Lemon Tree Indian Restaurant – London Sydenham

I don’t know why I don’t go to more Indian restaurants. I LOVE CURRY. It’s my ultimate favourite dish and when I smell curry I feel I need to eat loads of it. 😀
Miss Pinky and Mr Picky hadn’t seen me for a very long time (well it isn’t that long). All of us have been really busy, and it was about time I made a visit to meet Mr Picky’s mother (that’s right, I met his mother)… Anyway, let’s not get into that story!
After the little visit, it was decided we would eat out and I left it to both Miss Pinky and Mr Picky to choose the place to eat. They chose Lemon Tree as it’s one of their favourites. That’s ok with me! I love Indian food. XD
Lemon Tree Sydenham

Ok, it took me a little while to decide what to eat as I wanted something not too spicy but filling enough to completely finish.

First I chose the chicken pakoras. They are my absolute favourite starters. I could eat loads of these but I know I shouldn’t. When they came out I thought they looked like onion bhajis, but I smelt them and they definitely did not smell of onions! They were absolutely delicious. I could have had more of these!!

Chicken pakoras

I think this is Miss Pinky’s tandoori chicken leg. She liked it. I don’t know what it tastes like.

Chicken tandoori

I forgot whose main dinner this was. I think it’s Mr Picky’s lamb rogan josh. I can tell why he liked this because it was very sweet but also very spicy!

Lamb rogan josh

I forgot what Miss Pinky ordered but it was very spicy!!

Forgot what this is…

This is part of my chicken biriyani. Tastes good!

Chicken biriyani

This is the chicken biriyani sauce that came with it. It wasn’t too spicy and it had loads of vegetables in it. I think this is what I needed on a Friday night!!

Biriyani sauce

This is some sort of spinach Miss Pinky ordered… not sure what it is. I didn’t try it. ¬_¬

Spinach dish

But I did taste the naan bread!! Wow, I have not tasted naan bread like these before. They tasted nice, hot and sweet! Sweet naan bread… I would have these again if I came back to this place. 😀

Sweet naan bread

Now these are the onion bhajis. ^_^

Onion bhajis

Can’t remember the exact cost came to, but it was definitely over £60. Around £20ish per person including drinks.

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Good service
– Brilliant food, but you might have to wait as they take a little long to prepare
– Not too expensive… reasonable pricing

Bad points:
– A bit on the slow side
– A bit cramped with the seating

Address: 144 Sydenham Road, London SE26 5JZ
Telephone: 020 8659 7858

Thames Indian – London Waterloo

Going to Belgium and back to London in less than 24 hours was incredibly exhausting! And by time we got to our almost final destinations (our own homes) we had to eat dinner. Miss Pinky wanted Indian, I didn’t mind, and final decision was left to Master H. It was Indian food in the end… So we went to Miss Pinky’s favourite Indian restaurant, the Thames Indian based in London Waterloo. She always goes here when she has the chance… I’ve grown to like it too. How many times have I been there? About 4 or 5 times in the past few years… (I promise I do eat at home, but I seem to eat out a lot these days!!)… Just before we went in I think a couple of Londoners thought we were tourists as we blocked this woman and her partner going into the kebab next door, she gave me that tut tut look (the glimpse over of like “pee off”)… I assure you I am not a tourist in London. Just one Londoner that’s better than some! (My fume is now over!!).

So here we are, I didn’t take a picture of the inside or outside, I was absolutely exhausted, but I seemed to manage to take pictures of the food except for the poppadoms which are served with 4 different toppings / sauces. Heheh. 

I wanted duck, so I ordered the duck jalfrezi with special fried rice. It’s a 2 chilli dish and it’s mega hot! Thankfully I had a beer with my dinner otherwise I don’t think I would have survived even with the air con on!! Oh the special fried rice was good too! It wasn’t greasy and very tasty too. 🙂
Duck Jalfrezi – 2 chillies!!

Special Fried Rice… good for an Indian Restaurant!
Master H wanted special fried rice but with king size prawns (he got the smaller ones)… and he needed to order a curry with it. The waiter suggested a prawn or vegetarian biryani for him… (which he didn’t eat). Secretly I think Master H likes Chinese food more than Indian, but wanted to keep her sister a little happy that evening. 
Biryani… I think it’s vegetarian

Master H’s special Special Fried Rice. It’s with additional prawns
I forgot what Miss Pinky wanted… but this is her dish… was it a lamb and spinach dish? I can’t remember!! And she had plain white rice with it… I think you’ll get bored of me taking pictures of the white rice (well only because Miss Pinky started digging in before I could take it!)… ^_^””
A lamb and spinach dish I think!

Can you see Miss Pinky has almost finished her beer, and is quickly eating!! I haven’t even started mine yet!! ¬,¬”
Phew!! Dinner over!! Overall, I love curry, and I’m always happy to eat in an authentic Indian restaurant… There was an Indian family sitting behind us who weren’t pleased with one of the dishes… Too sweet they said… Well authentic or out of the ordinary dish this place is still a good restaurant… There are many Indian restaurants I have seen with no customers in it at all in South London, and this one always has a customer!! ^_^

Total cost came up to £48 something (Miss Pinky tried to confuse me with the final bill, I think she wanted to split it in half, and I think I was supposed to give her £5, but she asked for £10! Huh?!!! …. I took the change in the end:P … Or maybe I should have paid £10, and then given her £10. Is that what she wanted me to do?).

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (Miss Pinky would give this place 5/5 for sure!).

Good points:
– Polite service
– Tasty food and I think it is authentic… probably more for the British taste??
– Very near to Waterloo Station
– Reasonable pricing for 3 people!

Bad points:
– Tables are a bit squished together leaving less room for people to get in and out of their seat, but I understand it’s to get a high turnover…
– Food was a bit slow getting to the table

Address: 79 Waterloo Rd, London, SE1 8UD ‎

Telephone: 020 7928 0909

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Curry Garden – London Surrey Quays

What? Another Surrey Quays restaurant? Yeah why not, I love, love, love curry!

I was at Miss Pinky’s yesterday with Master H trying to relax but I also had to look at one of her assignments (I got a big headache in the end), she also got herself a goldfish (also called Pinky), which we almost killed because the bag it was in suddenly dropped onto the floor. I am now a godmother / auntie to a goldfish ¬_¬”. Thanks Miss Pinky.

We actually all had a hearty meal at KFC earlier (I had no idea they changed the way they served – it’s pretty cool!) and I wasn’t hungry until quite late yesterday evening. Miss Pinky was craving for Indian food for a month! Hahahah, so we ended up in Curry Garden, which is also on Lower Road in Surrey Quays. She’s been in there before, and it was the first time for me so I had to try it out!
Outside Curry Garden

Inside Curry Garden

Napkins were folded nicely

Now I’m going to stop talking and show you the pictures (sorry they’re not good but my battery was very low, so the flash had to be switched off).

We both had this starter, a sheek kebab (one each, because I didn’t order a starter)…
Sheek Kebab – this is Miss Pinky’s… I forgot to take a picture…

Miss Pinky had the lamb daghini with boiled rice. This isn’t very spicy. So if you like curry, but only prefer very mild spices, try this one out.

All the food

Lamb daghini

I had the chicken jalfrezi with pilau rice. This is a spicy dish and I like it! I chewed on one of the chillies and mouth was burning, so Miss Pinky ordered a G&T for me to lower the heat in my mouth (she didn’t want to part with her Cobra beer)! Extremely hot!

Chicken jalfrezi

Pilau rice

Miss Pinky and I really enjoyed ourselves at this restaurant. A group of ladies who were there had a funny conversation with a couple of the waiters! And we couldn’t help listening in. ^_^ The waiters are very East London like (if you have watched Eastenders, you will know what I mean).

Total cost came to £27.10. Really worth it for 2 people!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Friendly and funny service
– Great food
– Reasonable pricing
– Not many customers at the time we went, so we had loads of time to spend in there without being rushed!

Bad points:
– Can’t think of any – but I would definitely go for more!!!

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Here’s Miss Pinky’s gold fish Pinky by the way… It survived!

Meet Pinky the goldfish

And here’s my KFC!! ^^ So filling!

KFC lunch