Chowon Dong San Korean Restaurant 동산 – London Romilly Street, Soho (NOW CLOSED) AND Adanami Shobo Bookstore

After watching one of the films at the Terracotta Film Festival I went around the West End looking for things to do. It was almost dinner time and I wanted to go back to Bibimbap Soho but they had queues going outside the door so I decided to look around a bit more in Soho.
I ended up in Romilly Street where I saw this this place called Dong San 동산. Korean. It had bibimbap and I was ready to try it out.
There were already a few customers in there and it got busy after sitting there for a little bit. Seems like a popular little Korean restaurant in the area. Dong San 동산 seems to have several meanings, but the one that seems to popular on the Internet is “mound” like a mound of earth. (I shrug my shoulders in confusion).
Chowon Dong Sang Korean Restaurant 동산
There seemed to be a lot to choose from like all Korean restaurants do. In the end I chose the Dolsot Bibimbap and the stuffed cucumber… I think the kimchi cabbage was complimentary with the food.
My meal
Well let’s start off with the bibimbap. Beef mince with lots of vegetables. The rice was not burnt (I don’t think it was cooked in this pot) and the sauce came separate. I was quite pleased with this as I could easily eat the rice without it being stuck to the bottom which Miss Pinky one time had a problem with in one Korean restaurant ¬_¬””. Not bad.
Dolsot bibimbap
My only complaint is the stuffed cucumber kimchi I ordered… After this meal I looked online to see what stuffed kimchi looked like and it didn’t look like the one below. Very disappointed Dong San. The stuffed cucumber looked like a lazy version of what I saw online. 
Kimchi… my stuffed cucumber doesn’t looked stuffed…

Total cost came to £14.60. Not bad. I wonder if there’s ever a Korean restaurant where I can eat and drink for just £10. Ever.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Quiet restaurant
– Ok service
– Bibimbap not burnt!

Bad points:
– My stuffed cucumber was not stuffed >_<""

Address: 27 Romilly St, London W1D 5AL
Telephone: 020 7494 0085

p.s. I was almost late for my next film because of this shop below… Don’t be fooled by its appearance. It is not a launderette. It’s actually a secondhand Japanese bookstore and karaoke place, called Adanami Shobo アダナミ書房. How weird is that! I only noticed that it was a bookstore because of the pictures on the window… They never changed their sign and they’ve been there for years, heheh. You can find this shop in Brewer Street (address below). So if you’re looking for old manga in Japanese (not English translated) then go to this store!! I bought one easy looking manga book, but I think it might take me a while to read it in the future. XD
Adanami Shobo アダナミ書房

Address: Adanami Shobo, 30 Brewer Street, Soho, London, W1F 0SS
Telephone: 020 7437 5238

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