seating is similar to the theatres we see in the West End.
When I saw a social media post saying that B.A.P (Best. Absolute. Perfect) was going to perform at the Coronet, I was in shock. A South Korean boy band performing right next door to me. Whaaaat!?! So as soon as tickets were available, I bought a seat ticket ASAP… To be honest I am more of a Super Junior fan but had to go and see these guys and give them some blogging support especially because they’re in my neighbourhood. ^O^ Shouldn’t really be surprised since they first performed in Brixton Academy! They are truly the bad boys of the Korean boy bands. LOL!! 

B.A.P consists of 6 boys, all from South Korea: Bang Yong-guk, Kim Him-chan, Jung Dae-hyun, Yoo Young-jae, Moon Jong-up and Choi Jun-hong… When I first listened to them a few years back I thought they’ll be a typical boy band, but they’ve turned out differently. More rap and less sweet. Warrior and No Mercy are my two fave songs from them. The sweet boy band doesn’t suit them…
I left home around 7pm when the doors were about to open, I thought the crowd of fans would have been let in by the time I got there, but they weren’t!! OMG…

I kept walking and walking and finally found the end of the queue, but I think I accidentally jumped the queue which went all the way around the entrance of Elephant and Castle Tube Station. It was a long queue, and the very first time I’ve ever had to queue this long. People travelling home were probably wondering what the heck we were queuing for?! B.A.P is who we were queuing for! Not PSY who the British population seem to think is the only popular South Korean musician. SIGH. Get with it Britain. ¬_¬”” 

It’s actually gotten cold after one nice weekend of hot weather, so we all kind of queued in coldish weather… But finally got in. When I got in after a small security check, went up the stairs to the seating area… the decor has not changed one bit! Everything is how I had remembered it from back in the old days.
I sat in a seat in my row… but I think someone had taken my seat, never mind, I was not that fussed but it was just the two girls who sat in front were blocking parts of my view. Thankfully I’m not B.A.P’s biggest fan, otherwise I would have been annoyed. :p Seating on the row above us was a little confusing…You know what, MANAGEMENT at the Coronet need to invest in seating numbers, like silver plaques on the seats!! Save us the confusion!!! 

Security were nice enough to tell us the show was going to start at 8.15pm (likely because there were still more people to come in). 

The show started at 8.15pm and girls were screaming their heads off. Non-stop. My ears have become old and sensitive. And I can’t stand screaming girls anymore… Here’s their first song… Warrior.
So here’s a lot of pictures of the night… I did take a few videos but because of the YouTube strikes I will upload one and see how it goes with the copyright. My view wasn’t great as I mentioned earlier, so I did my best at capturing the best moments.

The night consisted of a lot of confetti, smoke, hip thrusting, screaming teenage girls, lots of rap, beaming lights and sweat! It was a good night and it was unbelievable on the amount of girls who knew the words to their songs. Ok, not that unbelievable as I know a lot of Super Junior songs. Hahahah. I think I was the only local who went to this concert as I managed to walk home without a crowd following me. ^_^
They’re off to Poland now, then Germany and finally Russia before they head back to Asia… Hope to see them again next year!

BABYMETAL Concert 2016 (Japanese) @ Wembley SSE Arena

Woah. Get the Gothic Geek out for this special concert (on April 2nd). >_<" So before I post about my Easter Break in Wales, I think it would be best (and for the Metal-fans) to get this post out of the way!
The old geeky ears have come out to listen to some heavy metal (I’ll be back on to K-pop and all that soon).
BABYMETAL, if you didn’t know, is a Japanese girl band who sing and dance to a “softer” version of heavy metal music. Does that even make sense? I don’t know. Tried to explain it to Miss Vegan, and she kind of tried to get it into her head on what on Earth am I going to?! It’s J-pop (Japanese pop) mixed with heavy metal hence the name BABYMETAL! They came out in 2014 as a sub group to another J-pop girl band called Sakura Gakuin, who are still active.
The heavy metal band consists of three girls Su-metal (Suzuka Nakamoto), Yui-metal (Yui Mizuno) and Moa-metal (Moa Kikuchi). Not sure what got me into them. I think I was looking for gothic Japanese music as the Japanese girls and boys are really into Lolita style music. Listening to Die Milch at Hyper Japan got me into this stuff!
So I got to SSE Arena around 7.30pm. Lots of people were still making their way in, purchasing goods and just walking around taking pictures… By the time I got in and took my seat, the DJ before the show was half way through his show…

After the DJ, it felt like a long, long, looooong wait before BABYMETAL entered….

They started around 8.45pm, 15 minutes later than planned. 😦 But it was a great start to the show. (See my first video)

They sang BABYMETAL Death first… (I’ve added English subs – testing my ability to add subtitles!!)…. Unfortunately I received a Copyright Strike on the video I uploaded on YouTube… Not re-uploading. Hmmm, the Japanese are really, really strict on copyright law. Sorry fans. Not risking the chance of getting my channel banned – although it’s mostly concert videos… Await for “good standing” position till October! :p Boo to copyright!! 
From here onwards I took a lot of pictures. I was quite a distance away, but managed some really good close up shots. I used my trusty small Sony G-compact camera (that has a 30x optical zoom – sorry geek moment!! >.<""). They did a lot of poses and stopped in between which made them great for picture taking!! Yaaaay!!!

They didn’t do a lot of costume changes which I think is a good thing… all the concerts I go to have LOOOTS of costume changes. >_< … anyway, hope all the fans are happy with these pictures and had enjoyed the night. I think they did… I sat next to a couple who could not stop laughing… and the other side a man who I think wanted to break loose… hahahahahaha, and next to him was a young boy who likes heavy metal… ¬_¬"… Seriously, who let that kid in?
Here is just one short video (without copyright issues!). Unfortunately 3 of my videos (now 4) were blocked by YouTube because of copyright issues… so if you know how I can bypass this, please let me know and I will gladly re-upload somewhere! 

I had a fun night out on Saturday. Just seeing a wide range of ages liking Japanese cute heavy metal was awesome!
ありがとうございました!! Thank you BABYMETAL!! (And copyright infringement f-ing sucks! – Geek-heavymetal has come out to speak!)

Official Website: http://www.babymetal.com/home/

Aaron Kwok 郭富城 Concert – London SSE (Wembley) Arena 2014

Oh my ultimate Canto-pop idol dream has come true!!! I got to see Aaron Kwok 郭富城 in concert for the first time. For those who don’t know Aaron Kwok 郭富城, he is like the Dancing God of the Hong Kong entertainment industry since the 1980’s and I have be in awe with him for a very long time, but I’m not an obsessed fan as some! 
Gosh, I think I was about 6 years old (or maybe younger) when I saw him for the first time on a TVB Hong Kong drama. I was struck by his dance moves, and then later his singing, and much later his movies. Aaron Kwok has come a long way and he is still single at 49!! Sigh. He’s not even going to get married. A die-hard singleton. ^_^ 

Aaron Kwok celebrated his birthday in London on Sunday 26th and then he performed a special concert for us folks in London the next day on Monday 27th. Awwww!!! You must feel envious with us Asia!! Aaron Kwok was supposed to have held his concert in the summer but unfortunately he was told not to perform due to an injury he sustained from a previous concert. I was so sad and actually cancelled my ticket because I thought the new concert date would clash with my holiday. But thankfully it didn’t and I re-purchased a cheaper ticket. Phew! I cannot miss this concert for the world even if it is on a Monday and it will make me late for work the next day (I have cover, so not too much trouble I hope!).

Well the concert started about 10 minutes late, it’s usual with all concerts these days. It was good to see a wide range of age groups as I didn’t feel my age at that point and was very relieved… Here’s most of my best pictures of the concert, so enjoy!

 Can you spot yourself?

There was a short break at this point followed by a very small encore… Change of clothes and lots of people leaving at this point. 😦 And we had to use 3D glasses to see the animation… (I felt a bit silly wearing them!).

Concert lasted for over 2 hours, and I got home by midnight! I loved the concert very much and Aaron Kwok is a very good Hong Kong entertainer. He spoke mostly in Cantonese that night and I’m really happy he did because majority of the Chinese there mostly spoke Cantonese. Lots are bilingual and I think could speak Mandarin. ^_^

A lot of the audience left early as this concert was on a Monday. I think the entertainment groups could’ve tried harder for the concert to have been on a weekend but nevermind! Better luck next time. The main thing I can fault about this concert is the Simplified Chinese subtitling, it should’ve been in Traditional Chinese!! Plus I wish he sang my favourite songs 聽風的歌 (Listening to the wind song) and that Pepsi ad one (Generation X). Oh well! Come back soon and sing my favourite songs Aaron!!!

p.s. Thanks Jazzy Group and co for bringing Aaron to London!!

Videos to come soon!!!

Update 17:52 – Sorry for the blurriness in some of the videos… Totally won’t be a camera-person in the future! 😀 (Thanks to YT user 0526stop for naming all the videos!)

Video 1 –  以歌會舞 + 一變傾城

Video 2 – 唯一色彩

Video 3 – 絕對美麗 + 愛情基本法

Video 4 – 我為何讓你走

Video 5 – 飛

Video 6 – 無忌

Video 7 – 強

Video 8 – 脈搏 (an Aaron Kwok special… he wrote the song!!)

Video 9 – 鐵幕誘惑

Backstreet Boys – In A World Like This Tour – London O2

My 400th Post!!! 

Back at the O2 already? Yep!! This time I’m joined with Miss Pinky and Miss Money. Both of them have met each other in the past but haven’t seen each other in a while I believe.

Well, yes, I am a Backstreet Boys fan. (Don’t boo me for being a fan) In the past I thought they were just a copy cat of Take That, but I soon grew to like them after listening to their songs. I still have their CD’s somewhere but have digitised everything. ^_^ I’m not the only fan from my secondary school days to have went to this concert, and a couple of old classmates went to!! ^_^ I managed to see one but not the other unfortunately.
So The Exchange who are an a-capella group came on first. As we sat down they started singing. Wow. Good timing!!
Sorry for bad quality pictures. I should have used my Nikon camera.

Next came All Saints.
Mr Bear loves them to bits and thought they were pulled out of the concert. No my dear. They weren’t… So I took loads of videos and some pictures for him!!

Here’s the All Saints Videos:

And finally after a short wait the Backstreet Boys came on!!! I love them all. And it was my one dream to go to a Backstreet Boys concert… After all these years, this is the first one I’ve been to!!

This was a brilliant concert!! It was a full house and they sold out too!! Woooooow!!!! So happy for them. I loved it, Miss Pinky and Miss Money loved it, and my old schoolmates loved it too! I must go to their next concert whenever that will be. XD
I must say, they could give the Korean boy bands a run for their money, and I think Americans and the Europeans need more boy bands that can sing and dance…
Videos will be up soon… Not sure how long it will take… Keep coming back to find out!

Here’s one video so far from the Backstreet Boys… Their opening song…

And finally the rest of the songs!!

Video 1 – Incomplete

Video 2 – As Long As You Love Me

Video 3 – Safest Place To Hide (a capella) & 10,000 Promises

Video 4 – Madeline

Video 5 – Trust Me

Video 6 – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

I want to see them again… Come back to London soon!!!!

陳奕迅 Eason’s Life Concert – London O2 2014

Yeah! Another concert! And my birthday celebrations doesn’t seem to have stopped yet!!
Last night was Eason Chan’s 3rd official concert in London. First one was at the Royal Albert Hall in 2010 and the second one was also at the O2 in 2012. I have only attended his first one as the second was on a Monday or Tuesday some ridiculous day that I couldn’t make. But finally it seems Orientouch have got the concert days right! This was on a Friday! Woohoo.
Eason Chan 陳奕迅 (Canto: chan yik shun) is one of my favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE Hong Kong singers. His voice is just so appealing and he is one of those singers that is really down to Earth. Snobby? I’m not so sure. Funny? Yes he is! Have been a fan of his since teenage-hood, but I can’t remember when exactly!
I think he forgot that majority of his fans around the UK are Cantonese speakers and spoke in English and Mandarin last night… and then resumed back into Cantonese! I may understand all three languages, but some don’t!
Ok, so here’s loads of pictures I chose to add onto here… Videos will be at the end as usual!! ^_^

May I just point out these boys are Eason fanatics!!! I laughed at them throughout the concert!!!

Oh no!! The concert ended!!

But never fret, we got an encore!! Woohoo!!

He sang a few old songs during the concert like Triumph in the Skies (which is one of my favourite songs!!!) and quite a few new songs – some in Mandarin some in Cantonese and a couple in English. All of them were, and still are enjoyable!

I was surprised he had no supporting band like he did in his first concert. I really liked Mr. (Mister)! This was a pure Eason Chan concert with tiny breaks in between for costume changes…
p.s. Thank you Orientouch for giving me one of the BEST SEATS in the house!! Even if it was a fair distance from the stage.
p.p.s. Come again Eason Chan!! You’re the best singer, and have the best mixture of songs for a fantastic concert… I really enjoyed it… PLEASE don’t go back to the Royal Albert Hall! It’s too far!!
Update 30/03/14 Videos are finally up after two upload attempts!! Enjoy!!
Video 1 – 今天只做一件事

Video 2 – 路…一直都在

Video 3 – 歲月如歌

Video 4 – 謝謝儂

Video 5 – 不要說話

Video 6 – 今日

Video 7 – 時代曲

Video 8 – 任我行

Mayday 五月天 – Now-Here Concert 2014 – London Wembley Arena

Woohoo!! Mayday 五月天 came back to London for their second concert which was supposed to be in September 2013 but was cancelled due to bad weather in the seas of Taiwan – their equipment couldn’t be shipped in time for the concert!! But thankfully they decided to do it differently this time round. Mayday 五月天 are going to hold a European Tour!! Woooow!! I was like, what? But you’ve been around London and some of the European places before (but didn’t realise it was going to be a tour ¬,¬”)… Anyway, I bought my ticket back in November 2013, and I was expecting a good seat… Wrong!! I got a bad seat…
If you can’t remember who Mayday 五月天 are read my previous blogpost here. So summary: there’s five members, Ashin (lead vocalist), Monster (lead guitarist), Stone (lead guitarist), Masa (bass guitarist) and Ming (drummer).
五月天!我不開心啦!因為我的坐位太低啦!看不到你!Translation: “Mayday! I’m not happy! My seat was too low! Couldn’t see at all!” 😦 Wembley Arena needs to sort out their seating arrangements. How do they expect people to see if it is expected that the people in front might stand up? Outrageous! The small screens didn’t help either… And I paid £68.75 in total for it 😦 I was also not pleased at how staff at Wembley Arena were stopping people using their cameras… I didn’t see them block others from using their phones! So disappointed. If concert goers want people to not use their phones and cameras, they should at least state this on the concert ticket (on the front in bold) or at the beginning of the concert like they do in the cinemas and theatres, not just randomly tell people to stop using our own equipment. That’s just selfishness!!!!!!!!!!! And that goes with all concert venues!!
This is how far back I was

Everyone in front just stood up… 😦

Everyone with their sticks

More people on this end
This years concert called Now-Here was almost the same to the previous concert they held in London with one additional new song towards the end…
Now I’m going to be quiet and show you all the pictures that managed to make it to this blogpost. ^_^ By the way, they subtitled their lyrics into English so that it could be understood by English speaking folks like me. Well done!!
Concert started but still can’t see a thing

Still can’t see

Had to zoom in for this picture

Yay, the music starts!

So far…



Blocked view 😦





I seriously need a flashlight app on my phone… Wave your phones people!

 They used nanoblock models in this part of the concert!!!!

nanoblock designs?

Like with their first concert, we waited for an encore… This time was a shorter wait for this one!! So happy!!

Bye bye Mayday 五月天
The audience wanted more, more I tell you! They stamped their feet and shouted out Mayday in Mandarin! 😀 And yes, we got a second encore!! Woohoo!!
And they are back!!

In the end it was an enjoyable concert, I think at one point one of the Wembley Arena staff was looking at us sad-looking people who couldn’t see a bloody thing… I don’t think she could see a thing either!! Don’t forget to come back Mayday 五月天 and next time I will get cheaper seats and sit near the top of somewhere…
p.s. If you go to Wembley Arena, never sit in Block E2 Row A… Ho-ri-ble. 😛
p.p.s Will try and upload the videos that I managed to take as soon as I can!
p.p.p.s I’m going to the Eason Chan concert next month, fingers crossed I get a good seat!!!!

Peeps and Geek followers, XD here’s the videos from the concert. I AM TREMENDOUSLY SORRY for the bad quality… Bad seat!!

Boyzone Concert BZ20 2013 – London O2

Oh my days (as one would say to me for doing something I would never have done). I can’t believe I went to a Boyzone Concert (on Friday 20th December 2013). Just Oh. My. Days!! XD
Miss Money, who lives only a few miles away from The O2 Arena has been dying to go to a concert since there’s been one nearly every night and sees crowds of people… So she wanted to go to the Boyzone Concert… I was once a fan of theirs in my teens but suddenly I turned away from them when they started doing their own things… (and that’s when I switched to Backstreet Boys, and survived through uni with their music). I do like Boyzone and it’s so sad Stephen Gately passed away so suddenly – I was in shock when I heard about that!! Boyzone have survived for 20 years hence the concert name BZ20.
Now it’s onto the concert!! They started this in a different order…

Usually the concerts I go to start off with the main band / singer, then the supporting act, then the main act again. Well, in the BZ20 concert they started off with the supporting act – Jessica Clemmons. She comes from Texas, and has a great voice! Miss Pinky would have loved her, as don’t forget we went to Dallas earlier this year… Texans are definitely great singers!!

Then there was a 30 minute break!! Wow, I have never been to a concert with a break in between…!!
And then finally Boyzone came on!! The following is a lot of pictures from the concert… tried not to take too many as everyone was standing, and I didn’t want to block people’s views…
Ronan is still as fit as ever! I believe he is the favourite out of the crowd, not mine, but is still a wonderful singer. Not proud of all his moments in life, but one has to forgive and forget… I have seen worse in my lifetime…
At this point, they were discussing Stephen Gately… He was actually my favourite out of the five!!
Mikey is a really good singer!! I have never heard him sing so much in my life… It’s great to hear him sing!
This was after the main concert. So whoever answered the question right got to see Boyzone backstage! Keith is a very funny person (although they say he is a very business-like person). 
Shane has changed a lot over the years, he has become more of a show off, but nevertheless, he is a great singer and definitely deserves all the attention. I think one of my colleagues likes him a lot!!
During the Boyzone concert, they sang most of their new songs from their last two albums. I have not heard these songs, and I think I’m going to have to purchase their last two albums, otherwise listen to them on Spotify. ^_^ One of those new songs has suddenly been stuck in my head for the past few days… 
A very enjoyable evening, and I actually enjoyed myself.
Here’s a couple of videos I filmed right at the end of the concert during the encore…
Video 1 – Right Here Waiting

Video 2 – Love Me For A Reason & No Matter What

The Big Four World Tour Concert – London O2

Yaaaaaaaaaaay!! I was so excited when OrienTouch announced they were going to bring more Chinese entertainment to London during the Jam Hsiao concert!! I couldn’t believe it. FOUR big Hong Kong stars who have grouped together to become The Big Four 大四喜 (daai sei hei) would be coming to London. Awwww!! I bought my ticket for £96 (it’s worth it) when they were selling tickets. I tried to reason myself by saying it’s only £24 for each HK star and it’s a week before my birthday. So yeah, it’s worth all that money and a big birthday present to myself. Well, I probably won’t see them for another decade or so…

The Big Four consists of the following Hong Kong stars (in my favourite order):
1. Dicky Cheung 張衛健 (cheung wai kin) – my favourite, favourite star out of the four!! I believe he is the popular out of the four too… (that’s what I like to think anyway). BUT I think the audience loved him too!! He is a very funny character, and I would go and pay to see him again and again!
2. Edmond Leung 梁漢文 (leung hon man) – to me he was more popular when he was acting! But his singing is also good, and I love both his acting and singing! Probably the sweetest out of the four!
3. Andy Hui 許志安 (heui zi on) – Very, very popular in HK. He is currently dating / engaged to one of my favourite female singers Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文 (zeng sau man). He is having an on / off relationship with her according to Dicky Cheung during the concert (and of course we knew what he was talking about when he was describing Andy’s relationship problems!).
4. William So 蘇永康 (sou wing hong) – I only watched him on TV shows and haven’t really listened to his songs, but his songs are very good too… Touching… He is the fashionable one of the group I believe. Sunglasses. Extravagant clothes. Extravagant costumes!

All four of them used to do a lot of acting for the famous HK Entertainment station TVB (that’s how I followed these stars). I followed them since the early 1990’s, I was still in primary school back then (around the age of 8 or 9 – and now you can work out my age if you’re good at maths or guessing ^_^)! 

I purchased my ticket from Orientouch Entertainment who were randomising the best seats to us lucky people, so I didn’t know where I was sitting. The concert unfortunately was scheduled for a Monday…Why Monday? It’s probably one of the worse days of the week to have a concert and when one has loads to do for the rest of the week, like work meetings and replying to emails etc., etc… (hmmm, whatever, who cares about work! ¬_¬”” Future employers, I am a very hard working person!!). Wednesday’s to Saturday’s are the best days to have a concert! I hope OrienTouch Entertainment will consider about the dates during the next concert they throw. Did you not hear about the Justin Bieber situation…? Lots of school kids needed to go to school because his concert was on a Monday too…

Mr Bear tried to tone down my excitement last week by telling me they’ll probably cancel the show. 😦 Noooo don’t disappoint me…. 

I got there way before the concert started. After 6.30pm… When I got there, I didn’t realise the O2 was right behind the station, and I was looking at buses on how to get there! D’oh!! 😛

At the O2 – so extravagant!!

Nice lights

Security Check!!

Got there. Took my seat. I was in the middle, so I had a good view. But unfortunately, the arena was only half full!! 😦 (This is what happens when a concert is on a Monday…) Most of the audience were of the older generation, the people who love these Four awesome guys…

Very near to the stage!!

Behind me… Not a lot of people…

Ok, so enough talking Miss Geek! Let’s see some more pictures! ^_^ 我哋睇多啲相片啦!^_^

It started off really well (but 15 minutes late!). Everyone was excited and very enthusiastic, until they started talking a lot. The people beside me and those behind me were not very happy it seemed. I think they were thinking this was becoming more of a variety show… Seriously I didn’t mind. I enjoyed all the funny Cantonese jokes. The gossip about Andy Hui and William So’s fashion sense and Edmond Leung’s sensibility and the fact that Dicky Cheung couldn’t do a break dance move after two years!! (I’m sure he can do it!) But alas, a person in the audience was able to do it (I bet he was part of the act!!!) and got £200 for it. Lucky guy!!

Dicky Cheung

Andy Hui

Edmond Leung

William So

Talking at this stage…

More talking…

The lucky person who won £200!!!

Interval time… The dancers!

Towards the middle of the show I was told not to take any videos. I became very disappointed. And I think majority of the audience felt the same. I saw no phones. Nobody dare taking a video during the second half of the concert. Just people taking a lot of pictures (but some people were still videoing towards the end… I guess they didn’t care less!).

William So singing

More singing!!

Andy Hui playing the piano ^_^ … He played Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 😀

Andy Hui talking a bit!

Dicky Cheung with a new wig on!! ^_^

A different costume on now!!

And another costume! Where did he get all of these from?!

And another one!

I forgot these two guy’s names – anyone know? … 
They are Eddie Ng 吳國敬 (ng gwok ging) and Joey Tang 鄧建明 (dang ging ming)

I only became enthusiastic again when they started singing a very famous Beyond Song 年少無知 (nin siu mou ji). Sigh. I like this song… I think it’s banned in China, as most Beyond songs are!!

Woohoo!! Guitar music time!

Singing the Beyond Song!

So many costumes Dicky Cheung!!!

Andy Hui coming out

Edmond Leung in another costume

William So has so many sunglasses!! 😛

William So and Edmond Leung 😀

The Big Four!

The end song 😦

These people on my right hand side were the most enthusiastic  lot!!

The Big Four Sign…

It ended around 10-ish. I think everyone wanted more! But the audience was too shy to shout for more like in the other concerts I went to… 😦 But we did get a small encore! Yipee!!

I like this picture…

The audience on my left 😀 They got the most hand slaps
from The Big Four… A bit disappointed that they didn’t come
to the back 😦

Dicky Cheung again… Well he is my favourite!

Handshakes with the audience

More handshakes…

Nice pic of the audience

What? More handshakes?

The end… Bye bye The Big Four… Come back soon!!

All in all, it was a good, average concert. A lot of jokes. Singing wise – I think there could have been a lot more. I don’t think they knew which songs we liked (the audience didn’t like the Mandarin stuff I’m afraid… I didn’t mind. This shows that I’m an OK fan!). I think The Big Four held back a lot of what they had done in the past in Asia too, which they had shown in videos instead of performing it. Very conservative performance, but there is no need for it. British Chinese love enthusiasm. We love interaction too (well most of us do!).

And obviously I have to take a pic of the backstage crew!!
The peeps who were trying to control our videoing and picture taking!!

Message to OrienTouch Entertainment – I want Aaron Kwok or Andy Lau or Bowie Lam or Sammi Cheng or Denise Ho, OR these Taiwanese singers / groups – F.I.R or DaMouth or even Jay Chou to come to London next time…. PLEEEEEEEASE!!! 

I can’t make it to the Sandy Lam concert on Sunday 21st April – but I’m sure it will be GREAT! ^_^

Let’s revive Canto-Pop around the world!


I took many videos, but not all of them are great, and I think I will get a message from somewhere beyond and far away to say my video is banned. So I’m just going to put up two videos, which the audio is average. 😦

Video 1… Introduction

Video 2… Dicky Cheung’s breakdance moment…


Jam Hsiao 簫敬騰 – World Tour Concert London 2012

I found about this concert a long time ago, but I didn’t book my ticket until the last minute because I didn’t know if Miss Pinky would have anything planned as it was her birthday on November 22nd… I waited, and waited, and waited for her to plan something. But I gave up as I knew she wanted a quiet birthday, so eventually on one Friday evening (3 weeks ago to be exact) I lost my will and bought a ticket (^_^)v and with all hope it was going to be a great concert.

I hadn’t heard of Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 (Xiao Jing Teng) until some time last year really. I think a relative of mine in HK is a fan of his and so I had a listen to see what he sounded like many months later…. Once I heard one of his songs I was soon addicted to his voice. My favourite song is Wild Dreams 狂想曲 from the Jam Wild Dreams album – can’t stop listening to it!

Now on with the concert!

I learnt my lesson from the Mayday concert earlier this year in March. This time, straight after work I did some food shopping, went home and ate something before heading out to the tube station… I knew where I was going this time round so I wasn’t too early or too late either!

When I arrived to the Wembley Arena, there were a lot of people there already, plus there was a long queue of people trying to get last minute tickets at the Box Office…
Outside Wembley Arena
Anyway, once I entered the Arena, there weren’t a lot of fans in their seats. And the back part of the Arena was closed off. I guess they wanted people to fill in the other seats before deciding whether to release tickets for the back part… (that’s called marketing strategy by the way…!!).
Inside Wembley Arena … Where’s the fans? It’s 7.10pm!

Ah!! Here’s all the fans! ^^

Well, just like the Mayday concert, it started late (by 20 minutes)… At least it wasn’t a two hour wait like Madonna’s concert. 😛 … Another lesson I learnt from my previous concert trip was to use a better camera so I brought along my Olympus camera but I should’ve brought my other lens!! Here’s loads of pictures… I tried to select the best ones for this blogpost because I took too many. ^_^

The concerts starting!! So where’s Jam Hsiao?

Aaaah! There he is!! The one in the red!!! ^^

The camera crew, the production crew, the people managing everything!!! 

Ooooo he has changed into a white suit…

Jam Hsiao joking about ^_^

Woah… Pretty!

Jam Hsiao showing his hand

Jam Hsiao is a drama king!! For real!!

He is so handsome 🙂


Nice pose!

More singing! 🙂

Red confetti!!

Mayday as guest speakers!!

I love this picture!! I must be a brilliant amateur photographer.
Give me a proper camera and I will take beautiful shots!

The sizzlers are out!

Jam Hsiao playing with the crowd again

I like this picture tooooooo!!!!!

Wow… Everyone is just joining in the fun!

The End 😦 Where was the encore…..?????????????

Everyone on their way out and heading home….
Apart from the late start and no encore I did enjoy Jam Hsiao’s piano playing, high kicks, cute giggles and fun jokes… plus his singing which gave me the goosebumps! Awwwww… I LOVE Jam Hsiao! 我愛你蕭敬騰! ^_^

Videos are being uploaded now (but it’s going to take hours!), so I will post them here later!

Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 come back soon with an encore!!!!

Update 10:52am
Here’s some videos… My shortclip ones were rubbish, so I have uploaded the longer better ones… The fourth one will be uploaded tomorrow! (By the way, I have slept… :D).

Video 1 – Jump

Video 2 – Mr Jazz: A Song For You and 好想對你說

Video 3 – 好想對你說 (the rest of the song)

Update 25/11/2012

Video 4 – Holmes (sorry for the bad quality… a couple of girls were waving their arms in front of me and someone walked right in front at the beginning 😛 !!).

多謝你哋睇我個blogpost!! ^^
謝謝你們看我的blogpost!! ^^