Walworth Kebab House – London

Short post!
I think this is the only kebab place I haven’t blogged about… ¬_¬”” Well, lucky me! There was a big traffic jam and East St Market bus stop was closed at the time when I came to this place…
Mrs Hen wanted to go to East St to shop but she wanted to eat first! OMG. And that’s how we ended up in the Walworth Kebab House… I’ve passed this shop for many, many, many years, but never entered it. It’s always busy with the locals, on some days it’s quite quiet in there… But the time has come for me to blog about it. LOL. 

Mrs Hen had the chicken kebab, and I had the lamb kofte kebab. For some reason, my tastebuds like lamb meat. 

Well, well, well… this was surprisingly tasty! Not overwhelming. The salad was nicely made, just a bit vinegary, and went well with my lamb kofte kebab. 

What I liked most was this spicy tomato sauce! See how much Mrs Hen and I went for it. Tangy, sweet but also spicy. All three in one. I’m sure this was made at the kebab house… Even Mrs Hen was saying this place was much better than “the other place in Walworth Road” … not sure which one she was talking about.

Total cost came to £12 including drinks.

My geeky rating: 5/5 (based on Mrs Hen’s views)

Good points:
– Friendly service
– Tasty food and sauce

Bad points:
– A bit cramped but all was ok after only sitting for a while

Address: 360 Walworth Rd, London SE17 2NF
Tel: 020 7703 6808

BBQ Express – London Walworth Road

I’ve been dying to try out this new restaurant which took over a clothes store that was probably not doing so well. It’s situated in a new building of the grounds of the very old Walworth Police Station on Carter Street. (I’ve been living in this area for far too long!).
This new restaurant is a franchise which started up in 2006 according to their website. It seems quite popular already as there’s quite a few stores dotted around England and new branches seem to be popping up.

It was quite difficult for me to choose from the menu as there’s a variety of things to eat from burgers to grills to kebabs… Oh the choices! BBQ Express is a like a cross between Nando’s and a burger place. Hard to distinguish what type of restaurant it is really… In the end I chose the Grill Box which has a variety of grilled/BBQ meats, I chose fries and a Diet Coke to go with it. You can choose rice but I will try that another time. ¬,¬”
It takes a little while for it to be prepared so take a seat.
Can’t remember if the guy at the till asked if I wanted takeaway but he guessed right. I took my meal home and I had it straight away… Craving for meaty food!! The person gave me three sauces without me having to ask. ^_^ Already liking this place.
The meat was cooked so nicely, my mouth was watering. Lamb chops were cooked nicely (I don’t often eat lamb), Kofta strips, chicken pieces and BBQ drumsticks were just too delicious. I recommend adding some of the meat into the pitta bread and making your own little wrap. ^_^

Total cost came to £7.95 – that’s a very good price for what I had! I think I might be going to this place from time to time… 
My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Definitely “fresh off the grill”
– Polite service
– Food was delicious, want to try out everything now!
– Halal
Bad points:
– Can’t think of any… just hungry again from looking at the pictures. Yum yum! 😀
Address: 292b Walworth Road, London SE17 2TE
Tel: 0207 701 0088
Website: http://www.bbq-express.co.uk/ (needs to be updated)

Castle Turkish Restaurant and BBQ – London Walworth Road

Back to the food…
On the way back from Bath I was thinking really hard about my dinner. I was actually still full from the big lunch I had in Bath, but I still wanted to buy something to eat in case I got hungry later that night. So I chose something local, Castle Turkish Restaurant and BBQ, which opened back in December / January.
There’s already a kebab shop lower down in the Walworth Road, so it’s nice to see another competitor opening up in the area. This restaurant used to be a coffee shop and I think it has changed with ownership over the years, and now it finally became a kebab shop!
Castle Turkish Restaurant and BBQ 
I had a hard time choosing what to eat as there is quite a lot on the menu to choose from, as with most kebab shops. In the end I chose the mixed shish kebab which is £6.50. I wanted to get chips but thought that might have cost a bit more if I chose that too!
Part of the menu
There were already a few customers and the dining area was light… I think because it’s not right in front of a bus stop like the other one is, it’s probably hard to attract as many customers around the area although many people who shop and go into Tesco or the local shops will pass it and look inside…
I chose to have a takeaway as I was tired from the road trip. I think I made a good choice.
Having a takeaway!!
So everything was put into foil containers except the pita bread… This is my salad.
The pita bread is actually massive, I didn’t realise until after I took the picture!!
Large pita bread!
The mixed shish which is consistent of chicken and lamb was put on top of a bed of rice. Unlike The Best Kebab, they would offer either chips or rice with the kebab… I didn’t get that offer here.
Mixed shish on top of rice
Sauce mix of chilli and yogurt sauce
This was a very kebab meal all for £6.50 which is the exact same price as The Best Kebab. There are of course a few differences with the menu items. I found this place quite satisfactory, and was very happy with the large pitta bread which you would only get a smaller one in other shops.
Although I didn’t get a choice of chips or rice, my geeky rating is… 5/5… I was full to the max!
Good points:
– Wide selection on the menu
– Food was really filling
– Food was separated into different containers – which I actually found surprising!
– Friendly staff
Bad points:
– Just not having the choice of rice or chips
Address: 210 Walworth Road, London SE17 1JE
Telephone: 02077016794

The Best Kebab – London Walworth Road

I didn’t forget to blog about this place. Just got too busy… ¬,¬””

The Best Kebab which is situated along the Walworth Road… It’s where all the drunks go at night, the mothers who like a cheap meal for their children, a place for family gatherings and for others to enjoy a good kebab!

I like coming here, as you get a good portion size for small and large appetites. They are reasonably priced too… I think just over a fiver for a meal… (Sorry for bad quality pictures by the way, I used the LG phone for this post).
Outside The Best Kebab
Miss Pinky and I went here after playing a board game at Mr Games’ place a few weeks ago… And apparently I had to treat her for this meal!  What?! ¬,¬ … that doesn’t make sense!

Anyway we had the following… I forgot the names of the dishes, but I think you can just admire all that meat, bread, salad and chips in this post! ^_^
Miss Pinky’s food

Pita bread – stone oven baked!

I think this was mine 😀
It was a cheap meal of a total cost around £13-£14. Not bad for two people right?! So if you pass by, and you want something to eat, try The Best Kebab. It’s also Halal… I actually wanted to take my cousin here but we ended up at that one in Leicester Square… Too bad!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Cheap and good portions of food
– Tasty and delicious kebab
– Pita bread is baked in a stone oven

Bad points:
– Not many bad points… I can’t really think of any… Maybe toilets shouldn’t be for both males and females…

Address: 294 Walworth Rd London, SE17 2TE
Telephone: 020 7703 7383

Golden Grill – London Camberwell

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but was too lazy… ¬_¬” so here it is!!

One lunch time I was suddenly asked by a couple of colleagues to go to lunch with them even though I had just heated my own lunch of frankfurters in egg fried rice, and already had two to three spoonfuls! In the end I had to give in as I hardly go out to lunch with my colleagues. I sit in my office nearly all day long, every weekday, staring at my computer… 😦

So, we ended up in Golden Grill in Camberwell. It’s a kebab shop, opened since 1975, older than me!! 😀
Golden Grill in Camberwell Green

We sat inside and it took us a while to order food as everything looked so appetizing!! The place looks very retro, and has a lot of Turkish ornaments.
Inside Golden Grill

Nice lights!

The menu… So many choices inside
In the end we ordered the following… And I don’t remember us ordering the pitta bread and dips… Was that free with our order?
Warm pitta bread with various dips

 One colleague ordered a chicken wrap. She finished half of it, but couldn’t finish the other…

Chicken Wrap – So big!

The chef made a small mistake with mine and my male colleagues orders as I wanted chips, and my colleague wanted the rice… ¬_¬””

Lamb Kebab with Salad and Rice

This is my Chicken Shish kebab with salad and chips

I couldn’t finish mine. It was so filling. But I would definitely go to this place again!! ^_^

Total cost – I can’t remember. One of my colleagues kindly paid as I was trying to find my purse…

My geeky rating: 5/5 (it was so filling!)

Good points: 
– Nice warm pitta bread with different dips (better than Nando’s)
– Food was very filling
– Reasonable pricing (as far as I can remember)
– Friendly service
– Halal

Bad points:
– Slightly slow service (may have been a long queue for the takeaways), and that’s it really…

Address: 20 Camberwell Green, London SE5 7AA
Telephone: 0207 277 3720