Abeno Okonomiyaki あべの – London Museum Street, Holborn

So during my Japanese class we were talking about Japanese foods, and so obviously I started craving for Japanese food big time! When you talk about food I tend to become so excited and want to eat a lot… hohoho. ^_^
Well, I had my eyes out looking for this famous Japanese restaurant on Museum Street called Abeno あべの – there is no meaning to this and I think it’s named after Abeno-Ku which is like a district in Osaka, Japan. This is my theory, coz I can’t find the info. XD It was a bit hard to spot because there was no sign on the top. I walked all along Museum Street and then finally I spotted it. 
If you’re planning to go this restaurant it is ideal for you to reserve a table. So call them before you go. I was quite lucky as two people were leaving and I managed to grab their seats. Phew! I had a few people staring at me because I was by myself… but I was going to eat quick anyway coz I needed to rush to see a film!!
Abeno Okonomiyaki あべの
Each table has their own grill, so it’s not like Okan in Brixton where they grill at the cooking counter and serve it. Here it is grilled right in front of you!!
Tables with grills

The counter

My chopsticks
I ordered this onigiri (I thought I ordered the fishy type and was surprised when I got this). Was very hungry so had ate it all before the okonomiyaki was going to be made.

I ordered the Tokyo Mix with extra noodles, I got the big version as well… I was hungry! But slightly regretted it afterwards because I couldn’t finish it. Here’s my okonomiyaki being made right in front of me. Everything came in a bowl and the waitress was mixing all the ingredients up, poured it all over the grill and let it cook.
Okonomiyaki being prepared
The noodles were added on top and then the pork strips and then it was flipped over to grill.
I think the whole process took 10 to 15 minutes to prepare and cook. Doesn’t it look like a thick-based pizza?! 
It’s finally done

Hungry? Yes!

Bonito flakes were then added on top with mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce. And then it was cut into several slices. I was like woah, how am I going to finish this?!!
It tasted really good, savoury, there was enough noodles, squid, prawns, cabbage and pork in there to last me for the rest of the evening! It felt like the food was melting in my mouth. ^_^
The final product
In the end I had to give up with the last two slices. I was finding it so hard to finish it and I was pressed for time to get to the film… Hahahaha. Maybe another time, and I think I will get the smaller version next time.
Total cost came to £23.80… expensive yes… But food was good!!

My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– You get your own grill on the table!
– Everything is cooked in front of you
– Polite service
Bad points:
– May have to book a table
– Expensive for okonomiyaki compared to Okan

Address: 47 Museum St, London WC1A 1LY
Telephone: 020 7405 3211

Website: http://www.abeno.co.uk/

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