Echigo Cheese Mochi Crackers チーズもち

Ah, just missed this blog’s 6th birthday! Happy Birthday to A Simple Geeky Life Blog!! ^_^ Haven’t blogged much in the past year… This year might be the same as I’m spending more on learning to drive. I actually don’t like driving but forcing myself to do it to encourage Miss Pinky to do her theory test and also getting Miss Vegan to also take lessons, and also to get Mrs Sweettooth to redo her theory and do the test… OMG. I should be called The Encouraging Geek! 

This does not mean I’m going to get a car. I’m still one of those peeps who think cars will destroy our air quality and environment. 😜
I’ve not blogged about a snack for a bit, so here’s one I bought from Dokodemo a while back. I bought a maxium of 5 bags, as they won’t let you buy more on the website. I guess it’s because of packing size and then it has to be shipped from Japan. I still think postage is too much though… I always select the cheapest option, but it still costs a lot. 
This snack is called Cheese Mochi. I’ve been trying to find cheese rice crackers which I used to buy in Japan Centre, but can’t find them anymore… 😓 

They’re quite cheap on the website…

Uh-oh, they expire soon… and I have two packs left!!

They look quite biggish…

And they taste awesome. They’re light and fluffy on the inside. It reminds of eating cheese puffs, but less salty, creamy cheese in taste… they taste like non-salty crackers within a cheese puff…

Eating my second to last packet. Tastes so creamy!

Individual pack: 0.64p! (SO cheap online) …  just don’t forget about P&P!

Takoyaki Korean Crackers

Also bought these from Centrepoint for £1.99!! I’ve never tasted takoyaki flavoured crackers before…

They’re actually puffs! Like cheese puffs! They actually taste quite sweet but has a barbeque taste to it – Think it might be the brown sauce they serve…okonomiyaki sauce… Unfortunately it has an artificial sweetener aftertaste which loses its appeal to the eater. 

Yummy and addictive! But the aftertaste is a bit off putting!

Nissin Sesame Oil Flavoured Crisps

Very short post today.

I’m a big fan of Nissin noodles, so when I saw these in Oriental Delights, China Town (the day after I returned back from HK), I thought I had to try them out.
It’s a big bag, but don’t let that fool you into buying them (which happened to me obviously ¬_¬).

The amount of crisps were minimal, and for the oily, only slight taste of sesame oil, it was disappointing.

Cost: £1.99 (if memory serves me right, sorry for never remembering or writing prices down).

Will I buy again? Nope.

Haitai Ddukbokki Crisp Snack

Back to blogging!!!!
Have to show you this last Korean snack I bought before going on holiday. This is a crisp version of the famous spicy rice cakes,,, ddukbokki crisp snack from Haitai.
The first bite wasn’t spicy… maybe after the fifth or sixth bite I got to taste the spiciness but generally it’s quite a sweet snack. 
Does it remind of the original stuff? Not really. My version of ddukbokki is more spicy and less sweet. Shop version is usually more sweet and less spicy… It has a slight toughness because of the heavily coated sugary substance added in… but sorry folks, apart from the flavour, definitely not like ddukbokki.
I think I got this snack at Centre Point in New Oxford Street. Didn’t cost too much. ^_^ 
Happy snacking!

Nongshim Honey Twist Snack & Lotte Honey Potato Chips & Lotte Honey&Butter Corn Snack

My dear snackers… South Koreans are obsessed with honey snacks! So I bought a few of them just to see what they’re like.^_^
First one I bought were these Honey flavored twist snack costing £0.89p from Nongshim at Centre Point Korean Store. At first I only saw the Honey and Apple sign, thinking it was honey and apple flavoured, then when I ate them….

They are actually the most sweetest crisps I have ever had! Each twist is coated with honey.

You can buy this in other Asian stores… but I’m not tempted to buy these again. :p
Next one I also bought at the Centre Point store costing at £3.99. Expensive!!! >_<"" These are purely honey flavoured crisps as well.

The crisps are very light and puffy. It took me a long time to eat these as they were quite sweet too but also had a slight buttery taste… or could that have been the potato taste?

Not sure if I will be buying these again either…
Last one I bought at H Mart Mini were these Lotte Honey and Butter Corn Snack. This cost £1.79!! The cheapest big bag I’ve seen so far. ^_^

They are incredibly tasty. Quite buttery in taste and has a very slight sweet honey taste. The best out the three (and I haven’t finished them yet!). 

I will be buying these ones again in the future!! 
Are there anymore honey and butter snacks out there? (Not talking about fried chicken though)….

I am now off for one week to a hopeful sunny Marseilles!! See you all soon!!!

Yegam Korean Baked Potato Crisps – Original Flavour

So I bought a load of Korean snacks and I thought I’ll share them on this blog. 😀 It’s been too long, haven’t shared many snacks recently… haven’t gone on holiday for a while, but will be in less than 2 weeks time! Yay!!
Haven’t tried these Korean Baked Potato crisps before. Bought these in Centre Point Food Store in New Oxford Street… Hadn’t been there for a long while!

They’re sealed into a foil bag and so the crisps are stacked on top of each other. Just like Pringles and any tube crisps.

They’re are crinkle cut. The taste is a bit funny, a bit like Pringles Original but they try to add a sweet baked potato kind of taste – does this make sense? I don’t think it does… you will need to try it out. Very hard to describe!!

I didn’t get the receipt from this place, so I really don’t remember the price. I think it was less than £2. Worth a try if you’re into strange crisps.

Chips Saveur Wasabi

Oh boy. Did I find a good snack in Marseille? Oh yes I did. ^_^

I found another wasabi flavoured crisps in Netto. These are packaged in a sealed packet and a hard to open box.

Chips Saveur Wasabi

Product of China

The silver foiled packaging is really tough to open, so I recommend using scissors to open. ^_^

Looks like Pringles but in a plastic tub

These are really, really good. They have a light potato taste (a bit like eating Pringles) and the wasabi kicks in when you eat a few at a time. I wonder if Pringles will pick ever up on this flavour. I like it and I’m sure anyone who likes wasabi will like this.

Taste awesome!

I really like these and I hope I’ll one day find them in the UK… Otherwise I’ll just have to pop over to France every few months! ¬,¬””

Oishi Wasabi Flavour Chips 上好佳 田园薯片 芥末口味

I have been in search for wasabi flavoured crisps in London for a VERY LONG time and finally I found them in New Loon Moon Supermarket. I bought the last two packets, one for me and one for my friend Mr Bear (you should know he is a big wasabi fan).
These crisps come from a Chinese company Oishi 上好佳. Sound like it should be Japanese but no, it’s definitely Chinese. 
Oishi Wasabi Flavoured crisps 上好佳 田园薯片 芥末口味

Wasabi Flavour

Back of the packet
On opening the packet you would think you had barbecue flavoured crisps in your hand. 
130g of crisps
But on tasting you will get that instant wasabi flavour kick into your mouth and then when you eat more of the crisps the spicy wasabi just goes through your nose. Thankfully it doesn’t last too long and you get that crisp-potato taste. Quite sweet, almost like having a barbecue taste really and no strange aftertaste. There’s no added green powder dusted onto the crisps either.
No green dusting on the crisps
I like these very much but it’s a bit expensive for a small amount of crisps. 130g of it (and 0g trans fat). Worth it though!! (๑′ڡ‵๑)۶४४yϋᵐᵐӵ♡॰⋆̥
Price £2.40

Vico Monster Munch Salt Flavour

Monster Munch!! But it’s not the Monster Munch we know in the UK. It’s Monster Munch from France from a company called Vico.

A very short post as there’s not much to say about these…

These crisps made out of potato are shaped into monsters and I think they are baked in 100% sunflower oil.

They don’t look like monsters. They look like happy ghosts. Heheh.

They don’t taste too much like potato, more like salty prawn crackers, but they have this hint of sweetness to it which makes it a little addictive to my liking.

Don’t recommend eating too much of these! Too much salt.

Cost: €0.70 – that’s very cheap for a big packet of crisps!!

Pom’lisse Wasabi Flavoured Crisps

Wasabi crisps?! Wow!! I love the French and their amazing flavourings for crisps and other food products. Mr Travels spotted these first as I wanted crisps to take back to London for eating and testing. ^_^ I think they’ve been out for a few years, but how comes the English haven’t imported these over, or am I just blind?!
When I opened up my luggage it was unfortunate (or it may have been destiny) that the wasabi flavoured crisps opened up (I had a feeling that would happen).
Pon’lisse Wasabi Flavoured Crisps
The back of the packet
So it’s plain crisps coated with wasabi. And the crisps are definitely green… just can’t see it here… but not as green as that on the picture…
Inside the packet
A hint of green… can you see it?
Definitely tastes of wasabi and has a salty taste to it. If you ever find these I dare you to eat several crisps at once… heheheh, you get that wasabi scent going up your nostrils sensation!
I defo recommend this if you like wasabi!! But I don’t recommend you eat them all at once. Gave the rest to Mr Bear to try out (but that meant I had to trek to his office…!! He loved them!!).
Cost €1.05 (that’s about £1, and I kept the receipt this time!!). Heheh. Where can I find a big bag of wasabi crisps (135g bag to be exact) in England for this price?