Uncle Lim’s Kitchen (Malaysian Food) – Croydon Whitgift Centre

Fairly quick post.

Was trying to trace where my grandfather had worked in Croydon (plus do some shopping… needed a bus ride and time to do some reading as well, so ended up in Croydon). It was definitely inside a shopping centre in Croydon, and there was once a Chinese restaurant MummyGeek used to go to visit a few times… I was wondering whether it could where Uncle Lim’s Kitchen is located… It looks like there could have been a Chinese restaurant there…


Well, I hardly eat Malaysian food, so this was my chance to eat Hainan Chicken Rice!




The Hainan Chicken Rice was quite hard to spot on the menu. It was like near the bottom of the list. It’s not too expensive. It looks like there’s only three pieces of chicken in the picture, but there’s a few more pieces hidden…


There’s a lot of soy sauce in this dish, so it was a little salty towards the end of eating this dish. The rice definitely tasted as if there was chicken broth. It’s definitely not plain white rice.


The server  almost forgot my Malaysian coffee… aaaah… coffeeee!

Finished! But couldn’t finish the last bits of rice. Too salty! It’s definitely a popular dish as I could see a few people had ordered this.


Overall a nice quiet experience before a rush of people came to eat.
Total came to less than £10. Nice lunch!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points: 
– Nice and spacious retaurant
– Food was ok, apart from too much soy sauce!
– Nice coffee too!
– Inexpensive

Bad points:
– Just the soy sauce really… wish I had more of the chicken though!

Address: Unit 1123-1124, Whitgift Centre, N End, Croydon CR0 1UZ
Tel: 020 8688 8378

Wing Yip Centre 榮業行 – Purley Way, Croydon

I travelled a long distance to get to Wing Yip! Well I took 2 buses just sitting there with my MP3 player on… It’s about an hour plus journey from where I live (but it depends on when the bus decides to come!). When I got off the 154 bus at Fiveways, I almost forgot the way to the place (only because I went via two different routes on two previous occasions!)…
Wing Yip Centre

Wing Yip is very different to China Town (well obviously). It’s everything rolled into one! One restaurant, one supermarket, a Chinese kawaii store, agencies / business centre upstairs and a parking lot (which I think is dangerous for pedestrians as there’s no pavement for us journey makers).

Adverts of what’s inside

Wing Yip opening times

The Restaurant – 大同大酒褸

Taipan Chinese Bakery – 大班餅家

Going upstairs to the business area and other parts…

I went all the way to Wing Yip to try and find frozen prawn cheung fun – but they didn’t have any! T_T So disappointed at my misfortune. In the supermarket, there are aisles and aisles of food, and a warehouse like area where they sell all the bulky stuff…

Inside Wing Yip Supermarket

But thankfully in the Chinese kawaii store New Times City they sell things that I was looking for!! (^_^)b

New Times City Shop – I love it!!!

My USB fan for £4.50

Hello Kitty vacuum flask for £12.99 ^_^

So not a complete disappointment by travelling all the way there! It’s a place where people around the deep south would travel to instead of going to China Town (and I travel there to go to the Chinese kawaii shop ^_^).

Buses: 119, 154, 157, 289 (Get off at Fiveways)
Nearest Station: Waddon Station