Aaron Kwok 郭富城 Concert – London SSE (Wembley) Arena 2014

Oh my ultimate Canto-pop idol dream has come true!!! I got to see Aaron Kwok 郭富城 in concert for the first time. For those who don’t know Aaron Kwok 郭富城, he is like the Dancing God of the Hong Kong entertainment industry since the 1980’s and I have be in awe with him for a very long time, but I’m not an obsessed fan as some! 
Gosh, I think I was about 6 years old (or maybe younger) when I saw him for the first time on a TVB Hong Kong drama. I was struck by his dance moves, and then later his singing, and much later his movies. Aaron Kwok has come a long way and he is still single at 49!! Sigh. He’s not even going to get married. A die-hard singleton. ^_^ 

Aaron Kwok celebrated his birthday in London on Sunday 26th and then he performed a special concert for us folks in London the next day on Monday 27th. Awwww!!! You must feel envious with us Asia!! Aaron Kwok was supposed to have held his concert in the summer but unfortunately he was told not to perform due to an injury he sustained from a previous concert. I was so sad and actually cancelled my ticket because I thought the new concert date would clash with my holiday. But thankfully it didn’t and I re-purchased a cheaper ticket. Phew! I cannot miss this concert for the world even if it is on a Monday and it will make me late for work the next day (I have cover, so not too much trouble I hope!).

Well the concert started about 10 minutes late, it’s usual with all concerts these days. It was good to see a wide range of age groups as I didn’t feel my age at that point and was very relieved… Here’s most of my best pictures of the concert, so enjoy!

 Can you spot yourself?

There was a short break at this point followed by a very small encore… Change of clothes and lots of people leaving at this point. 😦 And we had to use 3D glasses to see the animation… (I felt a bit silly wearing them!).

Concert lasted for over 2 hours, and I got home by midnight! I loved the concert very much and Aaron Kwok is a very good Hong Kong entertainer. He spoke mostly in Cantonese that night and I’m really happy he did because majority of the Chinese there mostly spoke Cantonese. Lots are bilingual and I think could speak Mandarin. ^_^

A lot of the audience left early as this concert was on a Monday. I think the entertainment groups could’ve tried harder for the concert to have been on a weekend but nevermind! Better luck next time. The main thing I can fault about this concert is the Simplified Chinese subtitling, it should’ve been in Traditional Chinese!! Plus I wish he sang my favourite songs 聽風的歌 (Listening to the wind song) and that Pepsi ad one (Generation X). Oh well! Come back soon and sing my favourite songs Aaron!!!

p.s. Thanks Jazzy Group and co for bringing Aaron to London!!

Videos to come soon!!!

Update 17:52 – Sorry for the blurriness in some of the videos… Totally won’t be a camera-person in the future! 😀 (Thanks to YT user 0526stop for naming all the videos!)

Video 1 –  以歌會舞 + 一變傾城

Video 2 – 唯一色彩

Video 3 – 絕對美麗 + 愛情基本法

Video 4 – 我為何讓你走

Video 5 – 飛

Video 6 – 無忌

Video 7 – 強

Video 8 – 脈搏 (an Aaron Kwok special… he wrote the song!!)

Video 9 – 鐵幕誘惑

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어: Super Show 5 Concert 2013 – London Wembley Arena

After being disappointed with Mayday’s concert being cancelled in September I got a chance to go and see a different concert. A totally different one. A Korean one. The one I have been waiting for, for a few years!! Super Junior 슈퍼주니어!!! I actually have to say thanks to my mum, MummyGeek. She followed me to China Town two weekends ago, and I saw a poster in a restaurant we were just about to enter in. Yay!! ^_^
If you have never heard of Super Junior, then you’re missing out! I would say they are the most wanted boy band from South Korea to perform worldwide. They are not as “popular” as PSY worldwide (they ARE really popular worldwide), but they are very, very BIG in Asia! And I mean BIG!! The Asian, as well as the Korean community LOVE these guys, and I have to point out that their most popular song is Sorry Sorry (Mr Bear’s favourite Super Junior song). We’ve been fans since 2008 by the way!!
Right, so who are they? Well, originally they were a boy band of 11 who were going to be doing various projects, one would be removed and another would be added in. But that all changed as their fans known as the E.L.F (ever lasting friends) made it clear that they did not want any changes… although their management SMTown decided to add one more band member who sings very, very well!!… Then there was 12 of them… As they were so big, they split into small groups to sing different genres and reach out to different parts of Asia. They even have a Mandarin group – Super Junior M where they’ve added two more Chinese members. One of the original members who is Chinese left the band and sued the company as he was being mistreated… You can find more on Wikipedia about their entire history.

Members are Leetuk (who is the leader and not in this tour… he’s in military service at the moment), Donghae (my favourite member!!), Shindong (the chubby one), Kangin (the one who got into trouble), Ryeowook (Mr Bear’s favourite member), Sungmin (he’s a cutey), Heechul (the one who loves to dress up), Yesung (he has a very gothic look), Eyunhyuk (the rapper and has very good dance moves), Siwon (the tallest member), Kyuhyun (the last member to join the original group), Kibum (the one who turned into an actor but is still a member of the group), Hangeng (the Chinese one who sued SMTown and left the group)… and Henry (the Canadian-Chinese who is more in Super Junior M but appears in South Korea a lot) and finally Zhoumi (also from Super Junior M!).

Super Junior will probably be the only boy band (where all the members are younger than me) who will be my favourite Korean singers and entertainers forever!!
It took me a while to convince Mr Bear to come with me to this concert. He is an absolute fan. He would sing and show off some of his dance moves in the office, and I would just glare… Why did I get him into this boy band I tell ya?! But yes, he had to come. I didn’t care if he was going to block someone else’s view, he just had to come!!… Tickets booked, but on the day before the show I was told by an automated message to go to the Box Office to change my tickets. I was being upgraded… Not enough fans going and the back of the arena was sealed off… (I didn’t like being upgraded by the way, some girls were blocking my view… Had to stand most of the time!!)…

Mr Bear and I had food at Tai Tip Mein before we went… and thankfully we made it in time!!

Before the start of the show

Lots of fans standing

The back of the arena… Cameras ready to go!

Audience started to fill up

The show is about to start!!! Arggggh!!!

Just wanted to point out, Super Junior performed in Mexico a few nights ago, and had arrived in London yesterday morning… They must be extremely tired… 😦  SMTown, you’re killing them by not giving them enough chill time!!

The show started at 8pm. There was a long intro before SuJu (short for Super Junior) came out… There were only 8 members who came to perform: Eyunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Sungmin, Kangin, Ryeowook, Shindong and Kyuhyun… Here’s some maybe awesome pictures of the night! Hope you all enjoy…

Super Junior!!! ^_^

Lots of SuJu fans

 There’s a lot of pictures following of SuJu dancing…

From left to right: Eyunhyuk, Ryeowook, Sungmin and D

At this point, the members were introducing themselves in Korean and English… Donghae speaks very good English… I think from the screaming of the fans everybody loved Donghae, Siwon, Kyuhyun and Eyunhyuk!! 😀

Four of the members (Siwon, Kangin, Sungmin and Ryeowook) all dressed up as women… I think it’s more for their male fans or cosplay… I don’t know why South Koreans do such things… It’s for fun anyway!! 😀

Donghae and Eyunhyk are singing a duet…

Eyunhyuk meets the crowd!!

Donghae and Eyunhyuk singing “Oppa Oppa”!!!

The others joining in on the “Oppa Oppa” 

Siwon and Shindong!!

Eyunhyuk stripping off his t-shirt

Siwon and Eyunhyuk topless ^^

Wooky!!! ^^


The audience!!!!

What is Shindong and Ryeowook doing?

Ryeowook doing the love sign ❤

This was the end of the show 😦 … We want to see more!!!

Encore Time!!!!!!

Back on the stage… woohoo!!

Eyunhyuk lying on the floor

And then he sings

SuJu want to rest…

At this point my camera died… and now I’m using my phone camera…

Now it’s the final goodbye…

EXO members were in town to support SuJu!! ^^ I had no idea who they were until Siwon said EXO!! Hahahah… EXO are a boy band (like SuJu) created last year…

Suho and Kris from EXO

Suho from EXO

Kris from EXO

My final picture!!!

Well that was a SUPER long concert!! I have never been to a concert this long before. The fans were screaming and screaming for more!! My eardrums were near to exploding!! I enjoyed every minute of it even though I had a blocked view from many female fans in front… and don’t worry, Mr Bear did not block anyone’s view… They blocked his view instead… 😦

I will post the videos later, as they will take time to upload… ^^

I hope SuJu will definitely come back in the nearest future with the missing members!!! They must keep their promise!!! ^^


Update 10.25 am 

Here’s the videos you Super Junior Fans!!!

Video 1 – Sexy, Free and Single

Video 2 – Spy

Video 3 – Oppa Oppa

Video 4 – Wonder Boy

Video 5 – Forgot the name of this song!! Help me out fans!!… It’s called Sunny!! (Thanks YouTube user pineapple04) ^^

Video 6 – Sorry Sorry… (Sorry for bad quality… Girls were screaming and in my way!)

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the videos. Lets hope SMTown will give them a big break AND make sure they do a big European tour next time!

The Big Four World Tour Concert – London O2

Yaaaaaaaaaaay!! I was so excited when OrienTouch announced they were going to bring more Chinese entertainment to London during the Jam Hsiao concert!! I couldn’t believe it. FOUR big Hong Kong stars who have grouped together to become The Big Four 大四喜 (daai sei hei) would be coming to London. Awwww!! I bought my ticket for £96 (it’s worth it) when they were selling tickets. I tried to reason myself by saying it’s only £24 for each HK star and it’s a week before my birthday. So yeah, it’s worth all that money and a big birthday present to myself. Well, I probably won’t see them for another decade or so…

The Big Four consists of the following Hong Kong stars (in my favourite order):
1. Dicky Cheung 張衛健 (cheung wai kin) – my favourite, favourite star out of the four!! I believe he is the popular out of the four too… (that’s what I like to think anyway). BUT I think the audience loved him too!! He is a very funny character, and I would go and pay to see him again and again!
2. Edmond Leung 梁漢文 (leung hon man) – to me he was more popular when he was acting! But his singing is also good, and I love both his acting and singing! Probably the sweetest out of the four!
3. Andy Hui 許志安 (heui zi on) – Very, very popular in HK. He is currently dating / engaged to one of my favourite female singers Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文 (zeng sau man). He is having an on / off relationship with her according to Dicky Cheung during the concert (and of course we knew what he was talking about when he was describing Andy’s relationship problems!).
4. William So 蘇永康 (sou wing hong) – I only watched him on TV shows and haven’t really listened to his songs, but his songs are very good too… Touching… He is the fashionable one of the group I believe. Sunglasses. Extravagant clothes. Extravagant costumes!

All four of them used to do a lot of acting for the famous HK Entertainment station TVB (that’s how I followed these stars). I followed them since the early 1990’s, I was still in primary school back then (around the age of 8 or 9 – and now you can work out my age if you’re good at maths or guessing ^_^)! 

I purchased my ticket from Orientouch Entertainment who were randomising the best seats to us lucky people, so I didn’t know where I was sitting. The concert unfortunately was scheduled for a Monday…Why Monday? It’s probably one of the worse days of the week to have a concert and when one has loads to do for the rest of the week, like work meetings and replying to emails etc., etc… (hmmm, whatever, who cares about work! ¬_¬”” Future employers, I am a very hard working person!!). Wednesday’s to Saturday’s are the best days to have a concert! I hope OrienTouch Entertainment will consider about the dates during the next concert they throw. Did you not hear about the Justin Bieber situation…? Lots of school kids needed to go to school because his concert was on a Monday too…

Mr Bear tried to tone down my excitement last week by telling me they’ll probably cancel the show. 😦 Noooo don’t disappoint me…. 

I got there way before the concert started. After 6.30pm… When I got there, I didn’t realise the O2 was right behind the station, and I was looking at buses on how to get there! D’oh!! 😛

At the O2 – so extravagant!!

Nice lights

Security Check!!

Got there. Took my seat. I was in the middle, so I had a good view. But unfortunately, the arena was only half full!! 😦 (This is what happens when a concert is on a Monday…) Most of the audience were of the older generation, the people who love these Four awesome guys…

Very near to the stage!!

Behind me… Not a lot of people…

Ok, so enough talking Miss Geek! Let’s see some more pictures! ^_^ 我哋睇多啲相片啦!^_^

It started off really well (but 15 minutes late!). Everyone was excited and very enthusiastic, until they started talking a lot. The people beside me and those behind me were not very happy it seemed. I think they were thinking this was becoming more of a variety show… Seriously I didn’t mind. I enjoyed all the funny Cantonese jokes. The gossip about Andy Hui and William So’s fashion sense and Edmond Leung’s sensibility and the fact that Dicky Cheung couldn’t do a break dance move after two years!! (I’m sure he can do it!) But alas, a person in the audience was able to do it (I bet he was part of the act!!!) and got £200 for it. Lucky guy!!

Dicky Cheung

Andy Hui

Edmond Leung

William So

Talking at this stage…

More talking…

The lucky person who won £200!!!

Interval time… The dancers!

Towards the middle of the show I was told not to take any videos. I became very disappointed. And I think majority of the audience felt the same. I saw no phones. Nobody dare taking a video during the second half of the concert. Just people taking a lot of pictures (but some people were still videoing towards the end… I guess they didn’t care less!).

William So singing

More singing!!

Andy Hui playing the piano ^_^ … He played Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 😀

Andy Hui talking a bit!

Dicky Cheung with a new wig on!! ^_^

A different costume on now!!

And another costume! Where did he get all of these from?!

And another one!

I forgot these two guy’s names – anyone know? … 
They are Eddie Ng 吳國敬 (ng gwok ging) and Joey Tang 鄧建明 (dang ging ming)

I only became enthusiastic again when they started singing a very famous Beyond Song 年少無知 (nin siu mou ji). Sigh. I like this song… I think it’s banned in China, as most Beyond songs are!!

Woohoo!! Guitar music time!

Singing the Beyond Song!

So many costumes Dicky Cheung!!!

Andy Hui coming out

Edmond Leung in another costume

William So has so many sunglasses!! 😛

William So and Edmond Leung 😀

The Big Four!

The end song 😦

These people on my right hand side were the most enthusiastic  lot!!

The Big Four Sign…

It ended around 10-ish. I think everyone wanted more! But the audience was too shy to shout for more like in the other concerts I went to… 😦 But we did get a small encore! Yipee!!

I like this picture…

The audience on my left 😀 They got the most hand slaps
from The Big Four… A bit disappointed that they didn’t come
to the back 😦

Dicky Cheung again… Well he is my favourite!

Handshakes with the audience

More handshakes…

Nice pic of the audience

What? More handshakes?

The end… Bye bye The Big Four… Come back soon!!

All in all, it was a good, average concert. A lot of jokes. Singing wise – I think there could have been a lot more. I don’t think they knew which songs we liked (the audience didn’t like the Mandarin stuff I’m afraid… I didn’t mind. This shows that I’m an OK fan!). I think The Big Four held back a lot of what they had done in the past in Asia too, which they had shown in videos instead of performing it. Very conservative performance, but there is no need for it. British Chinese love enthusiasm. We love interaction too (well most of us do!).

And obviously I have to take a pic of the backstage crew!!
The peeps who were trying to control our videoing and picture taking!!

Message to OrienTouch Entertainment – I want Aaron Kwok or Andy Lau or Bowie Lam or Sammi Cheng or Denise Ho, OR these Taiwanese singers / groups – F.I.R or DaMouth or even Jay Chou to come to London next time…. PLEEEEEEEASE!!! 

I can’t make it to the Sandy Lam concert on Sunday 21st April – but I’m sure it will be GREAT! ^_^

Let’s revive Canto-Pop around the world!


I took many videos, but not all of them are great, and I think I will get a message from somewhere beyond and far away to say my video is banned. So I’m just going to put up two videos, which the audio is average. 😦

Video 1… Introduction

Video 2… Dicky Cheung’s breakdance moment…


Jam Hsiao 簫敬騰 – World Tour Concert London 2012

I found about this concert a long time ago, but I didn’t book my ticket until the last minute because I didn’t know if Miss Pinky would have anything planned as it was her birthday on November 22nd… I waited, and waited, and waited for her to plan something. But I gave up as I knew she wanted a quiet birthday, so eventually on one Friday evening (3 weeks ago to be exact) I lost my will and bought a ticket (^_^)v and with all hope it was going to be a great concert.

I hadn’t heard of Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 (Xiao Jing Teng) until some time last year really. I think a relative of mine in HK is a fan of his and so I had a listen to see what he sounded like many months later…. Once I heard one of his songs I was soon addicted to his voice. My favourite song is Wild Dreams 狂想曲 from the Jam Wild Dreams album – can’t stop listening to it!

Now on with the concert!

I learnt my lesson from the Mayday concert earlier this year in March. This time, straight after work I did some food shopping, went home and ate something before heading out to the tube station… I knew where I was going this time round so I wasn’t too early or too late either!

When I arrived to the Wembley Arena, there were a lot of people there already, plus there was a long queue of people trying to get last minute tickets at the Box Office…
Outside Wembley Arena
Anyway, once I entered the Arena, there weren’t a lot of fans in their seats. And the back part of the Arena was closed off. I guess they wanted people to fill in the other seats before deciding whether to release tickets for the back part… (that’s called marketing strategy by the way…!!).
Inside Wembley Arena … Where’s the fans? It’s 7.10pm!

Ah!! Here’s all the fans! ^^

Well, just like the Mayday concert, it started late (by 20 minutes)… At least it wasn’t a two hour wait like Madonna’s concert. 😛 … Another lesson I learnt from my previous concert trip was to use a better camera so I brought along my Olympus camera but I should’ve brought my other lens!! Here’s loads of pictures… I tried to select the best ones for this blogpost because I took too many. ^_^

The concerts starting!! So where’s Jam Hsiao?

Aaaah! There he is!! The one in the red!!! ^^

The camera crew, the production crew, the people managing everything!!! 

Ooooo he has changed into a white suit…

Jam Hsiao joking about ^_^

Woah… Pretty!

Jam Hsiao showing his hand

Jam Hsiao is a drama king!! For real!!

He is so handsome 🙂


Nice pose!

More singing! 🙂

Red confetti!!

Mayday as guest speakers!!

I love this picture!! I must be a brilliant amateur photographer.
Give me a proper camera and I will take beautiful shots!

The sizzlers are out!

Jam Hsiao playing with the crowd again

I like this picture tooooooo!!!!!

Wow… Everyone is just joining in the fun!

The End 😦 Where was the encore…..?????????????

Everyone on their way out and heading home….
Apart from the late start and no encore I did enjoy Jam Hsiao’s piano playing, high kicks, cute giggles and fun jokes… plus his singing which gave me the goosebumps! Awwwww… I LOVE Jam Hsiao! 我愛你蕭敬騰! ^_^

Videos are being uploaded now (but it’s going to take hours!), so I will post them here later!

Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 come back soon with an encore!!!!

Update 10:52am
Here’s some videos… My shortclip ones were rubbish, so I have uploaded the longer better ones… The fourth one will be uploaded tomorrow! (By the way, I have slept… :D).

Video 1 – Jump

Video 2 – Mr Jazz: A Song For You and 好想對你說

Video 3 – 好想對你說 (the rest of the song)

Update 25/11/2012

Video 4 – Holmes (sorry for the bad quality… a couple of girls were waving their arms in front of me and someone walked right in front at the beginning 😛 !!).

多謝你哋睇我個blogpost!! ^^
謝謝你們看我的blogpost!! ^^

Dublin – Day 2 (Part 2) Quays Irish Restaurant/Bar and Temple Bar

Hmmm, a lot of choice on Temple Bar Street! Miss Pinky made me decide on what to eat this time. The only problem is, is that Miss Pinky is a very fussy eater and I wanted Irish stew. So on we walked, passed Temple Bar and then finally went into Quays Irish Restaurant (the bar is on the ground floor; the restaurant is on the first floor), which we saw earlier in the day and had live music in the bar next door.
Menu Cover

The top bar area

Some Irish sayings…

Hmm, nice wheels!

Miss Pinky told me to take this shot…

Knowing Miss Pinky so well with her eating habits I suggested that she keeps to eating starters only since she always gets full, and plus we were on a budget! (Plus she was wanted Nando’s ¬_¬ … that isn’t food you’re supposed to have whilst on holiday!). In the end she ordered spicy chicken wings and mussels cooked in a white wine sauce… Yummy! The sauce was bloody good!

Mussels ^^

Spicy Hot Wings – they are really spicy!!

I wanted a stew. So I got the Slow cooked beed and Guinness stew… When I saw it, I said to Miss Pinky that it was small… 😦 BUT actually it was very filling! Don’t trust its appearance as there was a lot of chunky beef in there. 😀

Slow Cooked Beef and Guinness Stew

So we finished eating. We paid the bill. We were waiting for a little while because we actually thought that they forgot to bring us our change… Well Miss Pinky was on a tight budget and needed all the coins remaining that she could get…! 😛

My geeky rating: 4.8/5

Finally we went back to the bar area where there was live music playing… Oooo… We missed the start of the guys who were playing! They sounded really cool… But sadly they finished, and we think a new lot were going on… We didn’t stay for long, so we went into the Temple Bar to see what it was like and to check out if there was any live music going on…
Quays Irish Restaurant / Bar

I like these singers ^_^

Audience in full dancing swing!

Once we got into the Temple Bar it already looked fully packed! The singers were just starting up (one Scottish and one Irish), and so we were there just in time for the new lot to come on! Miss Pinky and I got closer and closer to the singers because we couldn’t hear one of the guys singing (the Scottish one) – and I really couldn’t hear the words he was singing! 

Outside Temple Bar

Miss Pinky took this pic of the singers…

The singers were interacting with the audience in between songs… and he was asking where people were from… There were a bunch of people from Amsterdam, the USA and so on so forth… Uh, then at one point, Miss Pinky shouted out “how about London, we’re from London… Hellooo, London” … oh god, hide me please ¬_¬”” really just hide me… I think the guy sitting next to Miss Pinky thought she was amusing, because he started joining in, hahahahah… Oh please hide me!!! But eventually Miss Pinky and the guy sitting next to her who is from Ottawa, Canada starting chatting… I wasn’t paying much attention to them as I was trying to Instagram and listen to the beautiful voice of the Irish singer…(that Clover butter song is in my head now) 😀 Miss Pinky nudged me a few times because she didn’t understand him… The guy was delivering abalone (a type of shellfish which is popular in Hong Kong – Miss Pinky didn’t know what that was) to some person in Dublin and had traveled from somewhere that was 2 hours away. He then baffled her with the word ‘discombobulated’, which I didn’t know either (it’s an American / Canadian term meaning ‘confused’ – North Americans please DO NOT use this word in front of English speaking Europeans. We don’t like being discombobulated!!!). Well, the guy is a Meteorologist-scientific programmer of some sort, and a geek like me can understand scientific minds, but not Miss Pinky… Hahahahah. It was like watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon would just confuse Penny!! 😀 The Canadian eventually left because he had to catch his 2-hour bus ride home…

Sitting next to the Canadian was another guy who’s from Munich, Germany and an Insurance Broker working in a small bank in Germany… He was also on holiday like us and had become a friend to the Canadian too. He was also staying at the same hostel as us but was leaving the next day. He told us he was staying with 7 other guys – one with a broken nose, one who snores and other strange men… Hahahahaha. I think Miss Pinky and I were very lucky that there were no other girls staying with us!!

After listening to a few more songs (we were there for 2.5 hours – Miss Pinky said to me the next day that she has never seen me so relaxed and bopping up and down with music… well I like live music!), we left to go back to the hostel. Bought some snacks and drinks to have in our room… And a guy outside the hostel started playing his violin / fiddle as we entered the hostel… 😀

The fiddler ^^

What happened on Day 3…? Stay tuned ^^

Mayday 五月天 – Just Rock It Concert

The first time I heard about Mayday 五月天 was back in the year 2005. I was in Hong Kong looking for some  music CDs in HMV, I was looking for something different, a band… and I came across Mayday’s 5th Album and I bought it! When I got back to London I listened to their album straight away, and I was surprised at the different sounds they produced… Very Indie style! I loved it and kept being their fan for a long time…

On Saturday 24th March I saw a post by London’s Chinese Spectrum Radio – they were advertising Mayday’s London Concert on March 27th in Wembley Arena. How comes I didn’t know about this??!! So I immediately booked my ticket via ticketmaster. I completely forgot my password since I haven’t used ticketmaster for a very long time. But eventually I booked my ticket! ^_^  

This was a birthday present to myself. Yay…!!

When I arrived at Wembley Arena, there were a lot of people about (mostly Chinese students – I must’ve been one of the older looking fans)… The following pictures was only the start of it.

At 6pm, the doors opened!! I thought the concert started at 7pm, but they didn’t start until after 7.30pm, so I was there for a good couple of hours… I should’ve left work late!
Most of the fans there spoke Mandarin and Cantonese… And there were probably a few Taiwanese fans plus some British fans…  🙂

I got a good seat but a bit far from the stage!

Finally the concert started…

It’s started!! ^^

And here’s the members of 五月天 Mayday…

Ashin – lead singer

Monster – guitarist

Masa – bass guitarist

Ming – the drummer (Ashin was being very cheeky to Ming ^^) 

Stone – guitarist

Concert ended quite quickly methinks! I want to hear more songs!

Noooo… don’t end!!

The end of the concert 😦
All of us were anticipating for an encore, we stamped our feet and started calling out “wu yue tian”! It took them a while to come back out, but they had to change into their t-shirts (and I guess take a sip of water)… I will allow that! ^^

Encore Time!!

The end 😦
My Mandarin is only basic, so I understood 70-80% of what they were saying 🙂 Stone spoke in English for a bit – I was very happy! I think Masa spoke in Cantonese like “大家好!”.

Aaaaah! I love you 五月天 Mayday!! Come back again… (By the way, sorry for the bad quality pics – distance is always a problem)…

Update 18:51

Woops not the end of this post just yet… I forgot that I took a few pics on my phone!

Ashin ^^

A lot of confetti and lights towards the end of the concert 

Ashin wanted us to take out our phones – Quick pic!! ^^ 

Now it’s the end! I hope Mayday does come back again with some new songs… Can’t stop singing the I-N-G song in my head!! ^^ 

Update 26/11/2012

Sorry for taking sooooo long to upload my videos!! Sorry for the quality too… I used my small Panasonic camera 😛

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3