Christmas Lights at ZSL London Zoo

Are you fed up of Christmas now? Do you still want to see more Christmas stuff on this blog?
Correct Answer: yes, I’m fed up and I probably don’t want to see anymore, thanks.
This is my last post of anything Christmasy! As I usually have nothing much to do at the end of Christmas, since people want to spend loads of time with their families. I’m quite lucky, as I see my family all the time – apart from the very distant aunts, uncles and cousins who sometimes appear out of nowhere.
I decided to go to the Christmas Lights at London Zoo. Even as a member, I had to pay for a voucher to get in… I arrived on time, queued with everyone, and then walked swiftly through the trail… Here’s a few pics.

Looks like a PacMan was there…

The flamingos at night…


It was a bit like going to the Magic Lantern Festival. A bit scary as I couldn’t see the events people.
I think I walked too fast as it took me a good 45 minutes, including watching the motion video near the end of the trail.

Baby B Turns 3

Wooow! I can’t believe Baby B is now 3! She continues to walk, talk and grow. She’s now like a moody woman in a body of a three year old. 😂😂😂
Her cake-making uncle is amazing! This year he made this Paw Patrol car. Yep Baby B loves Paw Patrol (but I know that she loves Peppa Pig and lots of other things too).
So as a Baby and a Godmother day out, we went to London Zoo. On the way there she accidentally came out of the pram whilst I was taking her off the bus! I hadn’t strapped her in… I think I would be an awful parent if had a baby. So sorry Baby B!! I promise to get you a Kinder Egg for Christmas!!
Recently Baby B has been watching The Lion King episodes on TV, so she’s loving zoo animals at the moment…

She was afraid of the tigers… LOL! And she so wanted to see some baby lions but said the male lion was Sinbad. 😑

And she seems to like cars. (All she needs to learn is to share with other people!). I hope she learns how to drive when she’s 18, so that she can start driving her parents around… Fingers crossed.

After a couple of tantrums, a ride on the merry-go-round, popcorn and playing in the playground, plus going around the zoo many times, it was time to go home. It was very cold that day. Brrrrrrr.

Here’s hoping Baby B has a very, very long life… I hope there’ll be no more accidents when I look after her again. Hahahahaha!


ZSL London Zoo – Land of the Lions (Private Viewing)

Wow!! I knew I had to get a full membership card this year for London Zoo. I wanted to make as many trips to the zoo instead of wasting time at home doing boring things like studying and watching dramas. This year I want to have fun!!!
Her Majesty, The Queen went to London Zoo on Thursday 17th to reopen the lion’s newly designed home and I had the opportunity as a full member to see this the day after. =^.^= Roar! Lucky I had the day off to visit.

I had the 12pm showing but got there just after 11am, so I had an hour to walk around…

I spent 45 minutes walking around and couldn’t wait any longer, so I went to the entrance, and they said we could queue as we can’t go in early. 😦

Finally we got to go in after a name check. And so I took a lot of pictures (as usual!).

 I decided to go back to the upper deck to see if I can get a better view of the lionesses…

Then I turned around, and the male lion was out! Apparently to one of the workmen who was working on some poop display said it was the first time in a few months since he has come out to play. It also seemed that the lionesses wanted to get back to him. Looks like they don’t like being separated. He didn’t even come out for The Queen during the opening!! Wow!! Must be lucky!!!

It was time to head back out and go and hunt for food just like these macaques! >_<"

So happy the lions have a newly designed home. The previous one was a bit small for them to roam around.

It’s now opened to the public since March 25th, so happy visiting, hope they all give you a big rooooar!