Ristorante Olivelli Italian Restaurant – London East Dulwich

A few months delay from this short restaurant review.

Just came back from my holiday, and it was time to go out with my colleagues for Christmas celebrations. One of my colleagues was promoted around October of last year but he wanted to celebrate with everyone being available… and that was at Christmas time. I guess perfect timing! ^_^

We went to an Italian restaurant called Ristorante Olivelli located in East Dulwich, (which I would call a poshy area of Peckham and Camberwell). It seems this restaurant has a few other branches based in Central London and The East Dulwich branch is currently their fourth restaurant. Guess business is doing fairly well for them. ^_^

My Colleague ordered a few starters. One was a vegetarian option (no picture) and the one below was the meat version). There were lots of bits to get through, but there was only a few of us. >_<" My Italian colleague really loves to order a lot, even though we tell him not to overdo the ordering. LOL.

After 3 lots of starters (3 vegetarian and 3 meaty ones) later, some of my colleagues were already stuffed. I wasn’t because I had only had breakfast and nothing else that day…
Tempted to order something big, but just stuck to a lasagna. Safe option! It was pretty good. Nice and hot as it came out. Very cheesy, which is what I like.

Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the rest… 😦 So stuffed from the starters… Never eat too much at the start because you’ll never finish the main meal. I have to listen to my own words more often. >_<"

Mrs SweetTooth was sitting next to me, and she couldn’t finish her pizza either. >_<" My Italian colleague was supposed to remember to take the remainders to work for her… but never did!! LOL.

I’m afraid I don’t know the total cost… I’m sure they spent more than £100 with the amount of beers they were drinking that night. 

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points: 
– Service was good, they adapted to my colleagues fairly well
– Good food, big portions

Bad points:
– Can’t remember if there were any…

Address: 127 Lordship Ln, East Dulwich, London SE22 8HU
Phone: 020 8693 7034

Caravaggio’s Italian Restaurant – London Camberwell

Before my Japanese exam (I had already had enough revision at this point – fed up of re-learning… didn’t do enough though methinks). I went out with a couple of colleagues to eat Italian food in Camberwell… I thought it was supposed to be a team get together (a different admin team I work with), but it ended up just being three of us. ¬_¬” I could have been revising….!!!!
The supposedly team building exercise was at Caravaggio’s. It’s a really famous local Italian restaurant in Camberwell. Everyone talks about it! But what’s so special about it? For one thing, it looks small from the front but really big at the bag. It’s a really retro restaurant and I’m sure lots of parties have been held in this place.

I was the early bird and was waiting for this team to show up… I didn’t even see them come but they sat quietly near the front – that’s when I spotted them whilst ordering their food! … I made them move to where I sat. :p
So starters first… My colleagues both ordered the sausage. Interesting presentation.

I chose the goat cheese, the Caprini forno. The sauce was sweet with the pears. It kind of tasted like a weird combo. But I love the presentation!!

One of my colleagues ordered the chicken… Can’t really comment…

And the other colleague and myself had the meat lasagne. I had that Garfield craving. ^_^

Parmesan cheese and black pepper on top. Tasty! Nice and hot. Very meaty filling. And very filling to the stomach. 

We all went for a dessert… cheesecake…

Chocolate fudge cake and ice cream…

And I had the creme caramel, which looked like the Japanese version of Purin… I wanted it!! I think the waiter even found my question kind of nonsense… what kind of pudding is it? ¬_¬”” … Just wanted to know if the Japanese stole the idea. Heheheheh. Delicious! I wish I could’ve slurped all that caramel. ^_^

Total cost came to around £67 including drinks. I think we were all surprised that the price was so cheap for the three of us!

Make sure you go early to get a seat… It gets really busy in there!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
Good service and somewhat cheeky
Food presentation is amazing!
Not expensive

Bad points:
Just watch out for the kids parties!!

Address: 47 Camberwell Church St, Camberwell, London SE5 8TR
Telephone: 020 7207 1612

When we were leaving it was already raining… But it suddenly stopped and we saw a rainbow… Awww… a rainbow in Camberwell. ^_^

When I got to Walworth Road, I was lucky to see another rainbow. I was hoping it was a good luck sign for my exams… Hmmmm, we’ll see if they were lucky in October!

Studio 6 Restaurant – London Gabriel’s Wharf

Straight after MCM Comic Con, Miss Pinky, her uni friend (will call her Miss Laidback because she’s so laid back and I really felt I’ve known her for years) and I went back, took the dog out, returned Baby B to Mr Picky and went back out along to South Bank. 
Miss Pinky and I are used to walking (but Miss Pinky needs to get fit before she goes back to work :p)… Miss Laidback had noticed we walk a lot in London! Why?! Because it’s somewhat faster when you’re stuck in traffic, and owning a car in London is treacherous.
It was a nice afternoon, and I think all of us were hungry, so we walked towards Gabriel’s Wharf, which is located between Waterloo and London Bridge. I forgot Gabriel’s Wharf was so cool with their mini shops and small cafes. Must go there when I have nothing to do. We browsed amongst the places that were still opened that Sunday… and we rested upon Studio 6 Restaurant, but we had to wait and see if they would accept the dog Poppy – thankfully they did because we really wanted to try their food!! Especially the desserts. ^_^

We sat there for a bit before we any service came to us, it actually felt forever, but they were busy that day.
Drinks, starters and main dinners were ordered in one go. Gosh, I think we were hungry. (And I think I ruined my diet that weekend… very badly – but don’t forget I passed my driving theory the day before, so it was deemed acceptable!). 

Drinks first! I wanted an Aperol Spritz, but they ran out. It’s become a very popular drink since I tried it out last year. So instead I had Pimms. It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these. ^_^

Next came out slowly were the starters.
Miss Pinky had her usual calamari. The creamy mustard was served with this and I quite liked it.

I decided to also have a started, something semi-healthy. Goat’s cheese frites. They used a white beetroot which I’ve never seen before. (They actually look like small white turnips). Not many people like goat’s cheese, but it didn’t taste funny, it tasted creamy and the sauce went well with everything. Felt almost full after eating this! No way!!!

Now for the dinners.

Miss Pinky and Miss Laidback had the same dish. The duck confit. I didn’t try it because of the duck fat… plus it didn’t look much. Miss Laidback enjoyed it with a large glass of red wine.
Miss Pinky wanted a pic of the wine list, so if you read this Miss Pinky, the wine list is below!!!

Me? I had spinach tortellini. Trying so hard to be healthy. And I forgot this would all be pasta! Should’ve went for the fish!!! 😦 Why didn’t I have the fish? But anyway, I finished this and it was awesome, cooked well, tomato sauce wasn’t bland and the filling was just really filling.

Miss Laidback at this point was supposed to be heading back to Birmingham but decided to stay for one more evening with Miss Pinky and the gang because we all wanted to try out the desserts. 😀 I was quite happy she decided to stay.

We all decided to have different puddings. And this is Poppy trying to get a nibble of the food.

Miss Laidback had a piece of the cheesecake, supermarkets will never be able to compare to this apparently. Couldn’t get a spoon of this. Too bad. 😦

Miss Pinky had the sticky toffee pudding which was filled with alcohol. Not sure if Miss Pinky wanted this all to be alcoholic but it tasted really nice. I would’ve have had this if I didn’t have mine.

I decided I would have the crumble with custard. I haven’t had any crumble for a long time. Unfortunately it didn’t have enough crumble but I did like it. Had lots of sour berries but if it just had a bit more crumble…

Total came to £94.20  which included a second round of drinks.
They rarely do takeaways… so you must eat as much as you can or they will try and wrap it all up for you.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Tasty food
– Reasonable prices
– Very friendly staff

Bad points:
– Although food was great, service for me was slow and a bit hard to get their attention. (Taught Miss Pinky that you have to catch their eyes and wave at the same time)

Address: Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP
Tel: 020 7928 6243

La Luna Italian Restaurant – London Walworth Road

After spending a bit of time with Miss Pinky and co, I was dumped and sent home (Miss Pinky had planned a dinner date with Mr Picky – so I hope that went well)… but I was huuuungry (the white wine spritzer earlier didn’t help). So I decided to go to La Luna on the Walworth Road, an Italian restaurant that’s been around for years. And yes, this is the first time I’ve been in there… ¬_¬” Quite embarrassing to not go into the local Italian… Bad Geek! There are days when I pass by and it’s not busy and some other days it’s very busy.
La Luna 

So I sat by the window, it was a bit chilly that evening so I still had my scarf on… I went through the menu and was thinking to have either a pasta or a pizza. Choosing Italian food is always hard for me. I like both pasta and pizza, everything has cheese on it… fattening cheese! But the one thing I like the most is the Italian tomato sauce. Yummy!!

Bread sticks and olives are already set on the table for you…

bread sticks and olives

And this is what I had. From the hot starters I had the uova al forno which consists of eggs, ham, meat sauce and cheese… it came out nice and hot. Fresh from the oven. Be careful of the hot bowl!! I had to blow the food on every bite I took. It was very good, but not cheesy enough for me… I want more of that tomatoey meat sauce – just rich and sweet.

uova al forno

I also had the ortolana pizza. It wasn’t what I expected. The pizza was very big but it wasn’t cut into slices like I normally would get in other pizza places. Sometimes I wonder at how Italians eat pizza and apparently you cut it into quarters and eat it with knife and fork or you can pick up the quarters, fold it and eat it. But did I do that? Nope, I cut mine into 8ths and ate it slice by slice, plus folding like an Italian. I learnt the folding technique from watching an old American film with an Italian girl showing a person how to eat pizza slices… still remember that scene but forgot the film title!
I was a little disappointed with the veggie toppings… I wanted a little more on top. It was a good pizza though. 
ortolana pizza

By the way, I did have a large glass of red wine, which made me a little tipsy, heheh, but I managed to get home in the freezing cold, and also felt guilty eating a lot whilst there was a homeless guy begging outside (I gave him a quid)… 😦

my empty glass of wine ^_^

Total cost came to £18.40. Not bad. Cheaper than most Italian places I believe. ^_^

I was told by a friend who goes to this restaurant all the time, but is out of the country at the moment, to try out the penne all’amatriciana…. I wonder why!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Very polite service
– Reasonable prices
– Food comes out hoooot! (unlike some places I’ve been to) ^_^
– A lot of the locals go here which means it’s a good thing

Bad: points:
– Pizza toppings was not what I expected but everything else was ok!

Address: 380 Walworth Road, London SE17 2NG
Telephone: 020 7277 1991

Website: http://www.lalunapizzeria.com/La_Luna_Pizzeria/Home.html

Pizza Union – London King’s Cross

Back to work boooo!
Now I’ve started reminiscing about last week’s food fest. I had a lot of sugar and fat. ^_^ Happy Geek!!
Last week I went out again with Miss Pinky with Baby B who went out to see her colleagues… don’t panic she ain’t going back to work just yet. We arrived at King’s Cross (where I rarely go to) just in time before the lunch rush. Took a seat at Pizza Union quickly, parked the buggy and Miss Pinky and her colleague queued quickly to order the pizzas.
Pizza Union in King’s Cross
Wow… The queues went outside the door! This place is very popular for the workers in the King’s Cross area.
So you actually get one of the light up flashing gadgets to say when your food is ready… and our food took a few moments. So Miss Pinky and her colleague(s) started to catch up. 
The gadget flashed up and Miss Pinky and I went to get the pizzas amongst the sea of people already seated. >_<""
I think this is the Funghi pizza that Miss Pinky’s colleague had.

Miss Pinky had the Carne pizza, which is quite meaty!

And I had the Vesuvio pizza. Ummm!! I love the stringy cheese, and I added extra chilli oil which made it extra spicy (I thought the oil was pizza oil which I usually have when I’m with Mr and Mrs Travels ¬_¬””). I’m a geek, I make mistakes too. The pizza is very good, very thin, nothing like Pizza Express and Pizza Hut and boring frozen pizzas. Very Italian as you can see they don’t use a pizza pan from the rough circular edges. 

Total came to around £21 including drinks. That’s really good for 3 people! Around £7 each. ^_^

My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Very reasonable pizza prices!!
– Good seating
– Service can’t really comment on (I’m sure Miss Pinky can tell me one day.
Bad points
– Have to get your own pizzas in the midst of surrounding bodies
Address: 246-250 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JY
Tel: 020 7278 9425
It’s Guy Fawkes night tonight. It was raining earlier so not many neighbours out tonight displaying their beautiful fireworks… Lots of firework displays are on during this weekend and there’s a possibility that I might go out and watch some pretty fireworks… we’ll see if I’m in the mood for a cold night out!

Vico Italian (Gelupo) – London Cambridge Circus/Shaftesbury Avenue

Finally taking a break from crocheting granny squares. I have 39 out of 100 squares to go and also thE border of the blanket. Wrist is going to break any moment now. ^_^
It’s been about a month and a half (or longer) since I lost saw Miss Money (she still hasn’t given me her holiday food pictures yet. Humph) who went to Shenyang, China her hometown, Mr Games and Mr Sensible. Anyway, we went out and had a burger at Honest Burgers – still love the chips! Afterwards we walked around looking for a coffee and dessert place and a place that was gluten free. Mr Sensible is on a gluten free diet – not sure why, he must have told us, but I have forgotten. Gluten free bread doesn’t look nice by the way!
I suggested we go to Cafe Vergnano 1882 on Charing Cross Road but that was closed when we went pass there. So Miss Money suggested we go to the new Italian place which was a little further up the road… The old Pizza Hut is replaced by this place called Vico, an Italian street food restaurant. One side is the ice cream side and the other side is the hot food.

This is from the ice cream side – Gelupo.

It was a hard time choosing from all the flavours that were available! Small cups are £3 – but it is worth it.

Mr Sensible chose the pistachio flavour. He didn’t want the biscuit because of his gluten diet.

Miss Money tried to convince to have a different flavour but I stuck to my choice – pumpkin and cinnamon. It wasn’t too sweet and I couldn’t really taste the cinnamon although very filling! 

Mr Games had the snickers flavour on a cone.

And Miss Money had a coffee, a coffee with ice cream called affogato. I got a sip of this and I loved it! Lots of strong coffee and a very creamy ice cream taste. Yummy!

This is from the other side. Think I might have to do a part 2 on Vico… have to try out the hot food. ^_^

My geeky rating (on the ice cream): 5/5
Good points: 
– Very tasty ice cream!
– Polite service
– Sink is available to wash your hands! 
Bad points:
– A little pricey

Address: One Cambridge Circus, Seven Dials, London WC2H 8PA
Tel: 020 7379 0303

Miss Money said we needed to go for a walk, so we cut through Covent Garden and walked along Waterloo Bridge. The London Eye was lit in different colours because of the rugby. Beautiful.

I also think this is a silly artistic work in Trafalgar Square… two fingers pointing at each other. Very pointless and looks kind of “wrong”. It’s easy to think that these are two male genitalia pointing at each other. ¬,¬” LOL!!!!

Eat Drink Love Italian: Milano EXPOsed – Old Spitalfields Market

^_^ Was happy to be approached by Rochester PR Group again this year (I think my blog is getting a bit dry from the summer weather). This time I was invited to an Italian event for Eat Drink Love Italian where they were introducing the food and culture of Milan. That’s why the event is called Milano EXPOsed. Interesting! I’ve always wanted to go to Italy but I guess this is the next best thing. 
This was a two day event on September 3rd and 4th, so I went on the 3rd.

At the event I introduced myself to Jo from the PR team and we worked ourselves to the bar… I got a free drink from the bar Vini Italiani – a wine bar/shop based in Old Brompton Road. 😉

Aperol Spritz – first time trying!
Next I roamed around looking for food to eat – was quite hungry as I’ve only been eating salads at lunch for the whole week. 😦 

So first I tried out was this ragu from Etnacoffee. It was heated up and I opened it up…

Woooow… this looked amazing! Think I was in heaven when I saw what was inside… risotto, cheese and just a lot of fattening ingredients (with a few veggies). This was quite filling.

Etnacoffee is based in Victoria. I’m going to try and find this place and eat more!
After eating this, I went to explore the other stalls… I wasn’t too keen on the drinks – although I bet the wines and other drinks are spectacular… 

Jools – European version of bubble tea

I managed to go up where the DJ was (I wasn’t on the guest list, but asked if I could take a quick shot)…
DJ area for the VIP guests

Aerial shot of the event ^_^
In the end I went to one stall thinking that I could get a free sample but unfortunately didn’t. 😦 

Look at those pastries! They are so cute and look very appetizing.

Pastries from Doppiozero 

 Italian boats of food…

So I paid £4 for this sample of food which is typical Italian food. This is from the company Delicatezza an online pantry that obviously sell Italian food and drink products. 
And paid £4 for these 2 little pastries. Expensive. I know, but it was worth it. These pastries tasted awesome… The one with the mixed fruit and custard is just amazing! Doppiozero is the awesome company who made these. They are an Italian catering company, so you can order these online and they’ll be delivered to your door.  They offer their services for events, parties and office lunches.
Hmmm… after this event I want to go and explore more Italian food places. I wonder if my Italian colleagues/friends know about the ones I’ve mentioned above… 

Jamie’s Italian – London Shepherd’s Bush

Did you know I was once a Jamie Oliver fan? Still am really. I watched his cooking show on BBC 2 with such fascination because of his random ways of cooking and how he grew herbs on his window sill. But when he switched over to Channel 4 I think I lost interest, plus I was entering university at the time and didn’t have time to watch that much TV! 
I don’t own any of his cookbooks or tv shows but just watching what he does with cooking is amazing! I feel like I’m watching my parents cook as they don’t use measuring cups, weighing scales or special gadgets except for tin openers. ^_^
I’ve wanted to eat at a Jamie Oliver restaurant for a very long time, but every time I mention it to a friend they would look at me to say, “are you joking?” Why? Is it that bad??? Anyway, I decided to take a long bus ride to Shepherd’s Bush as I was looking for a rucksack, and also decided to visit Jamie’s Italian. I wanted to try out this place as Jamie Oliver is opening a branch in Hong Kong, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about…
Jamie’s Italian is actually quite hard to spot in the Southern Terrace of Westfield Shopping Centre. It’s separated from all the other restaurants in that area but you can easily spot it with the blue ice cream van in the front.
Remember to find the ice cream van to find Jamie’s Italian in Shepherd’s Bush!

I dined alone that day and was extremely hungry… I think the waitress was surprised to see a lone diner (I wasn’t the only one) and I almost thought I had to seat myself!

Some diners were already there

Lots of seating

I had a very handsome waiter taking my order (just wanted to point that out to the ladies!). I wanted to try out the seafood bucatini but the sound of the white sauce didn’t appeal plus it was expensive! So in the end I ordered the Cauliflower and Cheese Fritters and a Simple Baked Lasagne. I asked for it to be served at the same time…

Here’s my drink… a bitter Refresher drink. Too bitter to drink really. Needed more elderflower juice in it. There was too much ice in it as well…
Refresher is too bitter

It was a little wait for the food, so I sat there listening to the diners next to me and playing Pet Rescue Saga. The diners next to me were having a boring conversation which did not interest me one bit that’s why I constantly played on my phone! … Finally the food came…

My food

I tried the Cauliflower Fritters… Humph. I was quite disappointed really. It was warm nearly cold. The cauliflower already lost it’s crunch. Tasted as if the cauliflower were cooked beforehand. How disappointing. I think I would have preferred a bit of crunch in my veg like they do with Japanese tempura. If this is how Italian cauliflower fritters taste like, then I’m just disappointed! ¬,¬””

Cauliflower Fritters and Cheese sauce

Next I started on the Simple Baked Lasagne. Presentation wise it looked good but not sure about the salad leaves though. But taste wise I was again disappointed. It was kind of salty, no sweet tomato taste and a bit watery to my liking. Nevertheless I ate the whole thing as I didn’t like to waste my money.

Simple Baked Lasagne 

You know what, I think my face said it all… Disappointed. I think the waiter could see it although I gave him big smiles just to hide my disappointment. 

The waiter asked if I wanted dessert. I thought why not, maybe this would make up for the lunch… How wrong was I?! Ha. I ordered the tiramisu. I’ve had a lot of versions of tiramisu, and this was the most disappointing of them all!! Just a dust of coffee on top of a sweet cake. ¬,¬”” What?! Disappointed again!!!! I think a little bit more coffee powder for the coffee lovers would have helped a bit more…

Most of the diners ordered the burgers. I should have went for those. I think they were regulars to the place and probably knew what to order. Next time if I ever, ever come again, I’m getting a burger…

Total price came to £23.45 which isn’t bad for a famous chef’s restaurant. But too expensive for an “Italian” restaurant according to some friends. One friend said there are better places to eat Italian. Jamie’s is bland and overpriced they said… Agreed there!! Sorry Jamie Oliver…
Well, good luck in Hong Kong. Chinese people have big expectations with food. I hope some of the recipes will have improved once they open in the summer…!!

Here’s Jamie making attempts at speaking Cantonese… I give him credit for trying!

My geeky rating: 2.5/5
Good points:
– Good service
– Nice big restaurant 
Bad points:
– Food quality wasn’t the greatest as expected 
– Pricey for Italian food
– Not the greatest restaurant for Italian food

Address: Unit 1078, Westfield Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, London, Greater London W12 7GB
Phone: 020 8090 9070

Website: http://www.jamieoliver.com/italian/

London Tourist Adventure (once again) Part 2 – Eating at Strada

Next part of this adventure was of course to eat! After all that step walking in St Paul’s Cathedral is exhausting.

I really wanted spaghetti bolognese from anywhere that served it. And what do you know? There was a Strada just outside the cathedral! Woohoo! It looked so posh from the outside that we didn’t know whether we were allowed in or not (I had trainers on) but thankfully we were allowed in.
Outside Strada
They were still serving their Christmas menu. But my mind was definitely set on the spaghetti bolognese!!
I ordered a salad – the Insalata Spinaci. Looking at it again makes me want to have one right now. That’s how good it was. Nice vinegarette. Spinach was beautiful. And the avocado and sun-dried tomatoes were lovely too.
Insalata Spinachi
Miss Rock ordered the Polo Milanese. Unfortunately she didn’t like it. She said the fried chicken was burned, she only the centre part. The spaghetti was ok (but I could tell she didn’t like it because she didn’t discuss the sauce with me). Telling from her looks, she didn’t enjoy her meal. Hmmm. I think we’ll eat sushi next time.
Polo Milanese
I think I am happy to have ordered my Spaghetti Bolognese. I did enjoy it. But I didn’t like the sauce. Having been to a local Italian in Camberwell recently (Gusto) the tastes were far apart. The sauce here was ok but didn’t have the sweet taste that I like in bolognese sauces. It lacked that Italian feeling! Well, I did finish as I was hungry.
Spaghetti Bolognese
Next came dessert. Miss Rock and I both ordered ice cream. We were allowed to have two scoops of different flavours, so Miss Rock had pistachio and vanilla, and I had the pistachio and hazelnut. Hazelnut tasted good. Pistachio was so-so.
Pistachio and Vanilla ice cream
Pistachop and Hazelnut
Total cost came to around £37. Miss Rock took the receipt, and I can’t remember the exact total. Expensive for all of that!! Plus service was slow for a Saturday post lunch period.
My geeky rating: 3.5/5
Good points:
– Nice starter
– Ok seating arrangements
– Polite waiters
Bad points:
– Slightly burnt food from Miss Rock’s plate
– Food was average not spectacular
– Needs a sign in the restaurant to indicate the toilet…Couldn’t see it from where I was sitting
– Although we had polite service it was awfully slow for a Saturday!
Address: 4 St Pauls Churchyard, London EC4M 8AY
Telephone: 020 7248 7178
Soon after we finished eating we saw this great piece of sand art along South Bank.

Bart Simpson in the sand XD

p.s. Since blogging, I have noticed myself judging food and explaining it to others a lot more than I used to… I’ve also noticed my friends, like Miss Rock, have started to become more opinionated about what they eat. ¬,¬” Is that a good or bad thing? Probably a good thing, it means you can get several opinions!

Cafe Florence – London Camberwell & Gourmet Burger Kitchen – London East Dulwich

One Saturday morning (in the middle of December) I decided to do a food crawl, well lunch and a dessert, or the other way around actually, a dessert then a lunch. I had seen this little cafe called Cafe Florence that just opened before I went on holiday, and I said to myself I must try it out when I come back! And I did.
It was after 11.30-ish when I got there, and it was raining too. I had seen the cakes outside before, and I really wanted to try out the cakes!!
Outside Cafe Florence
I had a seat whilst I waiting for my food and noticed that the place was owned by an Italian couple with another helper… hence the name Florence!! ^_^
Inside Cafe Florence
I ordered a strawberry tarte, a chai latte and a piece of chocolate cake! I looked so greedy, heheh. It’s food. I didn’t eat breakfast!! The chai latte was very good, it didn’t need sugar in it. The crust on the strawberry tarte was hard to get through as it was stuck to the foil, but I did like it. And the chocolate cake was the surprise. It tasted like a jaffa cake with marmalade / orange jam layered in between the icing and the cake… Oh it was delicious!! I want more!!
Strawberry Tarte
Chai Latte
Chocolate Cake
All three together
A proper close up of the cake!!
Cafe Florence does serve paninis and hot food, so I definitely need to go back there to try out the hot food!!
Total price was around £6 (I forgot the total!!). But awfully cheap for all three items. I thought I was going to be charged at least for £7.50… Very good!
My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points:
– Friendly service
– Good cakes and my chai latte was good
Bad points:
– Unfortunately the seating is a bit squishy, so I guess go early when no one is around!
I had the spaghetti bolognese 2 weeks later… it was so-so… Needed seasoning, but the cakes were still very good!!
Address: 116 Denmark Hill, Camberwell SE5
(I think it opens around 7 or 8 am and closes around 5pm)

Next off was to walk back into the rain, cross the road and go to East Dulwich. I had been dying for an American style burger for weeks or days. One or the other.  So I went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen. It has been a while since I have been to this place… quite a few years… Forgot to take a pic of the outside!!

I ordered for myself a Speedy Joe burger. This was ok. Not the best burger in the world. But I enjoyed it.
Speedy Joe Burger
I had skinny fries thinking I would be less full by looking at it… I was wrong.
Skinny Fries
I needed a salad to help me digest.
And I asked for truffle mayonnaise sauce… yummy!!
Truffle Mayonnaise
Well, service was a bit too Americanized for me, but it was ok, Food on the other hand was too much after a big dessert!! Heheheh.
I forgot the total price, but it came up to around £16 or £17
My geeky rating: 4/5
Good points:
– Ok food
– Ok service
– Spacious seating layout
Bad points:
– Expensive for a burger, fries, drink and a salad. I think I can find cheaper! Maybe… ¬,¬”

Address: 121 Lordship Lane, London, East Dulwich, London SE22 8HU ‎
Telephone: 020 8693 9307