Fowey, Cornwall – Day 4: The trip ends!

Our last morning in Fowey 😦 …

We both woke up early. Coffee. Some toast. And me making sandwiches for the journey. We just sat around before we got the local bus, and then we had to sit and wait for our coach to arrive… It was a cold morning, and people in their cars were staring at us as if were strangers in town… we were… we’re just waiting for the coach… Heheheheh.

Here’s my last picture of Fowey from the local bus stop… My brain was telling me take a picture, take that picture now!
Fowey Town Centre – The church
Finally our coach came. It was 5 minutes late. It was a weird journey back to London… The coach driver from the night before didn’t empty the toilet … hmmmm … didn’t want to know about that!! But we had to stop off at the coach stations to get that all sorted out… Hahahah…

Before we reached Plymouth, I took a picture of an oil rig. I wanted to take a picture of the boats, but I wasn’t quick enough with my phone… 😦
Somewhere in Devonshire
Then we had two very talkative people sitting behind us who came on from Plymouth… Thankfully we stopped off somewhere after Bristol… Needed the break 😀 
So many trucks at our pit stop!
It was about 6pm when we arrived back in London Victoria. It was rush hour. My biggest nightmare after a long journey… I hate rush hour!! I wanted to go back to Cornwall. It was so nice and peaceful. No traffic. No people traffic. Nobody trying to run you over…

I think when I retire, I think I would want to go on a very long break in Cornwall, just sitting by the river or the sea… 😀

Fowey, Cornwall – Day 3: a walk, a roast and a pasty

Day 3 – it looked like it was going to be a good day with this beautiful sunrise…

Good Morning Fowey!! ^_^

After a good nights sleep and a breakfast of toast, scrambled eggs and bacon… Plus a morning of doing nothing, Miss Pinky and I finally went out for an afternoon walk towards the castle. It was a long walk, and we were walking for about two hours long! 

I didn’t go up to the castle because we went via the beach rather than the public pathway, and there’s a hill that looked unsafe without rails… ¬_¬””

Random picture … Walking along the riverbank

Some rowers

The Castle in the distance!

The sun just peeking out through the clouds

The other side of Fowey

Random picture!

It was a really good walk because my legs started aching afterwards and I could feel the pain when I was walking downhill… Miss Pinky was being very fussy on this day. She wanted lamb (and if you have been reading this blog for a long time I eat almost anything that’s cooked and is delicious)! We searched and searched high and low for any pub still serving Sunday roast with lamb, but finally we went into The Luggers (Inn) serving only pork and beef… Oh well Miss Pinky, you shouldn’t be so picky!!

I had a Guinness… I so needed it after the walk! 😀

Sunday Roast… Finally!!

I really needed this lunch. Loved the vegetables and the baked cauliflower and broccoli cheese! It was all so filling! But my roast potatoes and beef were a bit cold 😦 and Miss Pinky’s were nice and hot!

As we were eating, we were watching the rugby (not my kind of sport, and so I was instagramming)… Boring, even though I have been to two Twickenham games to watch the All Blacks (sorry to rugby fans!), we went back to the flat, relaxed for a few hours… 

During that afternoon we found something in the freezer. We were quite curious at what it was so we cooked it in the oven. And guess what it was? Pastry. A pie of pastry!! Hahahahahah.
A pie of pastry… ¬_¬

Our last meal consisted of a Cornish Pasty and baked beans. I had the large one (so filling and a little meaty). Miss Pinky’s was smaller. She wasn’t happy. There wasn’t enough meat in hers… She likes the London style Cornish pasties… ¬_¬””

Cornish pasty and baked beans! ^_^ … Yummy!!

Thankfully the night ended quite peacefully. 😀

Day 4:

Fowey, Cornwall – Day 2 (Part 3/3): Sam’s Bistro

Day 2 ends with food!! ^_^

After tea, Miss Pinky and I found ourselves drinking at the Yacht Club… The prices are cheap in there… We weren’t sure with the Cornwall Cyder Rattlers… 6% alcoholic levels! Wow. Don’t see cider with that amount of alcohol in it in London…

Anyway, afterwards, we were very, very hungry! We were advised by my colleague who we saw at the Yacht Club that we should try out one of the bistros in the area. We first looked at Sam’s Bistro and then had a look at the other Bistro next door. In the end we both decided to go for Sam’s Bistro! Looked friendly, cheap and buzzing with people! 😀
Sam’s Bistro

Menu Cover

Sitting upstairs

Nice pictures!
We sat upstairs where there’s a cocktail bar for people to wait for a table, but thankfully we were there before a rush of people came in!

We both wanted seafood and we definitely had seafood! 😀 So for starters I had the Red Mullet Tempura… Really fresh fish! I like!
Red Mullet Tempura
And can you guess what Miss Pinky had??
Yep. It’s mussels AGAIN!!!!! They were fresh but I didn’t like the sauce much. It was too runny… I think I prefer a slightly thicker sauce.

Then next for the main courses, I had Fish and Chips with mushy peas. Oh my! It’s big! Mushy peas were awesome. Chips tasted like they were from Burger King, and the battered fish was excellent! Really fresh and no bad seafood taste and smell… 😀
Tasty fish and chips ^^
Miss Pinky had the seabass… Wow! She really loved this. It was something that she felt she could eat and would finish off. And yes it was tasty with the pickled veg it came with! Truly delicious. Miss Pinky was very happy!!
Seabass ^^
If I ever come to Fowey again, I think I would dine here a lot!!

Total cost came to £48.10. Not bad. Not bad at all! I think if I had all of this in London I think it would’ve cost an extra £10 or so…

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Nice friendly service
– Good food and fresh seafood ^_^
– Not too expensive
– Very, very filling!!!

Bad points:
– None at all!

Address: 20 Fore St, Fowey, Cornwall PL23 1AQ
Telephone: 01726 832273

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Day 3:

Fowey, Cornwall – Day 2 (Part 2/3): Afternoon Tea in Brown Sugar

Day 2 continues…

Miss Pinky has wanted to have afternoon tea for a very long time. But our busy schedules and busy lives mean no-can-do, and trying to find a place that was cheap in London is very difficult.

But finally. Finally. We found a small shop called Brown Sugar in Fowey that did afternoon tea for £4.75. But the only available items were scones with jam and clotted cream plus a pot of tea and milk.
Brown Sugar, Fowey

The menu – probably can’t read it in this picture!
The jam was sweet and the clotted cream was thick. I loved it! The scones were warm and easy to cut, unlike the ones you get in supermarkets which are of course stone cold and hard as rock.
Tea, scones and jam ^_^

My tasty scone of sweet jam and clotted cream! ^_^
I enjoyed my scones, and I like the tea. The scones fell apart too easily though… but it was not a problem!

Miss Pinky doesn’t seem to like sweet jam, and realised afternoon tea is just like being at home with a cuppa… I think she is now discovering herself and deciding what she likes and dislikes…

Total price was £9.50. So worth it!

My geeky rating: 4.9/5… sadly couldn’t order sandwiches at the time we were there. It would have been an even better afternoon tea! 😦

Good points:
– Loads of jam
– Loads of clotted cream
– Warm scones
– Good price!

Bad points:
– Was not able to order other food 😦

Address: 2 South Street, Town Centre, Fowey PL23 1AR

Fowey, Cornwall – Day 2 (Part 1/3): The Eden Project

So Day 2 blog post will be in three parts as we seem to have done a lot! ^^

We started the day quite early. There were a lot of birds singing and gulls hawking and boats sailing around already that morning! ^^

I have wanted to go to the Eden Project for a very long time, well ever since Mr Games mentioned it to me a while back when he wanted to go (that’s why I invited him because he hasn’t been yet!).

As we didn’t know our way around that much we asked the bus driver in how to get to The Eden Project. (The bus drivers in Fowey are really nice people). The driver advised us that we could get a day pass ticket for £8.50 each, and we could use that ticket on any Western Greyhound bus service. We could even go to Exeter with it, but that would take us 4 hours to get there… No chance of that ever happening… Hahahah. The day pass lasts up until midnight. So we took the 524 to St Austell. Stopped off at the cinema bus stop, crossed over and took the 527 which then took us all the way to the Eden Project. So in total, it took us almost 2 hours to get there by bus, as it was taking us around everywhere!! Bummer. I think we could have got there sooner if we traveled by car, but it was not to be!

Well the good reason why we went by bus is because we were able to obtain a discount at The Eden Project… So if you travel by bus or train make sure you show your ticket to the ticket seller, and they will reduce the price for you…
Map of The Eden Project

Wow!! It was amazing going there! Felt like being in space…
Miss Pinky and I were so happy. Miss Pinky never ever takes pictures. But she has started to before we go on our bigger holiday in April.

Here’s my pictures…
Giant bee statue

The Canteen

So much food ^^
Once we went into the Rainforest Biome my glasses all steamed up, even Miss Pinky couldn’t see through hers! It was like being in Hong Kong all over again… Oh how I love that type of heat. I felt like I was in a sauna just sweating everything off (don’t worry I was not sweating!). I wondered why they were selling ice cream outside in this cold weather. Heheheheh
Steamy in the Rainforest Biome!

Rice paddy field 😀

We then went into the Mediterranean Biome. Awww. It was cooler in there. Easy to take pictures too! 😀
In the Mediterranean Biome

Scary statues!


Olives anyone?

We went back outside and then explored around before we got to the next area!
Cows sitting on the rooftop XD

The Ice Rink

Shaun The Sheep!
The Core was the final section of the project. It isn’t a greenhouse but shows more of the sciences of plants… Botanics…
Outside The Core

Giant Seed!!!! Hard to take a pic of this!

Inside The Core
It was amazing coming to the Eden Project, and a great use of land!

When we were coming back we sat at the bus stop for a good 15-20 minutes. As we sat this pretty, pretty robin came up to us (probably wanting food), but it kept hopping about, and it let me take a picture of it! Wow. This is the first time I got close to a robin! ^_^
Cute little robin ^^
I want to go back now!!

Fowey, Cornwall – Day 1: The trip starts!

Arrgh! Needed to get away from London for a bit. And I finally found an opportunity to get away from the stresses of life and work and my busy social life. ^_^ A colleague at work had rented a place in Fowey (pronounced as Foy) in Cornwall and there was still time for her friends and colleagues (like me (^_^)v) to use it. I was so happy I contacted Miss Pinky first to ask if she wanted to take up the offer. Yep. She said yes we’re going! Book the travelling tickets now! I even asked Mr Games and Mr Sensible to come with us… but timing and their busy lives was all wrong. 😦

So in the end I booked a National Express coach from London Victoria to St Blazey. (I wanted to get the train, but Miss Pinky wanted to save money… humph). So our trip started off ok. Our coach driver was ok but a bit frustrated that people were boarding with hot food. ‘Any food that is hot is classified as HOT FOOD’ he said. Heheh. We had a few stops before getting to Fowey…

So our first main stop was West Buckland. It’s a small area for people travelling by coach and car and truck to stop at… I think for those who work there must be able to drive!
West Buckland Pit Stop!

Costa Express machine – woooow!!!

Our next stop was in Plymouth. Haven’t been to Plymouth for a number of years now. 🙂
Was inside the coach and took a pic of a church spire in Plymouth ^_^

Coach stop!
Then finally we got to our final stop St Blazey before getting another local bus to Fowey. 
St Blazey Stop – Polgrean Place!
Unfortunately, we with missed the local bus or it probably never came! So we stood outside the bus stop frozen to death for almost an hour… We were waiting and waiting before we said we should book a cab from a cab service my colleague uses! But the bus came in the end… It was late! 😛 Single fare is £4! OMG. That’s expensive compared to London. It was a scary bus ride. We couldn’t see anything along the roads. There were no street lamps either. :S

When we finally got to Fowey, we almost got lost with the place we were staying at. It was also very, very dark to take any pictures… We were hungry and a bit tired… Miss Pinky is really lazy and never cooks when I’m with her (or maybe I find her cooking not up to my standards ¬_¬””)…