The Lindt Big Egg Hunt continues…

It’s EGGXHAUSTING trying to find  eggs! Covent Garden seems like a tiny area in the central part of London, but it isn’t really.

I tried to find the missing ones I missed out on Tuesday. I found 15 of them yesterday. I was so happy, but so tired after walking around back and forth and circling around some streets twice…
15 Eggs that I didn’t see on Tuesday ^_^
I also found Eggbert! I’m sure it’s ok to say where he was now. The clues given out were quite simple… Jeans store… GAP or Levi?… He was in GAP (the adult store not the baby one, which is where I went into first ¬,¬). 
Eggbert in GAP
When I got back home. I realised I had some of the ones that I thought I had missing. Clumsy me! I have them, and I was just missing 5 more…

I knew where two were after extensive searching of people’s pictures on Instagram and other clues… So I went back the next day… That’s TODAY!

Oh my… When I went back today I realised I already had this one… So I had 4 missing not 5!! *SIGH*
I had this one already!! ¬_¬”
This one was quite easy to find… Thanks to Instagram pictures 😀
I didn’t see this one yesterday or on Tuesday… so lucky to have found it!
Found this one in the basement in Link (thanks to the clues I read yesterday)… Very hidden!
Very hard to find!!
This one I didn’t see because the shop window is so dark! Very difficult to see (thanks to the Volunteer and a tourist who was also looking for the eggs especially for Lot 25, which I pointed out to him that it was in a shoe shop!).
Practically invisible!
Before I found the last one I had missing I was listening to this Chinese guy playing some music… Cool stuff!
Chinese guy playing some music 😀
And finally my very last one! There was actually a different egg in that very same spot on Tuesday. There was a big crowd yesterday so I didn’t see it!!
My last egg… Finally
I even got my book stamped 😀

Yay, so I have officially beaten my friend Miss Goldilocks after 3 days in 2 and a half hours. Wahahahahahaha!!!!!! ^_^ Not bad!

The eggs are going to be in these cities in the next few weeks…

Birmingham 19th February – 25th February
Liverpool 27th February – 5th March
Manchester 7th March – 13th March
Glasgow 15th March – 20th March 
London Covent Garden 22nd March – 1st April

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The Lindt Big Egg Hunt UK 2013 (Fabergé egg hunt)

Fabergé eggs are back in town! My friend who I will call Miss Goldilocks alerted me about this event last week and we had decided to have a competition on who could find the most. This year there’s 101 eggs plus an extra 4 1, and not only will they start off in London, but they’ll be going through a big UK tour which will run up until Easter! (Dublin seems to be holding there own egg hunt too!) 

This time the eggs are in co-operation with Lindt, the Swiss chocolate maker plus Metro, and it’s again in aid for Action for Children. XD Yay! There’s also a Lindt chocolate prize at the end (I believe it’s a whole year of Lindt chocolate!! Not sure what the conditions are though… Haven’t read that part yet ¬_¬”). There’s also a new mascot named Eggbert (he’s the new Where’s Wally!) which will be out and about and moved around a lot! 

Lucky I had the day off yesterday ^_^  but I was too lazy to go to the launch… I started my journey from 9 am, and I didn’t care if it rained, snowed or if a blizzard was on its way, I was still going to find some eggs. 😀

I got to Covent Garden at 9.40-ish (boo to morning traffic) and went in via Southampton Way. The first thing I saw was a big Lindt Bunny at the side and thought it was an egg. Nope it’s not! Then I saw a lot of eggs!! 

Lindt Bunny – not an egg!

The first lot of eggs on show

In this post I have put the eggs into collages of the areas that they were in… I am a bit too lazy to name them all, but you can find all the names and artists here

In the South Piazza

In South Hall and East Piazza

At West Piazza

Central Avenue

North Hall
North Piazza

One of the designers / artists was also there. I felt it was like deja vu because I saw a designer / artist last year!

Artist Anna Barlow with her egg ‘Anticipation of a Thousand Moments’

Here’s a camera crew filming away at us egg hunters, well it’s only fair that I took a pic of them too!! ¬_¬

A camera crew that was around

Now. Here’s the Giant Lindt Bunny with loads of tiny Lindt bunny chocolates. Amazing. I want them all!!

Woooow!!!! Big Lindt Bunny!!!!

After this section I took a break and went into Artbox to get myself a nanoblock, which I will blog about another time. I then went around Covent Garden to see if there were any eggs around plus I was Instagramming at the same time. No such luck in finding more, until I went through an alleyway and found the store that the eggs were being held captive in!! ^_^ Quick snap and tweet it to the world which I did a little later…!  

I spotted this egg ‘This is Not an Egg’ before I realised that the rest of the eggs were inside this place!!!

The hidden shop of eggs… I think the people there thought I was going 
to follow them around! No way. I was there to egg hunt 😛

Afterwards, I went back to the centre, bought myself a map which came with a Lindt chocolate bunny and a pen, all costing £3. I then went around Covent Garden again! But I stopped off at EAT and had a coffee (this is where I did some tweeting). Then about 20 minutes later, I went into the same alleyway and found 3 more eggs and the original version of one of them that was at the North Piazza (so confusing!)…

It’s up to you to find these ones!! ^_^

In total I found 83 eggs. So I’m missing 18 eggs plus the extra 4 1… But it looks like I won against Miss Goldilocks, the others were just hidden away in the shop, and I couldn’t take a picture of them all ¬_¬! Buuut I think she’ll find the ones that I didn’t get to see yesterday. Maybe I should go out egg hunting during the weekend to find the rest. 😀

I haven’t seen Eggbert yet as well, it’s being released today – as I was told yesterday on Twitter! But too bad I’m working today… 😦

This is where the eggs are going to be this year…

London Covent Garden 12th February – 17th February
Birmingham 19th February – 25th February
Liverpool 27th February – 5th March
Manchester 7th March – 13th March
Glasgow 15th March – 20th March 
London Covent Garden 22nd March – 1st April

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Happy Lindt Fabergé Egg Hunting!!! ^_^

Check out my posts from last year… I’m still quite disappointed that I didn’t get to see the Chapman Brothers’ egg… Was there one at all???
2012/04/03 Fabergé egg hunt – The Eggstravaganza
2012/04/01 Fabergé egg hunt – The Final Saturday Hunt!

p.s. Forgot to mention earlier that my favourite egg is ‘Egg Disguised as Pineapple’ (^_^)v

Update 17/02/2013 – My second and third day of hunting…

Fabergé egg hunt – The Eggstravaganza

And nooow the end is near, 
And so I face the final curtain,
My friend I’ll say it clear,
I’ll state my case of which I’m certain…

I‘ve lived a life that’s full, 
I’ve travelled each and every highway,
And more, much more than this,
I did it myyyyyyyyyyyy waaaaaaaaaaaay!
Aaaah, Frank Sinatra, this song was in my head whilst I travelled from work to Covent Garden today. Heheheh. I can’t believe it’s almost over. 

Today was the start of the final display – The Eggstravaganza – in Covent Garden before many of them get sold off and go to their new homes – don’t forget this is all for charity! Lucky I got there before the rain started…

My first glimpse at the eggs in Covent Garden ^^ 
So many eggs in the arcade ^^ And look, the BlackRock Asian egg is there too! 

Loads and loads of people!

Loads of people having a look at the eggs!

I finally got some of the eggs that I couldn’t find (but I think I’m still missing some…). Some were locked inside a room. Oh well!

Egg and Soldiers

Wally, I got you again!! – Third time lucky 
So many eggs… But I’m still missing 28 eggs!! Did I mention that I love eating eggs too! Scrambled egg, fried egg, omelettes, Chinese style omelettes, boiled eggs… and also Chocolate Easter eggs!!!! 😀 

The one egg that I really, really, REALLY wanted to see was the Chapman Brothers egg. I have not seen a picture of that one yet! 😦

Don’t forget they’ll be there until the 9th April 2012. Happy Early Easter ^^

Update 07/04/2012

So I went again yesterday (after going to a couple of museums – posts soon to come) and I got another 4 eggs!!

Fabergé egg hunt – The Final Saturday Hunt!

Aaaaaand I’m off for the final day of my egg hunting… Yay! Saturday 31st March was the last Saturday of the actual egg hunt before they are all displayed in Covent Garden from April 3rd up to the 9th.

I got a few tips on where some of the eggs in Sloane Square were, so that was my first stop…

Sloane Square eggs – Around the Saatchi Gallery 
Egg in Peter Jones

Next I walked all the way to Cadogan Place and found another egg…

The one at Cadogan Place

I started walking past the shops in Knightsbridge – it’s very tempting to want to buy something, but I was on a egg hunt. I wanted to find the Inception egg but silly me couldn’t find it! In the end I got a bus from Hyde Park to Green Park Station (1 stop!), I actually wanted to get off at somewhere near Burlington Arcade. Luckily the bus driver stopped because I found one hanging at The Ritz Hotel!

Got the one at The Ritz!

Next stop it was Mayfair, so I went into Old Bond Street, from there I found quite a few eggs but not all of them!

Couldn’t find all the eggs in Mayfair… 😦 but I love these ones! 
The Fragile egg went missing!! :-O 
Probably maintenance took it to get it cleaned…

I eventually got to Park Lane and I got on the Bus 148, but suddenly I saw an egg! And so again I got off the bus to get this one…

Egg in front of the London Hilton Hotel 

I thought it would be a short walk from Park Lane to St. James’s Park, and guess again, I thought wrong, so I trekked from Park Lane, past Hyde Park, into Hyde Park Corner, took a long walk via the Royal Park… I was almost at my destination, but got stopped by two lots of people wanting their pictures taken at Buckingham Palace! Arrrrgh, how could I refuse! Snap, snap, snap!

Then at last, I got to Clarence House, and took a pic of this one…

Humpty Dumpty at Clarence House

You know, after all that walking, I thought to myself, why isn’t there a shuttle bus from Buckingham Palace into Trafalgar Square, my little legs are tired after 3 hours of walking around!

My final destination was again Southbank, I knew that there were two eggs at the British Film Institute (BFI), so I took the Bus 139 and got off at the other side of Waterloo Bridge… I found them!

My final two at the BFI

So that’s 130 eggs including the missing Fragile egg! Gosh, I wonder what they’re going to do for next year… I think they should do something in the summer, where people have more time to hunt!

Fabergé egg hunt – My Birthday Hunt ^_^

Report finished (but not handed in yet)! 

It’s my birthday today and so on your birthday you can do whatever you want right? Yep that’s right!

So my day began with EGG HUNTING in Canary Wharf.  (My friends don’t seem to understand my obsession with these eggs at the moment – it’s all for charity and the eggs are so pretty – plus it’s my eagerness to hunt, plus I’m competing with a friend. But it’s soon to end, and I have one more zone to go to!).

My trip started on a bus to London Bridge, and then I took the Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf. Blimey. That train was fast! I was there in 10 minutes – just 3 stops. I then followed the signs to the shopping mall and found a few eggs along the way before I strolled outside into the sunshine… Canary Wharf reminds me of Hong Kong with their tall skyscrapers and massive shopping mall! Wow!

I found 9 main eggs out of the 11 plus an extra egg… guess which one?! (Scroll down for the pic)…

I love Algorithm! So pretty ^^


Hmmm.. not sure about this one. Sperm and egg? 
Eight – Chinese lucky number la! ^^  – Got a tip from a security guard

Pretty Phoenix! – – Got a tip from a security guard

So cool!

Not so pretty – but it’s ok

So many colours!

I immediately spotted Where’s Wally all by himself in front of Waitrose (after finding the first two) – lucky me!! There was no-one about. No security guard surrounding him. And he was not enclosed in a building that wasn’t opened! So I quickly took some snaps of him 😀
I found you Wally!!

Where’s Wally standing there all alone… 

I have found 102 so far!! Mayfair to go!!!!

And here’s my birthday cake ^^

Yummy ^^
I had some lunch with some friends after my exhausting egg hunt  (actually only an hour and a half of hunting – not so bad!). 

And not a bad birthday!

Fabergé egg hunt – Another round of hunting

Last week was a busy week of entertainment! I did a bit of egg hunting too (and I only have 2 more zones to walk around!)…

One afternoon, I revisited Southbank (the Where’s Wally Egg was underneath the London Eye – but I couldn’t see it – didn’t look hard enough).

Southbank eggs – the one on the right I have taken before 

Before I went into Yo! Sushi, I spotted another one in Carnaby Street.

So far up!

With a full stomach from all that sushi, I was willing myself to do some more egg hunting in Selfridges – it’s so close but yet so far… Hahahah 😀 (Poland Street –> –> Selfridges!)

I think I’m missing one from Selfridges… (Look around the food court people and the techo section)
Here’s Selfridges Big Egg Hunt section…


The Big Egg Hunt!

Miniature eggs in Selfridges

On the next day after work and before I went into hibernation over the weekend to do some studying, I did some more egg hunting in EC1 (East Central London). I got lost for a bit (but mysteriously I found some eggs at the same time). I then somehow managed to get to Liverpool Street Station and got back on track (^_^)b
Most of the eggs around The City! The one with the horrid bicycle gear on top 
(bottom left hand corner) – I have taken a pic before
Being my geeky-self and Chinese I got the urge on Sunday morning to find one more egg in The City before I went into study mode for the afternoon. Didn’t eat breakfast and had built up lactic acid in my legs… Oh the agony, so I had to stop walking a few times… But here is the new egg that’s just been released…

The BlackRock Asian Egg – I just had to find it!
If you don’t know The City area very well (like me), make sure you bring a map or at least have Google Maps on your phone!! When I tried to find this egg one road entrance was closed, then the building on one side was closed… more lactic acid… (This one is in BlackRock, Throgmorton Avenue).

Carnary Wharf and Mayfair to go!!

Fabergé egg hunt – The Sunday Walkabout

Before I start posting about my holiday, here are some more Fabergé eggs I found today! ^^

First I started off in Sloane Square…

After waiting at the wrong bus stop I eventually got to Green Park…

Next stop – The Burlington Arcade…

Carnaby Street next…

I even spotted an artist…

Didn’t realise Piccadily Arcade and Jermyn Street are opposite The Burlington Arcade!

Final egg of the day spotted around Trafalgar Square!!!

I think I have around 4 more zones to look around…

Fabergé egg hunt – Where’s Wally Egg

So after the weekend egg hunt I found out that the Where’s Wally Fabergé egg moves about London and I think I actually passed it on Sunday without even realising it was there on a tour bus in Charing Cross Station!!! How frustrating. It was sitting right underneath my nose. Boohoo.

There was a clue on Tuesday morning that it was still there, but unfortunately I got there an hour and a half late (a friend of mine spotted it earlier) – but it had already moved!! 😦 Fortunately I knew where there was another egg which I spotted on the weekend but I didn’t get a picture of :P… So off I went to find this one…

And so the search continued for Wally…

I was free from work the following morning, so I was off again to search for Wally… The new clue said it was “eggsploring in a 21 acre site…”… I Google searched 21 acre site in London – and it came up with Southbank!! Yay!! Not a far distance from me. ^_^. 

I got there, searched for a few minutes… then boom, I found it (that’s with some more help that I found online)! Unfortunately I think a lecture was going on in there, so I couldn’t go in to take a pic!!!! Noooooooo… But I got his backside though (I went back later to get another picture – see more below). 🙂

 And I found this one at the same time…

After all of that I got really upset – it meant that after work I had to go back to Southbank and get a full picture of Wally… And so I did… I got there before 6pm, but how unfortunate for me again – the security guards wouldn’t let anyone in the place. Queen Elizabeth Hall doesn’t open until 6pm!!! So not faaaaaaaaaaair!!!!!!!!!! But at least the egg was turned the other way and so I finally got a full view of Wally. ^_^

What a search!!!!!!!!!!!!

And don’t forget if you are going out searching for these eggs, don’t forget to text the special codes for you to win that expensive egg prize and raise money for charity!! (^_^)b

Update 12/03/2012: The egg keeps moving – it’s at the London Eye today !

Update 15/03/2012: It could be in Wembley today…
Update 18/03/2012: Looks like it’s back in central London today… Covent Garden…
Update 19/03/2012: Look around Tower of London today ^^
Update 20/03/2012: Late update – Wally went to St Pancras Station today!

Update 23/03/2012: Wally has turned up in Canary Wharf ^^ (View my other post of Wally – there’s a better picture of him:

Update 27/03/2012: I have a feeling he is in The Goring Hotel today – but I could be wrong… :s
Update 01/04/2012: didn’t update yesterday’s location (I was busy egg hunting) – It’s in the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green!!
Update 04/04/2012: From yesterday – Wally is in Covent Garden!! ^^ He’ll be there until April 9th!!

Fabergé Egg Hunt – The Evening Hunt

Thanks to a friend who posted her pictures online I got really geeky and went out during one evening and started egg hunting (whilst shopping for stickers and stationary) ^_^ .One can’t resist capturing this moment in time in London. There’s 209 of them, and I think the serious egg hunters will try to find them all!!! I’m too lazy to find them all, and so I’m only finding the easy ones instead – which are those that can be seen in the obvious places… I’m just a lazy egg hunter! o(-__-)o

Some of these eggs are not in all the obvious places. I found a few at night in the dark in St James’s Park (there’s hardly any lamps in that park – it’s so ultra scary!!) and I got back home with muddy trainers! 

Here’s the one’s that I found that evening: