National Gallery – London Trafalgar Square

You know what? This is the first time I’ve ever been in the National Gallery. Yeah the one located in Trafalgar Square. I have passed it so many times and never went inside. ¬,¬” I think I am now a true Londoner. 😉
Miss Money was scheduling a late birthday meetup with Mr Games and I, and Mr Sensible tagged along with us too…
It was decided we would meet at 12pm in Trafalgar Square, but no doubt there was a protest and some traffic diversion along the way. ¬,¬” Always a protest!! This one was about stopping child abuse!

Back to the National Gallery… Well it’s been there since 1824 and has been a gallery for old paintings for less than 200 years (just another 9 years to go)!

We entered the gallery and made our way to each area… I took some pictures of paintings that I found interesting…

I had to take some pictures of paintings of food. ^_^

Here’s an unfinished painting by Michelangelo. Stunning!

This one looked awesome in the gallery because it looks like her arm was in 3D.

I realised that Miss Money (and I think Mr Games too) don’t have much interest in paintings in which I kind of explained William Turner’s paintings with his stormy effects and Van Gogh’s brush works on the sunflowers and the experimentation of a 3D chair. ¬,¬ Why didn’t I become an artist? (Technically I’m a 3D Origami artist, heheh).

I took this picture in case Miss Pinky was craving for a beer and reading this post… Because I know she is or will be after her pregnancy… (I’m a evil geek!).

Can you spot a mischievous cat?

We were trying to figure out whether this horse is a real-life size… Is it?

Gallery looks amazing from one end of the room!

This painting reminded Miss Money of Dan Brown’s Angel’s and Demons book… It reminded me of The Da Vinci Code!

This picture is just awesome! It’s capturing two separate events in two separate rooms. Cool stuff.

A William Turner painting. He is a weather of emotions.

I think we were in there for about an hour… it’s a nice gallery!
A view of Nelson’s Column from the National Gallery

Address: Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN
Admission: Free

Tate Modern – London Southbank

Last Monday was Early May Bank Holiday, and so what do people do on a bank holiday. Some go out, some work (and get the 1 and a half or double pay) or some people just stay home… For me, I was going to stay home and do some spring cleaning. But that didn’t happen (and still hasn’t ¬,¬”). I was invited by Miss Pinky’s little brother Master H to go to the Tate Modern for his school project the night before. I have been pass Tate Modern many times, but never went in. You see, it’s sometimes good to have a younger sibling… Unfortunately, on the day, Master H didn’t come with us. He got a better offer and went to Madame Tussaud’s  So Miss Pinky and I went instead.

First off we stopped by Southbank Food Market to eat lunch. So we looked around the stalls before deciding to have some Caribbean food. Just to let you know the one at end (the red looking one) is very spicy, like Korean spicy food. I had the medium one, which was the one closer to me, and had it with Thai white rice.
Caribbean food

We sat upstairs where I knew there was a bench (from one egg hunting experience), as the bottom seating area was practically full!! That’s how busy Southbank was that day. 😀 However that bench was already occupied by a family, and so we sat on the snake (you would know what I mean if you have been there)… After eating, we went to find a bin but we didn’t want to go downstairs to throw our stuff away, and at that point, Miss Pinky spotted the American director Tim Burton and his wife Helena Bonham Carter who were out with their children…! “Who?!” I said to Miss Pinky. “You know, Tim Burton that director, and Helen something” she said… Who?!! That went on for a few minutes, before it registered. Tim Burton was looking at us in his sunglasses probably thinking we were crazy! But stick a famous Chinese star in front of me or someone who I adore like Benedict Cumberbatch, and I would be like WHERE?! Hahah. My friends also thought I was crazy… ¬,¬”” I don’t seem to get star struck either! I have met a few Hong Kong stars in my lifetime and never gt star struck. I took a quick pic of them walking towards the bridge. People were stunned, shocked, gasping and amazed… But no-one bothered them as such.

Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter and their children
out on a sunny bank holiday! … it is them by the way!!

Now onto the Tate Modern!! 

Before Tate Modern was created the building used to be a power station. And it was only made into an art gallery since the year 2000. And I’ve said this is the first time I have been it!

Tate Museum

There are 3 free galleries on each floor and there are a few you would need to pay for. Miss Pinky and I went into all the free ones!!

I can’t seem to remember which floor these were taken on!
Two dead birds (not real) on the wall!


A Picasso painting!!

Something from WW2

A French painting

I like this one! Not too weird…

Cool artwork on the cafe wall!!

This one is not a painting. It’s just me taking a picture of the outside from I think the second floor of Tate Modern. It’s where the coffee shop is…

Lovely view from the balcony!

This is not my idea of art… Quite scary in fact!!

Very colourful

Not sure what this is!

Do you like to knit? I do!

Neon lights

I have no idea what this is supposed to be ¬,¬””

Lichtenstein Exhibition is one of those that you will need to pay to get in to see…
Outside the Lichtenstein Exhibition
I’m afraid contemporary / modern art is not my thing. I’m more into oil paintings and old stone sculptures or classic vase artwork than something that looks hideous and strange.

If you have a chance, have a look into Tate Modern. I think all art students would be most interested of this place.

Address: Bankside,  London SE1 9TG
Admission: free (except for some of the exhibitions)

Nearest station: Blackfriars Station

Imperial War Museum – London Kennington Park Road / Lambeth Road

Next stop! Imperial War Museum! In my whole entire life, this was the first time that I haven been to this museum. I live so close to it and I’ve just never been in there..

I really admire those big cannons outside the museum…

Outside the museum

But inside was amazing!

A lot of different tanks!

Wow! Planes and missile launchers!

There are a few exhibitions inside, but I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures.

Views from the upstairs

If you like wartime stuff, I recommend this museum!

Geeky information:
Admission: Free
Location: Kennington Park Road / Lambeth Road


Victoria and Albert Museum – London South Kensington

So Miss Pinky and I wanted to do more over the Easter break, and so we ended up going to the Victoria and Albert Museum on Easter Saturday (and then later the Imperial War Museum – next post).

Front Entrance of the V&A Museum
Inside of the museum
Some great stuff on display ^^
Some of the Chinese display ^^
This is AMAZING!
Beautiful ^^
I think you could be there for a good few hours if you plan to go to see everything on display – but we were there for a good two hours and enjoying all the different displays…

For some of the exhibitions you have to pay for, there were long queues – so definitely plan ahead if you want to see them.

Geeky information:
Admission: Free
Location: Exhibition Road, South Kensington


Natural History Museum – London South Kensington

Following from the previous post we went to the Natural History Museum.

I love the Natural History Museum! It’s one of my favourite museums in London! Skeletons, dinosaurs, fossils and bugs interest me more than the mechanics of an engine.

If you plan to go there, try and get there early to avoid the queues and crowds. There are 2 entrances to the museum. The main entrance leads to the dinosaurs and the side entrance leads to the volcano and earthquake exhibition. We took the side entrance…

Big statues that greeted us at the side entrance

Escalator leading to the volcano and earthquake exhibition
Fossils and Skeletons and a stuffed ostrich
The Creepy Crawlies section
There was a long queue for the dinosaurs so we didn’t go in – but I was there 6 months ago, and it was awesome!


The massive queue for the dinosaurs 
Geeky information:
Admission: Free
Location: Exhibition Road, South Kensington


Science Museum – London South Kensington

The Egg hunt was almost over 😦 so what to do over the bank holiday weekend?

Well the first obvious answer is to sleep all day long and the second answer is to go to museums! And that’s what I did on Good Friday… (I feel like I am a tourist in my own town at the moment!).

My travelling companion Miss Pinky and her little brother Master H wanted to go to the Science Museum first in South Kensington (this is the second time I have been to this museum in less than 6 months!).

This time I used my Olympus EPL-1 camera to take these shots (and I had forgotten how to focus my viewfinder, so I used the screen to take most of the pictures ¬_¬).

On the Ground Floor – big steam engines, cars and some planes… plus Lego! 

Stephen Hawking display on the Ground Floor

The First floor – Who Am I?

Second Floor

There’s a third floor with airplane parts, but we didn’t go up there.

The Science Museum is interesting, but to me it isn’t as interesting as the Natural History Museum, which is located next door. (More in the next post).

BUT If you like science, physics and mechanics – this museum is ideal for you!

Geeky information:

Admission: Free
Location: Exhibition Road, South Kensington