CheeMc Korean Restaurant – London Walworth Road

I was going to wait until this place had it’s full menu before blogging about it, but unfortunately since its opening from the end of September or beginning of October, it still has no menu, so I’m blogging about CheeMc now. Miss Pinky will have to wait until they serve bibimbap before coming here I guess.
CheeMc Korean Restaurant

CheeMc is a Korean fried chicken restaurant which was once an Indian restaurant. (I presume they will be adding more stuff to their menu later in the year. Fingers crossed!). I went there at the end of October before I went to Japan just to see what’s it all about. At the time, the waitress, who I think is the wife of the owner explained there was no menu and there were only three types of chicken: fried chicken, spicy chicken and soy chicken. I chose the fried chicken at the time. There’s a fourth one on the menu which is fried chicken in sweet sauce. (Here’s a guide on Korean fried chicken).

Love the lampshades! Very modern!

The fried chicken is very different to the chicken in the fried chicken shops on the Walworth Road. It has a heavy batter but it’s not salted or seasoned in any way. It’s still hot even when you leave it for a good 10 minutes or so. Very hot, so be careful of burning your fingers. The chicken is served on a plate with a “newspaper” underneath, I think it’s to resemble fish and chips when they were once wrapped in newspaper in the old days. 

Korean plain fried chicken

Pickled Parsnip

 I enjoyed their mustard mayonnaise, tasted smooth and not burning hot. Thumbs up for that! (^_^)b

Spicy sauce, Korean style salt, mustard mayo

My first visit cost me £11 (from memory) and I thought this place would definitely be very popular once they start serving other things! It was already in full swing that night!


On my second visit was yesterday after watching The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (which scared me a bit, but it’s not a very scary movie). There was only a table of Korean boys eating. Looks like people were still getting over their hangovers that evening. Heheh. The waitress said to me that there is no menu, and I said “Still!” and the waitress asked if I’ve been there before… Oh well, I guess they are still considering on what special dishes to serve us Korean-crazed food fans.
Empty on New Year’s Day 

At the start of ordering I ordered a half plain fried chicken and then I added the spicy fried chicken on top. I think the waitress thought I only wanted the spicy fried chicken and didn’t order the fried plain one. ¬_¬” I was hungry. I want a full chicken. But all was ok, I got my full chicken. ^_^ (Hey, I never said I was the healthiest eater on the entire Earth – at least I power walk).

If you’ve had the spicy fried chicken that you can buy in the supermarkets, well this is exactly the same thing in that rich red spicy Korean sauce sweetened with sugar or honey, but this version is heated of course. Yum yum yum. I love this stuff, but it’s so messy when you eat it, so please bring extra tissues and wipes with you!!
Spicy Fried Chicken (the sweet sticky one)

And the fried chicken was like last time… So full after eating it all. ^___^

More Korean Fried Chicken

I think I wasted the fried batter ¬_¬””

Total for my second visit came to £20.90. Expensive. Not sure if they added service charge. (Surprised the waitress by saying “excuse me” and “thank you” in Korean :D).

My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points:
– Love the chicken I’ve had so far (still got to try the soy chicken… soy sauce chicken is fantastic!!)
– Local Korean restaurant on the Walworth Road! (Finally!)
– Ok service
Bad points:
– Bigger tissues and hand wipes needed (very messy for me)
– A bit expensive for fried chicken (but all Korean fried chicken is expensive!!)
PLEASE, please, please add more food ASAP!!

If you can understand Korean, here’s their menu taken from this webpage. I have translated some of it:

메뉴 : 후라이드 £16.5 (plain fried whole chicken)
양 념 £17.5 (sweet sauce fried whole chicken)
간장치킨 £17.5 (soy sauce whole chicken)
깐풍치킨 £17.5 (spicy fried whole chicken)
소 주 £7 (soju)
맥 주 £2 ( 한국 카스맥주입니다!!) (Korean beer)
콜 라 £1 (Cola)

Address: 310 Walworth road London SE17 2NA (opens at lunchtime and then at 5pm  from 12pm… no closing time stated as yet… and yes, a lot of Koreans go here as it’s near South Bank Uni!!)
Telephone: 0203 645 0772  or 07940227761

This is part of their menu:

Update 20/02/2015

Can’t be bothered to write a whole new post on CheeMc, so here’s an update!! They finally released their new menu (thanks to the anonymous comment) two weeks ago. Unfortunately I went on holiday so couldn’t go last week. ^_^ Thankfully Miss Pinky was ready to go and give this place a try this week… 

The menu now contains a few of the usual suspects on a typical Korean menu, but I think the popular stuff is the fried chicken which you can’t get in most Korean restaurants.

Menu outside the window

Menu outside the window

Here’s the food we had today…

Of course we had to have a chicken. I took half of this plate home as the two of us were too full.

Spicy half chicken – wasn’t spicy enough for Miss Pinky

Ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes) was a bit different. Instead of a rich thick sauce this was in a runny soup base, like a proper home made version with lots of fishcake and spring onions. Sauce was not bad! Sweet and spicy.

Spicy rice cakes – Definitely spicy

Usual culprit in my blogposts is this bibimbap. Miss Pinky had the beef with a completely cooked fried egg but she didn’t have the fried egg or the onions either!!

Dolsot Bibimbap

 And finally I had this marinated beef and rice. It’s sweet. And I became stuffed after this…

Marinated beef and rice

Total came to £32.50 including service charge and a 50p extra charge for the takeaway stuff. Was so stuffed in the end and it seems it’s going to be a very, very popular Korean store in South London!! I hope the bosses hires 1 more waitress too. It’s really busy.

p.s. They do takeaway too!!

Update 08/11/2015
I’ve noticed this morning that a lot of people are reading this post (I guess because there’s an article in The Guardian about it)… so to get your mouths watering for Korean fried chicken and other foods here’s some more pics…

Honey Butter Fried chicken – AMAZING STUFF!!

Soy fried chicken – yummy!!

Spicy Fried Chicken – not the sweet sticky one or is it… I can’t remember!!!

Seafood Ramen – Miss Pinky had this before Baby B came out… she was trying everything to get the baby out!!

Jyajungmyeon a.k.a black bean paste noodles which is made with pork… expensive but nice – you can easily make your own though

A drawing at the counter from earlier this year

p.p.s. The dessert store opposite the restaurant is called Kaspa’s

Mudo Korea Restaurant – London St Giles High Street (Closed)

So this is the last Korean restaurant along St Giles High Street but obviously not the last Korean restaurant I’ll be going to!
It was not a surprise to see ASSA Yorimichi go as more Koreans frequent the area than the Japanese and I believe Korean food has become more of an in thing recently (but I still love my Chinese and Japanese foods!!!).
Mudo Korea that replaced ASSA Yorimichi

I find Mudo Korea a little bit like Seoul Bakery but with more choice of food and staff, plus they have a downstairs with seating too! However it is a bit expensive like the other Korean restaurants along the high street. Seoul Bakery happens to be the cheapest. In Mudo Korea you can also write on their walls with cartoons etc., etc. No need for post-it notes! Plus they have free Wi-Fi!!

Lots of scribbling on the wall

Upside down menus

Miss Pinky loved the PSY posters, so I thought why not take some more pictures!

PSY posters

More scribbling… cute!!

So was it hard to choose what food we wanted. Not really since I was dying from a cardiovascular workout held by Miss Pinky’s other younger brother. Ugh. Cardiovascular workouts are so tough!! And this is what we had…

Side dishes came out first. Miss Pinky was munching away at these…

Side dishes
Miss Pinky saw this Jjampong Ramen dish in the window of the shop. And this looks nothing like what we saw in the window! Damn photo shoots. Food never looks the same as it does in the window! She ordered this without prawns due to her allergies. Well, Miss Pinky loved this. It was spicy. The squid was nice and tender and the soup was good too. There are a lot of veggies in this one too.
Jjampong Ramen
Another dish that was shown in the window were these marinated beef ribs. Wow. These tasted really good! A little salty. Marinate was great! And the beef was nice and tender. Chewable and not too hard to the bone. I would have definitely snucked a few more pieces from this hot plate if Miss Pinky wasn’t looking. Heheh. 😀
Marinated beef ribs

Next came my Korean fried chicken. This comes with 2 beers at £17. An expensive dish but at least Miss Pinky got the beers! They were nice and hot when they came out. The chicken meat was very moist and juicy inside but unfortunately it lacked a little salt and sauces weren’t suggested. 😦 I could have done with some extra spicy sauce as a dip! You can buy this for £10 as takeaway without the beers.

Fried Chicken
Both of us ordered a beef bibimbap each. Not sure why Miss Pinky ordered more than she could actually eat… she just wanted to take this away. This looks like the type of bibimbap you would have at home rather than in a restaurant. It looks similar to Seoul Bakery but there’s more in here! It comes with a fried egg… and all I can say it was good. I think Miss Pinky was a tiny bit disappointed as it wasn’t in a hot pot.
Beef Bibimbap

The bill!

Total cost £57.20 including service charge. We spent arount £30 each, so it wasn’t too bad for what we got in the end. I would definitely come here again to eat more of the fried chicken and maybe tryout something else.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Free Wi-Fi available (just look for the code on the wall)
– Loved the fried chicken (but it needs salt or flavouring)
– Polite service (our waitress was very good at memorising our order without writing it down!!)

Bad points:
– A bit expensive
– Service charge (as usual)

Address: 53 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LH
Telephone: Can’t find one!

No website!!

Japanese Canteen – London Middlesex Street + Tower of London Poppies

A couple of days after visiting My Old Place I decided it was about time I went to Japanese Canteen. I had seen this place a year ago and haven’t even tried it out!! When I passed it during the evening it was quite busy and I saw the sign Korean fried chicken, and thought I must go and eat there!!
I got there just after it opened, and there were already customers sitting around! There’s an extensive menu of Korean and Japanese food. Not sure why there’s Korean food when it’s a “Japanese” restaurant but that doesn’t matter as long as the food is delicious, simple and filling. ^_^
Japanese Canteen

The place looks very quiet during the day but it’s busy at night.

Many seats

Can you see how long the menu is?!!

Extensive menu!

Pretty honeycomb like lantern…

Love the lantern

I ordered the strawberry and apple fruit juice. It isn’t bad

I ordered the Korean Fried Chicken donburi a.k.a “KFC” heheh. This came with rice and salad like a bibimbap with the hot stone bowl. The chicken was in a nice sticky sweet Korean red pepper sauce. It doesn’t look hot but it definitely was spicy hot and hot, hot. I was pretty much full after eating this! Really, really filling if you’re just looking for one dish to eat.
Korean Fried Chicken Donburi
And I had to order takoyaki which was smothered in mayonnaise and okonomiyaki brown sauce. Quality of the takoyaki was good! Even the piece of the octopus was substantial. ^_^ Too bad there were only 4 pieces. I would have liked it if there were two more. ¬.¬”
Big piece of octopus inside

My meal ^___^

Total cost came to £10.85!! Wow. I finally found a place where I can enjoy a meal for around £10.

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– A combination of Korean and Japanese food
– Very spacious
– Polite service
– Cheapish and affordable for a night out

Bad points:
– Nothing I can think of really!

Address: 100 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ



Next stop was Tower of London. I could have walked from Liverpool Street to there but was lazy and got the bus. ¬_¬” Ms LǜFù informed us about this so I thought I might as well have a look.

The surroundings of Tower of London is filled with poppies (which are not real, they are made out of ceramic). This is to commemorate Remembrance Day on November 11th.

Looks like they are planning more stuff…

Sea of ceramic poppies

These pictures were taken with my Sony camera (not the phone)

Close up shot of the ceramic poppies

Let’s remember the heroes and the soldiers who fought during WW1…


ASSA 아싸 Korean Restaurant – London St Giles High Street (Now in Romilly Street)

Remember many blue moons ago when I blogged about ASSA Yorimichi, which has now unfortunately gone and has turned into another Korean restaurant, well now I’m going to blog about ASSA the Korean restaurant. No idea what ASSA 아싸 means. I’m sure someone can enlighten me. ^_^
Miss Pinky wanted to go this restaurant a few months ago but we ended up in Woo Jung (which I liked). So what are we going to end up with?
Well after a few drinks in Vauxhall, we finally got to ASSA around 8.30pm. Miss Pinky went off to find a cash machine nearby (but they take card Miss Pinky!) and I ended up taking a seat on the lower ground floor (so sorry, I don’t have pics of the interior).
ASSA 아싸 

Menu cover
I already looked at the menu, and just waiting on Miss Pinky… and in the end this is what we ordered (which came out very quickly!)…
Side dishes

Hite beer. Love the picture on the glass (look closely!)
I had the ramen, rice cake and dumpling dish with additional rice. I was a little disappointed in my dish, because the dumpling was already split, and there was only one dumpling. 😦 The noodles they used are the Nongshim spicy ramen noodles (which are very popular) but I think they could have added something to the soup to make it more unique… maybe like cheese. ^_^
Ramen, rice cake and dumpling

My rice… I had it with the squid
Miss Pinky ordered her usual beef bibimbap. She had the whole thing, and made a joke to the waiter that she couldn’t see anything in the bowl (meaning she loved it). I think this food is her favourite dish! (Must take her to Bibimbap Soho next time!!).
We ordered a plate of spicy squid because we felt Korean food is a little bland without this dish. (We should have ordered some kimchi cabbage – but forgot!). The squid was good, but we felt not as great as Woo Jung’s or as spicy as Po Cha’s. I think Miss Pinky and I have had a fair amount of spicy squid dishes in our lives. XD
Spicy squid
Total cost came to £33.90 including the drinks and free side dishes (forgot if they did service charge). We split the bill and left.
My geeky rating (with Miss Pinky’s point of view): 3/5
Good points:
– Very friendly service
– Food came out really quick (we advise you to go here if you want super quick Korean food)
– Food prices are ok – but similar to the ones next door
Bad points:
– My dumpling was disappointing! 😦
Address: 53 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LH —–> Moved to 23 Romilly Street, London W1D 5AQ
Telephone: 020 7240 8256

Chowon Dong San Korean Restaurant 동산 – London Romilly Street, Soho (NOW CLOSED) AND Adanami Shobo Bookstore

After watching one of the films at the Terracotta Film Festival I went around the West End looking for things to do. It was almost dinner time and I wanted to go back to Bibimbap Soho but they had queues going outside the door so I decided to look around a bit more in Soho.
I ended up in Romilly Street where I saw this this place called Dong San 동산. Korean. It had bibimbap and I was ready to try it out.
There were already a few customers in there and it got busy after sitting there for a little bit. Seems like a popular little Korean restaurant in the area. Dong San 동산 seems to have several meanings, but the one that seems to popular on the Internet is “mound” like a mound of earth. (I shrug my shoulders in confusion).
Chowon Dong Sang Korean Restaurant 동산
There seemed to be a lot to choose from like all Korean restaurants do. In the end I chose the Dolsot Bibimbap and the stuffed cucumber… I think the kimchi cabbage was complimentary with the food.
My meal
Well let’s start off with the bibimbap. Beef mince with lots of vegetables. The rice was not burnt (I don’t think it was cooked in this pot) and the sauce came separate. I was quite pleased with this as I could easily eat the rice without it being stuck to the bottom which Miss Pinky one time had a problem with in one Korean restaurant ¬_¬””. Not bad.
Dolsot bibimbap
My only complaint is the stuffed cucumber kimchi I ordered… After this meal I looked online to see what stuffed kimchi looked like and it didn’t look like the one below. Very disappointed Dong San. The stuffed cucumber looked like a lazy version of what I saw online. 
Kimchi… my stuffed cucumber doesn’t looked stuffed…

Total cost came to £14.60. Not bad. I wonder if there’s ever a Korean restaurant where I can eat and drink for just £10. Ever.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Quiet restaurant
– Ok service
– Bibimbap not burnt!

Bad points:
– My stuffed cucumber was not stuffed >_<""

Address: 27 Romilly St, London W1D 5AL
Telephone: 020 7494 0085

p.s. I was almost late for my next film because of this shop below… Don’t be fooled by its appearance. It is not a launderette. It’s actually a secondhand Japanese bookstore and karaoke place, called Adanami Shobo アダナミ書房. How weird is that! I only noticed that it was a bookstore because of the pictures on the window… They never changed their sign and they’ve been there for years, heheh. You can find this shop in Brewer Street (address below). So if you’re looking for old manga in Japanese (not English translated) then go to this store!! I bought one easy looking manga book, but I think it might take me a while to read it in the future. XD
Adanami Shobo アダナミ書房

Address: Adanami Shobo, 30 Brewer Street, Soho, London, W1F 0SS
Telephone: 020 7437 5238

Biwon Korean Restaurant 비원 – London Coptic Street, Holborn AND Centre Point Food Store

After another Japanese lesson (my bag has started to get heavier at this point). Too much learning. I haven’t been so keen in learning a new language since my first year when learning Mandarin!
This time I wanted to eat Korean and I actually wanted something a bit different to what I would usually eat.
I stumbled across Bi Won a long time ago whilst walking from Holborn to Tottenham Court Road, just never tried this place. I think Bi Won 비원 means “The Secret Garden”. Heheh, it looks very secretive from its location point!!
Bi Won Korean Restaurant
As I entered I was greeted by a busy looking woman who looked slightly annoyed as there were hardly any seats around for just one person although I think there was sitting upstairs (not sure about that). Well anyway, I got a table in the end and I had a flick through the menu. There was so much to choose from and I just didn’t know what to choose!!
Didn’t want anything spicy so I chose this beef stew set (I think this is galbitang). It’s something different from what I would usually get…
Beef stew

The beef stew came with white rice in a silver bowl (as they usually do in a Korean restaurant).

Stew and rice

It was a proper beef bone soup but there was a lot of beef bits in the soup as well as some Asian parsnip.

Not a lot of meat on those bones, but there is a lot of loose meat in the soup

Side dishes came with the set… kimchee cabbage, burdock root and beansprouts.

Side dishes: kimchi cabbage, burdock and beansprouts

The soup came out very hot. So I had to blow on it quite a lot. It tasted ok, not too salty not too bland, just ok. I mainly put the rice into the soup to eat like you would with kimchi stew but I think I shouldn’t have because it was hard to eat!

My meal

It was a good meal, I had all the side dishes to cool off the heat from the soup… Unfortunately I couldn’t finish all of the soup because there was so many people just staring about and I felt conscious that people were looking at me… I would rather sit in a dark hole and not be stared at!!


Total cost came to £12.50 that included a £1.20 service charge (10%). Not sure if I should have ordered a drink otherwise I think the price would have been average for this meal.

My geeky rating: 4/5

Good points:
– Nice small Korean restaurant
– So-so service
– Like the side dishes!

Bad points:
– Service charge
– May have to wait for a table

Address: 24 Coptic St, London WC1A 1NT
Telephone: 020 7580 2660

[googlemaps!1m14!1m8!1m3!1d2482.780438302017!2d-0.125937!3d51.51724399999999!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48761b3306a88a2b%3A0x853c01b282cd54ac!2sBi+Won!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1403217831149&#8243; style=”border: 0;” width=”600″>

p.s. If you are looking for Centre Point Food Store (the Korean food store that used to be on St Giles High Street) it is now on New Oxford Street!!

Address: Centre Point, New Oxford St, London WC1A

Old Justice – London Bermondsey (now at K Place, St Mary-at-Hill…)

This place has now moved and renamed: K Place, 1 St Mary-at-Hill London EC3R 8EE 

From eating expensive an Korean bbq meal to eating cheap Korean food…

Whilst watching a Korean drama (the online English subbed version XD) called Let’s Eat, I started looking online to see if there were any cheap Korean restaurants that did a do-your-own grill that you often see in Korean dramas. And I found one in Bermondsey which is not far from where Miss Pinky lives!! Yeah!! 

Miss Pinky, Mr Picky and I already passed through there at the start of March, but unfortunately there were no tables and they said we needed to book a table… (I swear I never knew as it was not mentioned in a few reviews I read). Oh that was an unfortunate opportunity. So in the end I found their number on their Facebook page. I think they have changed their numbers quite often and have now stuck to a mobile number. Booked a table for 3 and voila.
Old Justice used to be a pub, and I believe it was bought by a Korean and turned it into a restaurant with people living above, so you actually have to be a bit quiet when leaving.
Old Justice – Have used this picture in a previous post
It looks quite small on the inside considering this used to be a local pub!
Not very good lighting on the inside
There is a lot of choice on the menu, so it was a little hard to decide, but I definitely wanted to try out the barbecue meat. And so I chose the £18.99 (per person) Unlimited meat special with a lot of side orders. I think the minimum number of people to order it has to be 2 people and so Miss Pinky said she will have the same with me. Yay!! The only problem is, if a person in your group of people does not order the same thing, they cannot have any of the meat grilled or they will be charged the £18.99. Clever Koreans.
Mr Picky chose a set menu but we swapped a lot of the dishes around as he didn’t like some of the ingredients in the dishes… Miss Pinky and I were also teaching how to us chopsticks too! ^_^
All the side dishes came first…

Kimchi was so-so, not as nice as the ones in Koba or Woo Jung.

Kimchi cabbage

This was Mr Picky’s pancake, he didn’t attempt it because it had pieces of mussel in it… Just needed some seasoning in it…


Mussels were good!!


This is fried chicken and sweet potato. We all enjoyed this one. ^_^

Fried chicken and sweet potato

The dumplings Mr Picky ordered but in the end it wasn’t what he wanted so Miss Pinky and I ate this…

Pork dumplings

Here’s the side salads and veggies to bbq!! ^_^

Veggies to bbq

Seasoned lettuce

Round lettuce for the meat

Here’s also another side this… a cold bibimbap. Miss Pinky likes it in those hot stone bowels, but she took this home to eat in the end.


Mr Picky ordered this sweet bbq beef and rice. He liked this one.

Sweet marinated beef and rice

And time to bbq!! We got a mix of beef and pork here. And we all cooked by ourselves… You get tongs and scissors by the way…

BBQ time!!

Almost done!!

still cooking!!

After the first round of meat, we went for the marinated meat… You can have an unlimited amount of meat if you go for the £18.99 per person bbq deal…!!!

Marinated meat

The bill
Total cost came to £67.62 including a 10% service charge. Very good meal for 3 people!!

My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Cook your own meat
– Cheap Korean style cuisine
– Located south of the river and easy to get to
– Ok service… not the best, but ok

Bad points:
– Have to book a table to get a table for definite
– Person who doesn’t pay for the unlimited bbq cannot eat anything that is cooked by the other person(s)
Address: 94 Bermondsey Wall E, London SE16 4TY
Moved to K Place, 1 St Mary-at-Hill London EC3R 8EE 
Tel: 020 7621 0002 – Check their Facebook page for their phone number (in case it changes)

Woo Jung 우정 Korean Restaurant – London St Giles Street (Now in New Oxford Street)

Uh oh, I think I got Miss Pinky addicted to Korean food now. She now wants to try the remaining Korean restaurants on St Giles Street. Uh, didn’t I try to convince Miss Pinky a long time ago? Yes I did, but she thought we were going to eat raw food. That’s Japanese food. And yes Koreans eat raw beef, but that’s different!
So after a small trip to Putney Bridge as it was nice and sunny that day we went to find another restaurant. We at first went to ASSA but it was full, so we had to go to our second option which was Woo Jung 우정. On Google Translator it translates to “friendship”. Wow sounds like a powerful name for a restaurant. A restaurant of friendship. ^_^
Woo Jung 우정 – “Friendship”
As with most restaurants sometimes I already know what I want, but I had a quick look at some of the extra stuff… But finally Miss Pinky and I made our orders…
First came the free side order which is a different type of kimchi, not the matured fermented type but the easily made refrigerated type. This is quite refreshing.
New kimchi
This is the Kimchi Set. I forgot the Korean name of the set, but it consists of the main types of kimchi – cucumber, radish and Chinese cabbage. All of it was so good. The only complaint from Miss Pinky was that the cucumber wasn’t cut properly and she was too lazy to separate it with her spoon and chopsticks!
Kimchi set
This is my rice grain drink. It’s a small can but it was enough for me.
Rice grain drink
Next came Miss Pinky’s usual dish of squid. This was different to next doors Po Chung. The squid had a lot of texture. It was a bigger dish and it seemed to have a lot of vegetables. It was also spicy too!! Yummy stuff!!
Spicy Squid
Again Miss Pinky had a bibimbap, I think she had pork in it, she made a small complaint about this one too… The meat pieces were too big and she had to cut it up. ¬,¬”” What the heck! Miss Pinky – just eat your food!
Bibimbap again!!
I ordered something completely different. I had the Korean version of Jajangmyeon (black bean noodles). This really tasted different from my own version. It was a lot less salty and I think they may had added more sugar in it. They also added small vegetables such as potatoes and carrots like you would see with katsu curries. It was not a bad meal, but may have preferred for it to be served in a bowl rather than a plate.
The bill 
Total bill came to £34.50. Cheaper than next door!! And we practically ordered the same amount of food!! Obviously there was a 10% service charge. Getting used to all of this service charge…
My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points
– Large plates of food
– Affordable prices
– Almost friendly service… they forgot to say goodbye and thank you to us!!!!
– Nice homely food
Bad points:
– Service charge! … And that’s all I can think of really…
Address: 59 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LH —-> Now moved to New Oxford Street!!!
Telephone: 020 7836 3103
Here’s Putney at one of its finest moments this year…
At Putney Bridge
And I also had two coffees that night in the Elephant and Castle Pub!! I did manage to sleep that night. ^_^
Drinking coffee…

Po Cha 포장마차 Korean Restaurant – London St Giles Street (Now in Lower Marsh, Waterloo)

Oh dear I had a hangover… I also did some overtime that same weekend… Never drink a bottle soju (mixed with lemonade) by yourself the night before you’re supposed to meet a friend or work overtime. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a hangover. I never thought I would be having a hangover after mixing my drinks that night. I thought wrong. Never again will I drink a  full bottle of soju by myself. XD
On this day Miss Pinky, Mr Picky and I were supposed to go and try out a Korean restaurant in Bermondsey called The Old Justice, but unfortunately we had to book a table. Mr Picky held his frustrations really well that night. Well done Mr Picky!! Miss Pinky on the other hand was really hungry as she didn’t eat that much that Saturday.
So off we went… Miss Pinky and I went to find Korean food and Mr Picky left us to find it. ^_^ Still hangover, we went into a pub first (St Stephen’s Tavern Pub) by Westminster where all the poshy politicians drink during the weekdays. Miss Pinky wanted to go in there but found that the b****y politicians hogged the place too much!! 😛 (I had a diet coke by the way… no more drinking). My face was telling Miss Pinky to hurry up because I was feeling tired, but she didn’t get it… Arrrrgh!!
Finally we got on the bus and made our way to St Giles Street. We chose this place called Po Cha. Korean name is 포장마차 Po-Jang(Chung) Ma-Cha . The name means “stalls”, but I think it means “food tent” or “food cart”, which you will see around in South Korea. 포장 Po-Jang means “packing” and 마차 Ma-Cha means “carriage”. (Here’s the Wiki page meaning:
Po Cha 포장마차 
Inside Po Cha
Miss Pinky was feeling rather chirpy that evening. Not sure why. ¬,¬””. Anyway we took a seat… it took a while for the waiters to hand over a menu to us as they were so busy! Nevermind, I was enjoying the atmosphere… By the way, all the waiting staff and cooks are male! No female presence that night.
We both ordered our food and also went to the mixed gender loo. ¬,¬””
I ordered the pickled cucumber. I think this is the only thing I could eat that night unfortunately. Getting over a hangover takes a very long time. Miss Pinky has massive experiences unlike me… The pickled cucumber didn’t taste that great. Reminded me of the taste in Corean Chilli…
Pickled cucumber
Next came Miss Pinky’s dish of spicy squid and mixed veg. I ate a few pieces. This was ok. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I weren’t so tired.
Spicy squid and vegetables
Both Miss Pinky and I ordered this spicy pork bibimbap. I must have looked dreadful because I really tried to eat this after mashing it up like any normal Korean would. I just didn’t have the appetite unfortuntately. That’s a real first from The Geek!! 😛 But the bibimbap tasted good.
Miss Pinky really enjoyed her bibimbap so much that she took the rest of mine home to eat… *blink blink*. What? Miss Pinky and I swapped roles that night! Wow! LOL!
Spicy pork bibimbap
Miss Pinky said to me days later that why didn’t I take her to more Korean places in the past… Miss Pinky! I tried to in the past… you just refused!!
The bill
Total cost came to £38 including drinks and service charge. Not bad! Really good price for two people. 
Didn’t say my usual thank you in Korean that night though…
My geeky rating: 4.5/5 
Good points:
– Lots of seating and didn’t need to book a table
– Good service
– Affordable food
Bad points:
– Service charge as usual 
– Pickles not that great unfortunately
– Place was so dark inside (why do Koreans like dark restaurants?)

Address: 56 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LH —–> Moved to 30 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London SE1 7RG
Telephone: 0207 379 7381


This is the place that Miss Pinky, Mr Picky and I want to go into… I have booked my table now, so watch out for a review of this soon!!

Miss Pinky and Mr Picky entering The Old Justice… I will be there soon!

Koba 夕火 Korean Restaurant – London Rathbone Street

Finally I met up with Miss Posh a few weeks ago. It’s been almost a year or so since we’ve been out to eat together. We’re such busy ladies that we can’t find the time to enjoy a dinner together. Plus I got moody with her at one point last year. My bad!! We’re both bad ¬,¬””!!
Miss Posh wanted try out Koba after her friend went there and showed off some food. I’ve actually wanted to come here in the past, but the prices looked so expensive!
We got to the place too early as they don’t actually open for dinner until 6 pm. And if you don’t have a reservation you’ll be seated nearer to the door unfortunately. Anyway before we dined there, Miss Posh and I walked around the area as we had a good 20 minutes to wait!! I never knew that behind Tottenham Court Road there was a whole load of eateries hidden away from all the electronic shops and homeware stores. I have a feeling I would be visiting Tottenham Court Road more often than usual. ^_^
Koba’s Asian name is 夕火 (Canto: jik fo; Mando: Xihuo) which are Chinese characters. This literally means “evening fire”. So when it’s dusk and the sun sets it creates a fire like sky. Nice name! I’m afraid I don’t know the meaning of Koba, it might be the direct Korean translation to the Chinese characters, (just guessing here!).
Koba 夕火
Koba from across the street
Inside Koba
We got there by 6 pm after touring around the area. We were going to turn away from Koba as there were so many different eateries to choose from. Plus we were both hungry! Miss Posh and I were seated neat the front of the restaurant as we hadn’t booked a table unfortunately. It was cold that day but we beared it.

Miss Posh has never eaten Korean food before, so this was her very first time. We had a long look at the menu which were full of pictures, so we ordered quite a bit of food for the both of us to try out.

We both ordered this Ginger drink. Miss Posh pointed out that it tasted like ginger beer without the fizz. Hmmm. It did taste similar! It’s rather pricey this drink too.

Ginger drink
Miss Posh ordered some mandoo. These were well grilled. 😀
I ordered the assorted kimchi pickles. These, I have to say, are the BEST kimchi I’ve ever had. The radish cubes were seasoned very well. They were not salty and had the rice spiciness to it. I had bought some in the shop once and it tasted salty and quite bitter. The cucumber were seasoned nicely. Not salty, a bit sweet and spicy and still had a very good crunch to it. The kimchi cabbage was VERY GOOD!! I enjoyed this very, very much. 
Assorted Kimchi
The pancakes are often a very amongst my friends. So I ordered the pajeon (spring onion pancake) which included some seafood. This was cooked very well. Miss Posh was impressed too!! She said she needed to find the recipe, so I’m hoping she makes me some too!! ^_^
Pajeon (Spring onion pancake)
And now comes the barbeque… I felt like I was in Korea as they also serve the meat with lettuce and spring onions.
My white rice…
Bap (steamed rice)
The grilling is about to begin!
We ordered the assorted beef which is the most popular item in Korea.
Assorted beef
And the grilling starts. Unfortunately we didn’t get to it ourselves like they do so in Korea. The waiting staff kept checking and doing it for us, which I didn’t mind at all. The waitress attending us was explaining that the because the slices are so thin they should only be flipped once to retain the juices. Well this is common news as they chefs cook burgers and steaks the same way. Plus I’ve watched a lot of Korean food dramas and also watched one season of The F Word showing how to cook beef the right way!

The best we had were the marinated slices! Excellent stuff!! Mashita! 맛있다! (Delicious!).

Yummy 🙂
Big pieces of beef there…
The marinated meat
Miss Posh also ordered a seafood bibimbap. Unfortunately she didn’t like it. She said it was the smell and possibly the raw that didn’t agree with her. Oh well. And I was too full to eat it. 😦
Seafood bibimbap

She also didn’t like the miso soup that came with it. I guess she doesn’t like the taste and smell of tofu either… It’s not that bad! I love tofu!

Miso soup
Our bill came….
The bill was expensive including service charge!!!!!!!
We stayed there for just over an hour and the total bill came to a whopping £92.10! What the heck! Both of us were in shock! Woah!! Well for one thing service charge added to the cost!! Ban service charge in restaurants!! I had paid majority of it, and Miss Posh said she would treat me next time! Yay!! ^_^

Make sure you save up for this type of restaurant…

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Although VERY EXPENSIVE, quality of food was great
– Very friendly service
– BEST kimchi ever ^_^

Bad points:
– Don’t get to grill your own meat
– Service charge
– Have to book a table beforehand to get a good seat

Address: 11 Rathbone St, London W1T 1NA
Telephone: 020 7580 8825 (make sure you book that table)