Veramar Hotel – Costa del Sol, Spain

This is the hotel we stayed in. Veramer Hotel. It’s near the beach, a 5 minute walk. Very close to the supermarket. There’s a bakery and there’s a few restaurants to choose from.
Since Baby B is a fussy eater (not that fussy… but she likes chips, fish fingers and waffles at the moment), we chose a hotel where we were allowed to cook.

We were a bit surprised with the spacing… there was hardly any room to move. Two single beds and a cot… There is a balcony, aircon and a small TV on the wall…

Bathroom was ok! We loved the shower… It was very welcoming.

Toilet was in a strange place and they also provide a bidet! Wow. It’s the first time I’ve seen a hotel provide this. I guess some people have problems with their bottoms… Too much spicy food, huh.

Sorry for the messy kitchen… The main problems of the kitchen were… NO KETTLE and toaster… How does a kitchen cope without a kettle? The cups were quite small, but I’m so happy I brought my mug from Algarve… My trusty mug. Hehehehe. 

The cot… you may need to ask for extra bedding for the cot…

Well, we did have a nice stay, staff were friendly all over.
I think our only main complaint was the kettle situation… But everything was ok. The lift is a little awkward, but you can also use the stairs…
It’s close to everything, and close to the airport if you take the motorway to get there!
If you’re planning to use the sun chairs and swimming pool, make sure to bring your own towels instead of the hotel’s…plus get there early!

Address: Calle Burgos, 2, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain
Tel: +34 952 58 05 00


Baby B goes to Costa del Sol, Spain – Day 5 & 6: Being a Tourist

Sunday 9th July 

Finally, Miss Pinky, Baby B and I took a tour around the area we stayed in.

It was still hot at around 30 degrees ++, but we managed…

We ended up back at the hotel after walking around and a beer… Siesta came by quite quickly!

Had a smoothie for my lunch at the hotel…

Later on we went the bar/restaurant on the other side of the hotel… It was time to write some postcards to some friends… Miss Pinky chatted away whilst I was trying to write… I really can’t chat and write at the same time!! I really have to concentrate in what I’m writing… :p We think the postcards may have got lost in the post box because it was hard slot in… Or they still might be travelling to wherever via road… Postcards always get lost in the post!! I at least took pictures of them… so sorry to the families that are still waiting on them. Heheheheh.

As it was our last night in Spain, Miss Pinky suggested that we go out and eat (I was paying this time)… So we walked around first, then back to the hotel, then changed… Miss Pinky didn’t even bother to dress up and she had told me to!! ¬_¬”” Sometimes Miss Pinky does things on purpose… :p
We ended up eating Indian food that night with a jug of red wine sangria…

I think I felt deprived of carbs, mainly rice, on this holiday… So I enjoyed my meal but felt very bloated…

The night ended with us taking another walk to digest our food…

The moon looked so pretty coming up from the sea…

End of Day 5.

Monday 10th July

It was a hard night trying to sleep before the flight. I was so hot, that the next day I was bitten by a mosquito in a few more areas. Yes, there are mosquitoes in Spain too!
I think Baby B and I were the most restless that night as we kept moving around our beds… Miss Pinky had a few hours sleep, but apparently I ended up snoring my head off. The previous days I hadn’t snored much… ¬_¬”” … Oh well…
We woke up quite early to make breakfast, tidy up and to finish packing.
Checked out on time, weighed our luggage (thankfully I hardly bought much as Miss Pinky had overweight luggage AGAIN!), then walked swiftly to our transfer car to the airport… Our ride was there quite early. Yay!
We made it to the airport in half an hour compared to the day we got there… We took the motorway! Why didn’t that happen on our first day?!

Checking in at the airport was ok, easier than Stansted! Bags were slightly overweight, but that was fine… Going through security wasn’t bad either as Baby B was trapped in the baby area so she couldn’t get out. ^_^

After passing through the shops we wanted to go upstairs to eat at Burger King… Unfortunately there was no lift, so I made the risk with the pram like how MummyGeek used to take me up and down the escalator. You’re not supposed to use the prams on the escalator but if you’re confident just do it! We got there, Baby B was ok, and we queued for a very long time!

Once we got our food, ate and was almost about to go, a German boy came up to us, I was there was enough room for him to pass, but he actually wanted to give his toy away to Baby B… Awww… There must have been some kid connection in the queue, as we were actually queuing behind him and his father…

I took the risk again and took the elevator going back down. Baby B went down backwards… Did a bit of shopping, then found our gate… and we kind of jumped the queue when the announcers said families can go first! ^_^ I like family queues, they have their benefits!

Flight was ok. Baby B managed to sleep on our laps for the whole two hours. She didn’t scream but we did give her, her dummy.

Got off the plane (not as the last passengers thankfully), past passport control, Miss Pinky was shocked at the way they thought Miss Pinky wasn’t the mother… That’s how British passport control is… Got our luggage, waited forever for the pram… and then got our train tickets to Liverpool Street Station – £29 again with the dual pass and Miss Pinky’s travelcard pass.

Just so you know, I hate Liverpool Street Station at rush hour! Then we returned by taxi (plus bus on my way home)…

This is an adventure I won’t forget, but I hope we go to a slightly cooler destination on our next holiday. Hope Miss Pinky and Baby enjoyed their first international flight together. I’ve learnt so much about Baby B in such a small amount of time. Baby B must have been thinking “how comes Godma Geek is with us for so long”… Lol!

End of Day 6 and Holiday!

Baby B goes to Costa del Sol, Spain – Day 4: Cooling Off

Saturday 8th July

You may have noticed that all of us didn’t do much on this trip. That’s correct as it was waaaay too hot for us to do anything. I can understand why the Spanish have a siesta!
First thing we did was go to this pirate playground which we had already went to a day or two before. But we hadn’t stayed long at that time… Holiday makers with children will most likely end up going there! LOL!
As it was so hot, it was my turn to treat the two to ice cream and beer for Miss Pinky… I had this watermelon flavoured ice cream lolly… Had to eat it quickly though, as the heat was unbearable.

Baby B had this Smarties one, but she only had a few bites and left it melting in a plate… LOL.

Baby B stormed off to the playground in the heat… was she not hot? Yes she was! So she took off her shoes at one point, however she didn’t realise the floor would be so hot, and then started crying because it was very, very hot… Hahahahah. Sorry Baby B!! (I’m sure one day she’ll make the same mistake with her own children… >_<"").

Then it was off for a long walk towards the shopping centre… why so hot Spain!!

It was around lunch time when we arrived to the shopping centre… so we went into KFC. They have English speaking till peeps, so don’t worry if your Spanish is awful or zero.
When I opened my burger, this is what I had noticed, I had two crown buns instead of the normal crown and bottom… LOL!! I guess a burger out of the ordinary.

Next we headed back to the hotel… Stopped by the bakery again and looked at all those cakes and pastries… yummy!

Miss Pinky wanted to go out again, but I wanted to take a nap with the aircon on… That only lasted for 20 minutes or so… But Miss Pinky came back about 2 hours later with lots of bits and bobs… She even bought some paella ingredients which came without the rice. ¬_¬”” So what did we make with it instead? Noodle of course! I think we ate so many noodles during this weekend…

Time for the desserts!

I picked this pastry called “Crazy”… apparently the Spanish peeps love it! It’s got icing on top, pastry throughout, and custard in the middle… Oooooh. Really tasty. Sweet but not so sweet at the same time. Baby B liked this one.

Miss Pinky had the cheesecake… Reminded me of the New York style cheesecakes. Very rich with cream cheese. Baby B didn’t like this one! LOL!! 

It was time for Baby B to take a shower but she took George into the shower and got him soaked!! Hahahaha… so I put him on top of the balcony so he could view the sunset.

Ah pretty!!

End of Day 4.

Baby B goes to Costa del Sol, Spain – Day 3: Too hoooot!

Friday 7th July

Oh.My.Days! Third day into our holiday and the weather just became even hotter! I think it reached up to 33/34 degrees Celcius on this day…. Whaaaaaa. I really wanted to cry in this heat.
Baby B chose to go to the beach and this time in proper swimwear bought from Primark…
We went to the beach, but we walked so far that we ended up in a crowded area… added more suntan lotion on, and off we went towards the sea… The sand was very hot, and I don’t think Baby B enjoyed it this time round… Miss Pinky went off to find more seashells (and I only grabbed one)… It was very, very hoooooot!!! We couldn’t stand the heat, so we only spent half an hour there. 😦

As we walked back, we had a drink… had another pina colada but in a pineapple shaped cup… ^_^

Lunch consisted of a supermarket bought Spanish omelette, pan fried toast, chorizo and cheese… We were being cheapskates… Tried to avoid eating at restaurants as Baby B can be a fussy eater at the moment.

Took an evening walk and we ended up this very far playground…

Then we walked back… I forgot what Miss Pinky called this statue… The armless guy near the hotel. ¬_¬” Argh, I remember! “The Buttcheek Man”. LOL!!!

Meal for the evening consisted of more supermarket food!!

Cooked frozen rice with already cooked chicken… ^_^””

It was a fairly short but sweet day, but it was defo too hot to do anything.

End of Day 3.

Baby B goes to Costa del Sol, Spain – Day 2: Beach Time

Thursday 6th July 

The choice for the day was… Beach or go shopping?

Beach it was. Baby B chose well. We had no swimsuit for her but thankfully it wasn’t too hot for her. I think Miss Pinky said it was Baby B’s first time to go on a sandy beach. Wooow. Really? Anyway, we took her to the edge of the sea so she could experience the waves. They were coming in quite quickly. She was shocked but also happy at the same time. I think she enjoyed it.

The beach was quite bearable with the weather at this time, so Baby B ended up playing with the sand in her wet feet

Miss Pinky and Baby B decided to walk off for a bit. Miss Pinky was searching for seashells to collect and bring back home. She’s very good at picking them up from the sea! 

Me on the other hand sat at the beach and buried my feet in sand.

Wooooow… Miss Pinky’s catch of seashells! They are so big and pretty!

Then, it was time for Baby B to experience being buried in sand… Hahahahaha!!

It was time to head back to the hotel and make some lunch. Baguette? We weren’t in France, but at least there was a bakery across the street from the hotel. We stuffed our baguettes with local slices of cheese and chorizo… yummy! I think I added some ketchup in mine. Heheheh.

Also from the local bakery was this pastry. I thought it would be ultra sweet like a danish, but nope it wasn’t sweet. The middle part is actually filled with some sort of jelly. Overall it was a pastry which didn’t suit my taste buds. But Baby B liked it! ^_^

We went to the bar at the front of the hotel to relax and do nothing… Baby B ended up falling asleep…

I ended up having a pina colada… a really nice cold one!

And we ended up playing a card game… at that time I was winning, Miss Pinky was a little angry… LOL!!!!

Finally we did one more trip to the shopping mall. This is the major super difference between France and Spain… the amount of dried legs of ham on display! Spain wins on this!

That evening, from the hotel room, there was a lovely sunset going… Beautiful…

At that point I was snacking on gluten free, lactose free crisps. Yummy!

And also had a glass of sangria…

We were very chilled on our second day… And relaaaaaxxxx…

End of Day 2.

Baby B goes to Costa del Sol, Spain – Day 1: Screaming

Wednesday 5th July 

Guess what?

Baby B went on her first flight! 
Miss Pinky and I planned to take a break from the City of Stress, I mean London uh hm, for a few days… Miss Pinky used as Jet2Holidays allows you to pay in installments 10 weeks before the holiday starts… Unfortunately we booked 9 weeks in advance and Miss Pinky ended up paying the whole holiday in one go. Sorry Miss Pinky but at least you paid this time round! 
The time came in early July. I managed to sleep a few hours. We took a taxi to Liverpool Street that morning as we had 3 pieces of luggage, a buggy and Baby B. It was a stressful morning… I actually thought I lost my phone at one point but it was in my bag. Phew.  😣 We bought our train tickets to Stansted for £29 as Miss Pinky had a monthly travelcard on her… So it was made cheaper.
When we got to the airport, we spent a fairly loooong time at security. Our bags were kept behind. Miss Pinky had something and mine was because I had my USB cable in a charger. 😏😏😏 Even Heathrow and Gatwick are better than this… OMG. Thankfully I said to Miss Pinky that we should be there early (she didn’t believe me that this part would be the nightmarish part… Told you Miss Pinky who hasn’t travelled for 2 years ++).
Since it was Baby B’s first time on the plane she didn’t know much about plane manners. The main one was to keep the table top upright and not to play with it as it will the person in front.😅😅😅 Sorry passenger in front of us.

Miss Pinky and I managed to take short naps whilst Baby B looked after herself by watching Peppa Pig.

Her next new experience was when were about to land… She’s never experienced her ears popping and Miss Pinky had lost her dummy at that point… Why Miss Pinky?!!!!!! So what happened? Baby B decided to scream her head off. We really did try to calm her down… And I kept saying out loud and laughing at the same time that this was her first flight. 🤣🤣🤣

When we got off the flight (we were the last ones off) we were at the end of the queue for passport control… There was a long queue, so we waited patiently… British mentality!!
Baby B was restless, but also scared when we got to the either side of passport control. Had to get our luggage… and the wailing and screams came back. Baby B wanted food and attention. Plus Peppa Pig! It’s very echoey in the arrivals section.
The cost of the trip included a transfer to the hotel. Very lucky, as we realised the route the coach was taking us was a very long and exhausting one… Baby B needed to drag her attention away from the boredom so was given my tablet to watch Peppa Pig and, Ben and Holly.
We finally got to our destination with the help of a German tourist who was staying in the same hotel… Thanks to the tourist! Checked in. Went to our room which wasn’t that spacious but bearable… Then off we went. Before we went, Miss Pinky and I were a bit argumentative with each other (a one off for this trip, I swear)… I thought I lost my tablet, but it was in my luggage. I also thought Baby B did not need my tablet whilst we’re out. She needs controlling. If she’s bored, then she can play with other things. Miss Pinky on the other hand didn’t think so… We needed time out!!
Low sugar levels. Not been on holiday for 2 years together… But we reconciled. (Actually I couldn’t believe Miss Pinky was going through karma mode… She needs to try that more often with Mr Picky!!). And following that, Baby B slept! No tablet needed… Phew! Cheers to an almost disastrous start.

We sat in the adjourning restaurant and ordered two San Miguels and a mix of grilled meat… I think we both were satisfied and happy that our sugar levels went back up to normal.

Afterwards, we went for a walk around the beach and headed where we saw signs for shopping… Carrefour was my main interest. I wanted to compare the Spanish one to the French. Lol! 

Baby B was awake by the time we were almost there… I think she was a bit grouchy because she just woke up and didn’t want take pictures.

We went into the shopping, went into Primark, didn’t buy anything, then went back to the hotel… Miss Pinky managed to take a nap whilst Baby B watched Spanish cartoons… I moved her pram to make her more comfortable, then I fell asleep for about half an hour before realising we left Baby B to fend for herself… Baby was staring at me, and I think she was happy that one of us was awake. Miss Pinky remained asleep before we had dinner of noodles. Heheheh.

Stressful first day of our holiday!

End of Day 1.