New £1 Coin

Do you look confused when you see this new pound coin?
Yes! I do too. Looks like an edgy coin. >.<"" heheheheheh

It’s been released since May, and this my first ever new coin. The old £1 coins will end it’s usage on October 15th at midnight, so get changing your pound coins!! ^_^

Not one of my favourite coins of Britain (which confuses lots with a €1 … and a £2 coin even. :p

Capital Ring Walk – Sections 14 and 15

I’m freeeee! No more intense Japanese studying for a bit until some new exam comes up. 🤣 Still a few months behind from blogging but will try my best to catch up!
For Londoners wanting a walk why not try out the Capital Ring Walk which is basically a path designed for Londoners to walk through the Travel Zone 3 and 4 area.
Ms LüFù suggested we should try this walk, so before Easter time, Miss Money, Ms LüFù and I went for Walk 14 and 15, which starts from Hackney Wick to Beckton District Park, and then from Beckton to Woolwich Arsenal. 
I met Miss Money first at Stratford then we took the Overground to Hackney Wick to meet up with Ms LüFù.
At Hackney Wick Station, the first thing you would be interested in are the hilarious political posts of street art. My favourite stuff. The things that wouldn’t be able to see on TV.

Once you’ve gone through the street art you’ll see these signs.

Keep an eye out for them when you do this walk as they will (kind of) guide you through the trail.

Some of the walk signs are not where you think they will be, so read your guide! In the distance in the Olympic Stadium, so head towards it.

Go along this bank, just be weary there are runners and cyclists who take this route. 

When you get here. Head to your right. You’ll see a sign for a boat bus but we weren’t sure if it exists.

So which way do you go? I can’t remember, but if you can find the stadium from here you’re on the right track!

Ta-da! The Olympic Stadium!

We went off track a little bit, and had a look at some art pieces on display.

After this part you might get lost trying to find The Greenaway. We headed on a downwards pathway, but we weren’t sure whether to go straight or turn right, so we headed back to where there’s a coffee shop near the art displays and asked someone who gave some clear instructions… We needed to head straight from the downwards pathway. Then find the main street. 

Found the main street, turned left, then we walked straight, crossed the road and found The Greenway.
Did you know this walk actually follows a sewage line? That’s why at The Greenway you’ll see an old sewage building. You’ll see some airvents on the ground and that’s just relieve the carbon monoxide that builds up from our body waste.
Along the walk you will see some bits and pieces… Just don’t walk too far to the end of The Greenway as you’ll reach the motorway (which happened to us). 😅

We had to walk through a residential area. We should have walked down some stairs when we saw a play area on our right hand side.
But we did find our way back into the walk!

This was the last leg of Walk 14. We stopped and had a short lunch. My legs were almost aching. 😣
It was too early to go back home so we decided to take the route Walk 15 of the Capital Ring Walk. 
So Walk 15 starts from Beckton District Park.

We ended up in a community centre for a pee stop. 😆😆😆

We ended up at the entrance of University of East London. There is security, so not sure if there’s a closing and opening times of this area.

Take a left… And just keep walking along the bank!

You might get confused with this sign!

Anyway we wanted along the bankside but it’s tide came in…

At this junction you might get stuck but in fact before you reach this part there’s a gate around the corner where you can push a button to go through.
Ms LüFù had taken this part of the walk before but we kind of went through another street to get back to our main route.

We got to another park…

And finally found the last leg to the ferry that goes across from Woolwich Foot Tunnel to Woolwich Arsenal. There’s actually no foot crossing between both ends of the river.

The boat ride is completely free but be prepared to wait.

A pigeon came along the ride.

This was the end of our journey before returning back home.

Our journey took us around 5 hours, and about 12 kms of walking! Exhausted! 😥
All I wanted was a big drink of juice and water. 😌😌😌
If you do decide to take this walk, bring water, snacks and wear comfortable walking shoes/ trainers. 😄

DIY Sticky Notes

Another quick post!
Easter time was a very boring time for me. Constant studying (but now it’s time to be a lazy geek and study at steady pace before the JLPT N5 exam). ^_^
There’s a lot of videos and posts on how to make your own sticky notes, so I gave it a try. Why? Because a lot of people give me lots of cute papers, or I buy them think they could be sticky notes. ¬_¬”. Anyway, so for studying purposes, I wanted to make my textbooks look cute with sticky cute sticky notes… 😀
Amazon Prime is my best friend in situations like this… Buy some REPOSITIONABLE GLUE. This is not ordinary glue, I didn’t know this even existed!

Then have lots of cute ordinary paper or a note set.

Use the glue and stick at the top of your paper. Wait for a few seconds for it to dry a tiny bit to create that sticky effect.

Then place on top of another piece of note paper.

Continue until you’ve created the desired amount of sticky note pad you require!

This has been a life-saving activity, as well as filling up my textbooks with cute sticky notes. ^_^
Sometimes the glue doesn’t last for too long, so what I do is add on a bit more of the repositionable glue…
By the way, it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop buying the ordinary sticky notes… ¬_¬”” 

T’is My Pikachu Cushion

Such a sad month already! 😦

But to cheer people up, here’s a Pikachu cushion which I got for my birthday – Thanks Miss Money! It’s now currently squashed up on my office chair, and Miss Vegan keeps using, so I had to buy her one. ¬_¬” Go away Miss Vegan!!

Have another month of Japanese studying to go before I go back into proper blogging mode and Pokémon hunting… For now, small posts… ^_^
Please cheer up people!!!
Also let’s make sure we vote for the right party tomorrow… I, of course refuse to vote Labour and the Conservatives. 

Surrey Docks City Farm

Not really having enough time to blog so much, so I’ve decided to re-download the app and blog away… 😅  You might get to see more smileys too. Whoopee!
Miss Pinky was in desperate need of a babysitter as her normal one was taking a day off!  😅 So I agreed, told Miss Vegan and Mrs Sweets to man the workload whilst I become a godmother for the day. 😆 
After a morning of Peppa Pig (thought I could manage a whole day of it, but that will never happen), quick breakfast and super godmother quick dressing, I took Baby B to Surrey Docks Farm… I can’t believe Miss Pinky and Mr Picky have never taken her there. Half an hour away from their home. 
Baby B and I took the bus 381… But she fell asleep half way through the journey! 😮 No don’t fall asleep Baby B! 😥
Got off at Downtown Road, and I asked a lady for directions. Baby B was still asleep…
So in the meantime, I took pictures for Miss Pinky to see the that her daughter fell asleep in the pram and was still sleeping as I walked around. 

By this point I took a seat on a broken bench, looking at Baby B and see if she would awake. Nope. No signs of waking up.

Just as we were leaving, past some Chinese tourists/ business people… and then an old Chinese couple with their grandchild who were trying to make conversation with me in Mandarin… Tried to explain that Baby B wasn’t mine by my god child. Lol. They thought I was a nanny… In the end they got it! I think talking to this Chinese grandparents had awakened Baby B, so I was super excited and did the whole trip around the farm again… 😌

Baby B seemed super happy, even gave her some massive super snack of cherry tomatoes, she was happy… The only mishap which scared me the most was when she fell done the wooden stairs because she didn’t hold onto the sides. Baby B gave me a big heart attack, but she didn’t cry, didn’t scream in pain… Amazed at her strength at containing herself. But I found out later from Miss Pinky that she does this a few times when she walks down the stairs. Anyway, had to go up the stairs and then walk down them again with Baby B, but had to go back up and take the pram down afterwards. 😣
Apart from the one mishap, we had a good time running around. 😊 

Address: Rotherhithe St, London SE16 5ET
Tel: 020 7231 1010

Buses: C10 and 381 (get off at Downtown Road, it’s on the left hand side when you get off)

Yamato @ The Peacock Theatre

A short post.
I booked a seat to see Yamato the Japanese drummers the day after going to Brighton… I thought I would be really tired, but managed to survive the next day to watch these peeps.
It’s my first time going to the Peacock Theatre. I’ve always wanted to go there so when I saw a friend post a picture of these Japanese drums at this theatre, I thought I must go and see them too!

Start of the show…

This was at the end of the show… It was AMAZING! It was like having a music lesson all over again but in a theatre. ^_^ Lots of drumming skills, some singing, and these guys and girls really pulled off a great performance!!

Hope to see these peeps again in the future!!

Sewing @ The Fashion Box

Happy Birthday to me!! ^_^ I will be doing absolutely nothing i.e. not hanging out with friends… contemplating on my age. 

It’s been a tragic week… condolences to the people of London and the victims. We will stay strong!


I can’t sew. I mean I can’t use a sewing machine. >_< (But my hand sewing is also very bad…).

My colleague Miss Vegan wanted to learn and we kept talking about it until I eventually decided to give it a go (without her – I gave a chance to decide to go together, but she took forever to decide… too busy at the time). MummyGeek won’t teach me either – she has this belief that I would break her machine – even her precious industrial one (which hasn’t been in use for many years). ¬_¬””
Checked on Groupon for any sewing deals, and one came up showing a two hour workshop for £21 on an introduction to sewing at The Fashion Box based in Seven Sisters Road in North London. For me it was a little hard to find and I had to get two buses to get there. 

You’ll recognise where to get off once you see this gigantic snail painting on the wall.

We were introduced to a basic sewing machine. Singer is quite a popular brand,

At the introduction, I learnt how to set up a sewing machine, sew in straight lines, how to sew in circular patterns and how to insert an invisible zip… almost messed up with the invisible zip!!

My handy work after 2-3 hours. I actually had fun at this workshop.

I was encouraged by Miss Vegan and a few other friends to try out some harder stuff… So I looked on Groupon and other places in London. In the end I chose to go back to The Fashion Box. Next was the dressmaking class, where they provide you with the materials. This was a six hour class. But I unfortunately I made a massive mistake by adding the zip in the wrong parts, but at least the front was ok! I had to spend a bit longer in the workshop trying to fix it, and felt a bit guilty for making our tutor stay longer than he should… Grrrrr… Anyway, took the dress home and asked MummyGeek for help later! 
The dressmaking class is absolutely worth the go at £49 on Groupon (but check if it’s still running!).

The dress after a lot of fixing… gone a size smaller I think…

The skirt making was a week later and was the last workshop available in their calendar in early February…. This workshop was £29 on Groupon – but please do check if it’s still available! You have to buy your own materials for this workshop.
This workshop was less intense than the dressmaking one as there were two tutors – the owner and my tutor from the last two workshops. Don’t worry tutor 1, I was not scared off! The owner is absolutely hilarious and will joke about. He’s a real expert at some shortcuts with sewing machines.

It was a fun session, although I still made a lot of mistakes whilst making this skirt… Had to fix it at home again. 

The final skirt fits! Slightly loose, maybe because I measured over my jumper instead of over my t-shirt. ¬_¬””
For a small fix it took me over an hour ++ to complete… 😦 

I had a good time learning, and I think MummyGeek trusts me a little bit to use her machine once in a while. 

Address: Unit 4. 718-722 Seven Sisters Road, Gourley Street, London. N15 5NH


Nearest Tube Station: Seven Sisters

The New £5 Notes

Excited about these new £5 notes?
Well, there’s actually nothing to be excited about. Some people were excited for it’s value – the one’s that were produced from the very start, and majority were just complaints. Too slippery. They don’t fit into the self paying machines… and one seen in the news was that shrink and shrivel in the washing machine. LOL. But the best thing is that they don’t tear apart like the old ones!
Whatever it’s worth, I don’t really care… the plastic fiver is just another way to stop people from replicating and making fake ones… Let’s see what the fraudsters can do with these! LOL! I bet nothing. Heheheh. 

The Queen at the front and Sir William Churchill at the back.

Go Ape & Lighthouse Pub – London Battersea Park

It was Mr Games’s birthday last weekend and I was invited to his double birthday outing (there was another friend’s birthday at the same time). The outing was at Go Ape in Battersea Park. Didn’t even know this existed!
I ended being the photographer for the afternoon since I didn’t want to climb and cry and think I was going to fall over and die (like that person in the USA – may she RIP). Just too scary!
Almost got lost after entering the gate. I turned right instead of left. Don’t trust Google Maps! There was a big group of a us, a mixture of friends between both Mr Games and our birthday boy.
The equipment they used looked tight. Need protection at all times! I took a lot of pictures, but most were of the group having goes at all three courses… it was windy that day, and it took them around 3-4 hours to complete. ^_^

Mr Games and his cousin doing the wristband pic
It was tough being the photographer… Looking up into the sky doing all the rest of the hard work. LOL!!

Address: Park Offices, Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ
Telephone: 0333 433 0983

After watching these peeps completing the courses, we headed to the Lighthouse Pub, which wasn’t far from the park. I was with one of the friends who couldn’t complete the course as she didn’t want to do the zip line from the first course (where they fly across from one end to the other). Two of second birthday boy’s friends was already there…! Already drinking!
The pub originally placed us in a corner with a table for 6 people, but there was like 15 of us!!!!!!! How did you book this table Mr Games…? So we asked to be moved before the rest came.
Finally got to try out the third flavour from Old Mout Cider… Passionfruit and Apple. Hm. Still like the strawberry one.

Everyone looked hungry and we all seemed to have ordered burgers… LOL!! 
Burgers needed seasoning… I also wished they offered me the sweet potato fries. 😦 BUT the their tomato sauce with herbs was amazing! Thumbs up for that!!

Desserts were too sweet… Didn’t like my Eton Mess… Bleurgh.

My geeky rating (for the pub): 4/5

Too lazy to point out the good and bad points… but I think you can guess from the scoring that the food was average (apart from their tomato sauce). Presentation was ok. Service was ok but disappointed with the seating arrangements. 

Address: 441 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11 4LR
Phone: 020 7223 7721


A good day out it was! I caught Mr Mime (Pokémon Go) that night. Still no signs of Pikachu… need to walk around some school campuses or industrial sites it seems. :p At least I’m keeping up the walking!

Spitalfields City Farm – London Buxton Street

Are you all Pokémon Go ready? The game has been out for over 3-4 weeks now and I’ve seen lots and lots of people go out and play trying to capture all the Pokémon. So far I have 58 types, but still need to get Pikachu. Where are you Pikachu?! It’s made me watch the old Pokémon anime – the Japanese version. LOL!! Luckily after my exam I can still understand Japanese. Heheheh.
Whilst Pokémon hunting in the Spitalfields area (as I heard Pikachu was spotted around the area) I headed towards the City Farm to see if it was opened, and it was!
Wasn’t really sure if it was actually opened so I kind of went in anyway. And took some pictures on my phone (which meant I had to stop playing Pokémon and look at live animals >_<).

Live chicken! No doubt to lay loads of eggs. ^_^

A cafe area…

And lots of plants and other livestock…

My finger got in the way of this picture, but can you read the sign made with bottle caps?

Looks like Stik was in the area ^_^

And finally I left to find somewhere to sit to charge my phone coz Pokémon Go really drained my battery that day… I also learnt how to aircharge in McDonald’s!

Clet Abraham Street art
If you decide to go Pokémon hunting or looking at some street art in the Spitalfields area (Brick Lane), don’t forget to visit the farm! ^_^

Address: Buxton Street, London, E1 5AR

Telephone: 0207 247 8762