World Photography Awards Exhibition 2013 – London Somerset House

I seem to find out loads of information about exhibitions, shows and many exciting things from my colleagues. Well, one colleague of mine shouted out about the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition 2013 in Somerset House, and what do you know, I love photography. So I decided to go. Unfortunately it isn’t free. Ticket cost £7.50. I purchased mine online, but that meant I had to join the WPO World Photography Organisation’s website… That’s quite cheeky I think. Once I had purchased my ticket it stated that I could go on any day until it ends on May 12th.

I have always passed Someset House, but I have never went in to have a look. I’m a Londoner who has never been into Somerset House? Yep that’s right. I’m sure many Londoners have never been in there before, as a majority would see no point or they may lead busy, busy lives to even go in and have a look around it… Here’s just a glimpse of it from the outside as you enter into the centre area. 😀 The Geek becomes Tourist Geek again but in her own hometown! ¬_¬”
This is as you enter from the Strand End

People enjoying the sun last week!!

I went on a Thursday after work…

Now on with the photography! Well, it’s a smallish exhibition and I managed to go through all the rooms within half-an-hour, and this was straight after work. Not bad!

Some of the pictures didn’t inspire me or excite me with the photographer’s inspiration. But I guess each photographer has their own way of expressing their lives and other people’s lives through their camera.

The photos are categorised into age groups and types of photos they are and here’s a few photos that I did like from the exhibition…

The hallway at one end

Heheh. This is a very good picture as it depicts someone selling food in the cinema..

This is great fun! It must’ve taken a lot of time and energy just to get this one right…
especially for the first picture at the front

Love this!! A Swedish photographer in Hong Kong!

One of my favourite animals ^_^

Brilliant capture!!

This is a really beautiful capture of so many lanterns!

Inspirational picture

This one is quite spooky looking… Look closely!

And the following are some more pictures of Somerset House!

More water 😀

Somerset House as I leave 

Don’t forget the exhibition ends tomorrow on May 12th! But even if you don’t have time to go, there are other exhibitions, the shop and of course Somerset House that you can enjoy!!!

Event: Sony World Photography Awards 2013
Cost: £7.50

Address: Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA7



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Too Much Instagram

It’s a month later since my last posting about Instagram and according to my phone I have been a user on Instagram for 13 weeks and I have put up 131 pictures so far. But there are some that I couldn’t be bothered to add to Instagram (because I fear people will think I am an Instagram Addict, which I have become to be! – That’s right, I am a self-confessed Instagram Addict!), so I will show it here instead… Again I have used PhotoScape to combine the pictures.

Pictures of London

Pictures of Food

Pictures of Burgess Park

Pictures of some of my neighbourhood flowers and crops

 Pictures of miscellaneous objects

I was searching on the Internet the other day to see if there are any other addicts out there, and I came across this link
I think this defines me at the moment, except I don’t take to the trouble of having to sit on the floor and have grass-stained bottoms. ^^

I also looked to see on the Internet if there was a word called “photoholic” – *GASP*. There is such a word!! Hah!

p.s. My thumbs and index fingers are aching from taking so many pictures!

PhotoScape Website:

p.p.s. I get more LIKES on Instagram than I do on any other social networking site~~~ That’s why I love Instagram because there are other people out there who like / love photography just like me ^^

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Addiction to Instagram

Oh gosh. I’ve become addicted to Instagram. I know it’s been out since 2010, but since having an Android phone (Instagram was only added to Android in April 2012) and seeing a lot of friends using it, I have become addicted to it for the past two months or so. ^^”

Instagram enables you to change a picture by using a filter. You can also add some contrast and make a focus point in your picture (blurring out the rest of the picture and make it focus on a particular part of the picture)… The interesting part is their weekend challenge!

Here’s a collage of some of the pictures I have taken over the past couple of months…

Instagram Username: QMBAOBAO

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