Aji Ichiban Fish Sausage and Cheese Sausage

The weird and wonderful snacks from Hong Kong which are mainly from Japan start today! (I may have a sore throat right now, but I can still blog :D)
Today I’m starting off with these sausages. Not just any sausages. It’s Fish Sausages and Cheese Sausages. ¬,¬” What the heck did I buy?
Fish and Cheese Sausages
I bought these in Aji Ichiban (a Hong Kong found company) which is a Japanese food snack store that is popular in Hong Kong and North America. I think these sausages are currently popular in the Asian world as I’ve seen them in Korean dramas and films recently. They just keep popping up, so I thought if I see them I will buy them and give it a go.
Well… I’m quite disappointed… It’s all fishy. Bleugh.
Tasted the cheese one first. This one is salty. Fishy as ever. Smelt fishy too. It’s not the best thing I have tasted this year… It was like tasting soft cheese with fish.
13 Cheese Sausages

Back of the package

Close up of a Cheese Sausage
The fish one was a bit different. It was hard to open, so I had to cut it from the top. I was feeling a bit resistant about this one, but this one tasted sweet, tasted almost like a frankfurter but definitely had the fishiness in it.
Fish Sausage

Back of the package

Close up of a fish sausage
Would I buy these again? Definitely a no-no from me! (-_-)p
Cheese Sausage cost HK$45 (~£3.75)
Fish Sausage cost HK$20 (~£1.67)
p.s. No naughty comments please… 😛

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