Barbour Christmas TV Advert 2022

Annnnd the Christmas TV ads have started!

Here we’re going to start off with Barbour, the men’s clothing store. I guess it’s hard to shop for men these days, so they might as well start off with the Christmas advertising. 😁

Gone are the days of The Snowman, and now we have Paddington Bear for the second year running re-introducing the world of Barbour jackets.

Paddington Bear wants to cheer up a grumpy neighbour, Mr Curry (he was missed out the Bear’s list in last year’s ad), with marmalade but is diverted to the Barbour shop of old unique jackets… Will this cheer up his grumpy neighbour? Watch and find out.

An old style advert transporting you back to the old days of the one door London buses, when people were probably nice to their neighbours and Paddington Bear who appears to be the nation’s favourite bear at the moment.

Very lighthearted. Simple and not over the top. I’ve watched it three times already. 😅

The Apprentice – The Dimwits (Series 8, Ep 5)

Picture from the BBC’s website

I’ve been trying to hold myself back to write about the BBC’s The Apprentice for the past month… Argh!! 


Are these people dimwits (I’m sure they’re not like that). 

But come on!! These people really need to think about their market and look at their finances. 

On the latest episode (Episode 5) the two teams needed to make a new fitness regime for gyms. And Team Phoenix decided to use costly equipment, hoola hoops etc, but the gyms wanted to know how they were going to store and bury this equipment in their gym! Well, as a non-gym user, I think I would’ve known about that… and how will they be replaced as they are used over the years… who will fund all of that!!

Anyway, on the other team, the video was TERRIBLE!! Fitness regime sounded good… But… hmmmmm… I think if they had time, they would’ve been able to improve it.

So which team won? Well, that’s for you to find out and for me to kip my lips sealed!

Did the right person go? Yeah, I think so. But in my honest opinion, I think the team leader on the winning team should’ve went!

The BBC really like to choose the dominant and cocky type to go on the show..!

Lord Sugar, please choose the right person that shines in this series!!

TV-Recycling Bins

Uh, what the heck is this! I saw this whilst searching for the BlackRock Asian egg…

TV-Recycling Bin
I actually never thought recycling bins would be resorted to having a TV attached to it. But it’s actually a good idea, that’s if you have no time to read a newspaper or don’t even have time to go on the Internet to read the news!

London is becoming very technological – it’s transforming their billboards into televised screens. It feels like a scene from Back From The Future II!

This world is continuously changing…