Cupcake Decoration and Chocolate Making Class – Part 2

Here is part 2 of my experience. This posting is about the Cupcake Decoration class at The Peacock Bar in Clapham Junction.

Well, it’s fair to say that decorating cupcakes using butter icing is not an easy job, especially if the icing is a bit too soft. I can’t even remember what ingredients were used to create the icing (I think it was butter and icing only)! In this part of the class we stood around a different table which they had already laid out everything (the cupcakes, icing and cake making equipment). First off was to create an icing bag using a plastic icing bag and a metal tip. There were four different colours used (green, blue, pink and purple). 

The instructor showed us briefly how to create flowers and then we were off to try it on our own! Unfortunately some of the tips were too big to create the mini flowers that he showed us, so as you can see below, they aren’t that great! 😦

In the end I started copying other people’s designs. I think the people in the class were already experts in cupcake decoration and I didn’t have a clue in what I was doing. All of us were to decorate eight cupcakes, but I ended up creating nine! Nevermind…

As we were decorating away, the instructor showed us how to a different type of icing to make designs… But none of us got to try in making our own designs unfortunately…
In the end, we were given a box each to add only six of our designed cupcakes and eat the other two (I thought the staff would bring our cupcakes over for us to eat, but I can’t remember if they did so or not) – I didn’t get to eat mine! Unfortunately, the holes were too big, and so the cupcakes kept sliding in and out the hole… and the icing kept coming coming off! How disappointing. Please note: If you plan to go to this class, make sure you bring a bag, because they didn’t give us any!
At the end of the two classes, majority of the classmates were disappointed and felt they could have easily found videos to show how to do all of this. In my opinion, it was an okay experience. 

My Geeky Verdict:
I think if you are looking for something to do on the weekend, and you happen to stumble across a Groupon voucher for free, then it is definitely worth going to. 
By the way, I forgot to mention they have a “professional” photographer who will come and go to take snaps of you! So if you’re camera shy don’t go (or I think you can ask not to be photographed)!!

Cupcake Decoration Class rating: 2.5/5
My Geeky Summary:

Cupcake Decoration and Chocolate Making class with Champagne
Originally price = £79 (make sure you get a Groupon Voucher, cost is cheaper)

Length of class: 
1 and a 1/2 hours (approx.)


148 Falcon Road Clapham, London SW11 2LW

Nearest Railway Station: Clapham Junction

1. Bring your own apron and a bag for the cupcakes
2. Not a professional decorating class (so don’t expect too much)
3. Various classes take place at the same time

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Cupcake Decoration and Chocolate Making Class – Part 1

One of the reasons why I wanted to blog is to write some reviews about the places I go to and the things I do around London. 

Here is an interesting experience I had a few weeks ago in a cupcake decoration and chocolate making class at The Peacock Bar in Clapham Junction, London.
Not knowing what I was letting myself in for, I accepted an unused Groupon voucher that was paid for by someone else (original price = £79; Groupon voucher = a lot less!).
So. I booked my place via email for a weekend slot and received some friendly emails back. I had to search on their website to find out how to get there (which I think they could’ve emailed me those instructions).
Anyway, during that weekend, I left early to get a train to Clapham Junction. When I’m usually at Clapham Junction, I usually take the main entrance exit, but this time I had to take the other way (website instructions were clear enough) and it was only a 5 minute walk away from the station. From the outside, the bar looked grey, it wasn’t totally obvious that this was the place to be for the class! Too bad I didn’t take a picture of the outside, but I did take one from the inside.

Inside The Peacock Bar

When I went in I was offered champagne (which is part of the Groupon offer), but nah, I don’t like champagne, so I was given the option of a non-alcoholic drink (which I was very grateful for). I got there early so I got talking with one of the ladies who arrived a bit later.

Now onto the class.  It was a 1.45PM start, but I think we started a little late. There were more than eight people all together and we were asked to wear unclean aprons (so bring your own if you plan to go to take this class) – apparently there was a class the night before, and so they didn’t have time to get them cleaned. 

Making chocolate using moulds

The instructor we had is from Portugal and he’s only been at the bar for a month or so. The first thing we did was eat fruit and chocolate. Yummy! I almost took the whole plate of fruit (but it was my mistake), the instructor was telling me to take one piece of fruit to dip into the chocolate. And the next thing we did was to make “chocolates” – this was simply putting melted chocolate into moulds, creating designs, mixing the different chocolates, using what was available on the table and adding raisins n’ nuts. These were then taken away to freeze and settle (the final product was delicious by the way ^_^).

This was my chocolate before it got frozen and eaten by m 

After that, the instructor showed us how to mix alcohol n’ chocolate and flavourings n’ chocolate. We also got shown how to make a simple truffle. At the end of this part the people in the class felt there could’ve been more interaction and more hands on experience for all of us. I agree. Then two people left before the start of the cake decoration!
For the chocolate making class I give it a rating of 3/5.
Ok now. I don’t want to bore you readers to death. So details of the cake decorating class and my overall rating will be continued in the next post.
If you want to find out more about this place and their other classes here’s The Peacock Bar’s website: – Stay tuned for part 2!!

Mini marshmallows with chocolate drizzed on top